Monday 6 October 2014

Happy Things Here and Now

Hello Lovelies,
would you believe I have two more posts worth of photos to share with you from our Yorkshire weekend? ...I know!
I'll get round to sharing more special places soon, but they do tend to make me slightly melancholy........Wistful for another time and place. And yet  I know my life is blessed right now. I have a wonderful family and a job I enjoy doing part time........I'm lucky.

 I feel the need to focus on the small things that are making me happy right here they are.

1. Gardening.
I've been clearing away dead foliage and pruning leggy plants this weekend. There's still more that needs doing, but the garden is already looking more loved and I'm enjoying a few roses that I rescued from the prunings...........

2. Walking with Mr BM. Hubby's work is a bit intermittent right now. Not the best of situations, but it does give us time together in the week when I get a day off............

3. Yarn bombing on the sign of one of my favourite independent local shops :0)..........

Also in town, the park is looking extra pretty with new fountains in front of the museum..........

4. Baking for my boys........

THIS simple recipe to make some after school treats...............

5. Reading
After I finished reading longbourn ( I loved it ) I wanted to read Pride and Prejudice but it wasn't in the library when I visited, and the sweet cover on this classic caught my eye..........

I loved the embroidery design, look it even continues inside.......and you can see the back of the stitches :0)

I've never read LITTLE WOMEN before ( or seen the film) but I'm enjoying it hugely so far. It's so beautifully written and touching. Don't tell me what happens will you!

6. Piles of crochet circles.
Every time I open my bedroom cupboard I see these circles which are going to be a blanket....someday............

I've got over one hundred now and I was feeling a little unsure about my choice of colours in this project.

so I decided to join a few more together to check if all will be well..........

Yipee.......yes I think it will....phew.

I love these happy bits of yarn...........

and messing about taking pretty photos of them :0)

So many things to feel happy about and lovely blog readers to share them with.......thank you for coming to visit me and leaving messages which always make me happy.

Jacquie x


  1. I think I need to do the same as you and focus on the small happy things (thus avoiding the bigger unhappy things over which I have no control!). I hope you have a good week. Take care. x

  2. I find that it is the little things that make me the happiest, you can have so many more. It is fine to go away on holiday for 2 weeks once a year and be intensely happy. It is so much better to have 52 weeks studded with happy little moments. At this time of year the sudden smell of wood smoke drifting through the early morning chill or the ray of sunlight glinting on a dew studded cobweb lift my spirits.

  3. Es un paseo inspirador tus fotografias. Thanks

  4. I hope that you enjoy Little Women, I am doing a post about my visit to Louisa May Alcott's house that I made recently as soon as I get it all sorted, so keep an eye out! xx

  5. What a lovely cover to Little Women, I used to love reading it. And how fantastic that they've printed the backs of the stitches as well. Your local park looks absolutely lovely, such a pretty spot. Fantastic crochet circles. I keep woolly things in my bedroom cupboards as well. Where other people have shoes, I have yarn. CJ xx

  6. The crochet circle heart is soo pretty! :-) Plus the blanket will look amazing!

    Take care

    P.S. Big give-away on our blog! Feel free to join for some yarn-y goodness!

  7. Such lovely photos that crochet heart is cute and your blanket will be amazing
    Jackie x

  8. Definitely happy moments! The blanket is lovely. I love Little Women! I'm sure you will enjoy it.Have a great day!

  9. Love the pictures, and yes it's the little things that make us happy. I love Little Women, I hope you do too!.

  10. Little Women is wonderful ... I have never seen a movie of it yet to beat the book.

    Such happy circles and yes, they will make a lovely blanket together.


  11. Enjoy Little Women, and forget about any of the movies. The book is infinitely better.
    I love your circles. and how you've joined them. It is going to be a lovely blanket when you've finished.

  12. Be sure to read Little Men as well!

  13. That was a lovely post, simple pleasures do make us grateful.
    Your crochet blanket will be a delight but so does the heart shape of circles wall art a possibility?
    Little Women is a truly beautiful book-enjoy.

  14. Enjoy Little Women and as was said above Little Men and I seem to remember there was a Little Women Married. I loved them all when I read them as a girl. There was a title Jo's Boys as well but they may have been the same as Little Men, just a changed title. Now I will have to go to Google and find out. Loved all your photos and your circles are darling.

  15. My mother insisted I read Little Women! There's a sequel - maybe more than one. Very enjoyable. I'm loving your crochet - it's going to make a beautiful blanket.

  16. Hi Jacquie. I absolutely love your crochet circles and the finished blankets with them. I just spent hours going thru your blog trying to find the pattern. Can you help me PLEASE.


    1. Yes, I've been looking for the pattern too haha!

      I LOVE the 1949 film Little women, you should give it a whirl.

    2. Hi Ladies, sorry about that, it's my own pattern but I haven't shared it on here yet. I'll write it up very soon.
      Jacquie x

    3. Thank you very much Jacquie, will look forward to that, it really is a beauty! :)

  17. Wonderful, fabulous uplifting images and words. I am so with you to look on the bright side of things and appreciate your world. LOVE the colors in your blanket.. you have an unerring eye for color.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  18. What a lovely, happy post :) You're right, we all need reminding from time to time to remember to be 'in the moment', enjoying what we're experiencing at that time and not looking backwards or forwards. Beautiful pictures, and I love that rose - it's gorgeous x

  19. I've 'lurked' for a long time but I have to comment on 'Little Women'. My all time favourite book. Of all the films made the best one is still the black and white version with Katherine Hepburn as Jo. She was my favourite character, and I always said if I had a daughter that would be her name, and so it was! If you enjoy the book as much as I did, ( and still do at regular intervals), you may also love the sequels, 'Good Wives' and 'Jo's Boy's'. I have to admit I have never read 'Little Men'. One day I really must! I love your crochet by the way, I've just dragged out a lap blanket I crocheted(sp?) at the end of last winter, to line it with a piece of warm sheeting. The chilly weather the last couple of days says it's time to finish the job.

  20. You brought back memories. Little Women,Jo's Boys,Lorna Doone,Treasure Island,Last of the Mohicans. I got one of these each Christmas in the late 50's and 60's and more titles besides.The covers were all matching,red with gold lettering on the spine. They made up a nice set. I love the cover on yours though.

  21. What a treat to be reading 'Little Women' for the very first time! There are so many books I'd love to read as if it were the first time again. When you finish it you should also read 'The Inheritance' another one by Louisa May Alcott.

  22. Oh..oh..oh.... I read "Little women" twice and I've seen the film several times, and definitely love it!
    The joy of life is exactly in the small, daily things. Enjoy your week........

  23. Such a beautiful cover for one of my favourite books. I'm sure you will love it, and there are sequels as well!!

  24. I first read Little Women when I was in my early teens and loved it. As an adult I cannot help but be moved by this book. I am sure you will love it too. Have you read Pride and Prejudice before? I love Jane Austen and am currently reading Emma with my girls, a little bit each day. Reading together is a lovely way to bond.

  25. Can someone tell me why people who blog always take pictures of their feet? Does it mean something?Lots of people do it....I don't get it.


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