Monday 30 June 2014

A Postcard From.....

Hello Lovelies,
do you ever buy postcards , not to send to anyone, but as a small memento of a visit somewhere?
Last week I couldn't resist picking up the top photo, of Hunstanton, in the Rock shop.
 My Lovely sister in law popped the bottom one in with my birthday prezzie......she is so thoughtful..........

I know I take loads of photos, but I still love a printed image and they are so inexpensive.

I think my favourite postcards are not photos though....but art of various sorts.

They don't  have to be of the place we have visited to bring back memories.
I love these cheerful postcards I bought on a rainy seaside visit back in 2012..........

 They made me smile when the weather wasn't kind. Read about that visit HERE.

These colourful Janet Bell images are wonderful don't you think.
 I bought them last year in Cornwall, and  they remind me of a day spent at PORTH BEACH, even though they don't feature images of the place it's self.............

Here's a lovely postcard sent to me by Heather......I love it's cheerful flowers and it reminds me of a happy giveaway win.............

 It's by Caroline Rose

This little picture is not really a postcard, but part of a letter.

 When I left home at 18 years old mum wrote to me in my student accommodation. This sweet drawing was at the bottom of one letter. I loved it so much I framed it and hung it on the wall...........

 It's tiny, smaller than a postcard, and the van is  my first car.....a  little red mini van....happy memories. 

This week, for the first time in ages, I've been enjoying a little drawing.........With my favourite old pencils.......

In my messy drawer I came across these...........

They are blank postcards............I could design my own postcard, but what to draw?

The paper is really for painting on so it's quiet rough, but I like that they have the lines on the back, ready for a message and a stamp.............

What did I draw?



It's A Postcard From My Walk :0)

Featuring that clover munching hare and my favourite butterfly...........

A little memento of a happy time.

This was a sweet and simple Saturday morning project that I really enjoyed doing.

Do any of you lovelies have a postcard collection?
Jacquie x

P.S. If you are wondering about the crochet in these photos it's THIS baby blanket. I still haven't managed to part with it yet :0)


  1. I love post cards too! I especially love your postcard, it's wonderful...especially that clover munching hare :)

  2. Fabulous, I loved this post and especially your very own drawn post card with that munching
    Hare <3 I also do collect postcards, whether those written to me or ones I buy just because I like them. I have quite a few from my youngest brother who is no longer with us but warms my heart ♥

  3. Yes I do - I love the pictures on postcards - actually you have just inspired think more about postcards..............
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  4. All of your postcards and drawings are lovely. I buy postcards as mementoes sometimes, and then sometimes I send them to people as a thank you note or something just because they are a pretty picture! xx

  5. Olá! Também adoro comprar postais, não só pelo local, mas também pelas imagens, diferentes técnicas, bonitos desenhos... Cada um tem uma pequena história associada... Por vezes até incentivo os meus filhos a desenhar para enviar pelos correios para a família mais próxima. Aliás, acho que é o que vou fazer hoje. Beijinhos

  6. Looove the ones from Janet Bell!!! Brilliant happy colors!!! Your happy drawing is just perfect too!!! Have a happy week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  7. I have always bought and framed a postcard of all the places we have lived - but the old sepia ones. Sometimes they have been used and gave interesting messages on the back.

  8. Yes, I love postcards. Your hare is beautiful, Susie x

  9. Love the bunny postcard! You know, that's a lovely gift idea, a multi pack of hand drawn postcards... I still have postcards from vacations that I collected as a kid, I even have some that are copper on one side with pressed designs in them one is of a hummingbird, with the other side like a normal postcard, ready for mailing, which I could never part with My sea inspired ripple is my favorite and I couldn't part with it either. :)

  10. Your drawing is beautiful. I love postcards. I like ones from places I visit as well as art postcards; those I often frame and hang on the walls.

  11. Yes, I make photo scrapbooks at the end of each year and I've always picked up some postcards for myself along the way that get in there beside my own photos. Lovely shares.

  12. I love postcards as well-such a simple way to keep in touch and a great way to remember a holiday-my daughter has some blank postcards that she enjoys desgining on-I really like your hare picture x

  13. This post made me smile so much, I am a member of postcrossing and I have sent that Hunstanton postcard to people all over the world! I love my postcard collection, and the snapshots you get of people's lives. Your hare postcard is beautiful :)

  14. Love your postcards. Thanks for sharing, x

  15. I always buy post card for me when I'm away, I also have a tin of water colour postcards, which a great for little art project I love you're June post card the hare is great as is the wonderful blue sky
    Clare xx

  16. I have been collecting postcards since I was a child. All the family would save cards they received and give them to me. It's lovely to read cards from my grandparents on holiday in the 1960s. I also buy cards from our holidays as mementoes.. so I now have a large shoe box stuffed with postcards in a card index type way, filed in categories.

  17. Grand to see that obliging hare taking a muse role. Jaquie, I also love keeping a postcard from a particular place and time to help me cling to that moment of life. I can open a box and see a card I bought decades ago, and my mind rushes right back to that moment.


  18. I collect postcards for my memento of a trip as well.
    I love your postcard kit. They are an awesome idea.
    The picture your mum did for you all those years ago is very sweet. I would have framed it too! It is definitely crafting weather here in Australia at the moment, especially where I live. I'll have to check the fire soon to make sure we stay nice and toasty.

  19. Well my dear, I'm thinking you need to start your own line of postcards......fab :) x

  20. I love your hare - I have a bit of a thing about them. Yes I do collect postcards and have at least three albums of the ones I have collected over many years mostly from museums and galleries, old house and etc. As you say such an inexpensive souvenir of a happy visit somewhere. I have some very old ones too of places my ancestors lived. I save theatre programmes too as souvenirs of all the plays I have seen:)

  21. I think your top Janet Bell card is the lower ferry by Bayards Cove, Dartmouth. My daughter ran Bayards Cove Inn a few years ago and I bought that card as a momento. ANNE

  22. Yes Jacquie, I have about three different sorts... art, vintage and pictorial and I keep them in boxes in my studio. Enjoy the rest of your week :-)
    Tracey xxx

  23. I have a big shoebox full of postcards organised geographically, some sent to me and some given to me by friends and family who know I collect them. Often when travelling I will buy postcards instead of taking a photo - why reinvent the wheel when there is a perfect photo already made, especially if the conditions on the day are not conducive to a clear view. I have always been fascinated by faraway places and a postcard will always spark my imagination..immediately my mind is transported to somewhere else. With the rise of email, I see postcards as the next big trend for personalised greetings, especially handmade postcards like yours since mass produced cards are so expensive before the postage is added. Have you ever tried pastels on your rough watercolour paper? I wonder if you will get more pigment on the paper than with regular coloured pencils, although I notice you have aquarelles there. That block of postcard-sized art paper is a great idea. I will be keeping my eye out for some now that I know it exists. Happy travels, in real life and with picture postcards.


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