Tuesday 28 October 2014

Monday Moments

Hello Lovelies,
this week I'm lucky to be at home with my boys, and it's going to be a very "at home" week. We are currently a one car family and so while Mr BM is at work we can't just take off somewhere.

Of course we can still get outdoors.......On Monday morning it was a bike ride under leaden skies........

I do love cycling and I love living here, where there is countryside, but also shopping, within easy cycling distance..........

After picking up some supplies on the way home, I stopped to photograph the newly planted pansies under this sign..........

and notice new shoots, in  fields bordered by bare hedgerows...........

and continued productivity in the allotments...........

Back home I made fish finger sandwiches, using some homemade bread...............yummy

It's been ages since I've used our bread-maker.....it was tasty and very heavy filling.

Here I need to talk about this humongous pumpkin.

 Over the past weeks I've picked up a couple of the supermarkets "large" pumpkins and they are a good size, but they are dwarfed by this monster......

 A friend gave it to us on Saturday as they will be away for Halloween, she also gave us sweets for the Trick or Treaters and some decorations. So kind. The boys are really looking forward to carving this monster and I have a little idea for one of the smaller specimens :0)

After a morning of housework and fresh air it was lovely to spend some time relaxing with magazines and crochet in the afternoon..........

I'm trying to concentrate on finally finishing these all circles this week.......I'm currently on 170 and I need 220........so it's doable.

The blanket I'm using as a backdrop in this picture is the one that appeared in my first ever blog post and it's still a favourite........

Looking at it again I'm so tempted to add a cream border to my latest circles......they would look lovely, don't you think?

Or should I stick to my original multicoloured plan..........

I like both....I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure :0)

What do you lovelies think?
Jacquie x


  1. I adore the cream edging BUT if you plan to keep both blankets maybe multicoloured so theyre not so much 'the same' whichever you do will look gorgeous :)

  2. I think the multicolored one looks very cozy :). There is something so good about getting fresh air in the morning...it really sets the mood for the rest of the day. I hope you and your family have a nice Halloween :)

  3. I hope you are having a lovely week with your boys it's great to have an at home week sometimes

    I love your blanket and think whichever you go it will be gorgeous but I think I would go multicoloured as it looks so bright and cheerful

    Jackie x

  4. I love them both but I think the multi coloured one is the way to go ~ Jackie :O)xx

  5. I like the cream, but since you already have one, maybe you should go multicolored.

    By the way, I have a bread machine and use it every other day. I make a 50/50 loaf - half white and half whole wheat flour. Nutritious without being too heavy. I can send you the recipe, or you could just google one.

    Have a lovely half-term with your boys! I have all my boys home (my two sons and my teacher hubby), so I love a good school holiday!

  6. Go multicoloured. You have a cream border, and the multi coloured will be so bright.
    Love the Pumpkins!

  7. I'd go for the multicoloured one, as you already have one with cream background;
    totally different feelings : the multicoloured one is sooo gipsy looking, it's GORGEOUS !

    THANKS for the inspiration,

  8. Sounds like the week is starting off good. I love seeing the fall plantings of pansies about, I'd like to plant some soon, if the winter is mild they can last to April here. I love both designs of the blocks, maybe with already having one with cream I'd probably go for the multi colored choice. Whichever you choose it will look lovely!

  9. Multicoloured! It will use some stash up. Then you can buy more!!!! Have a happy week! X

  10. Jacquie...they are both beautiful, but the multicolored tends to bring a smile to my face :0) Thank you for sharing your day...

  11. Both of the blankets are lovely so whatever warms your heart is what you should do. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I also love to bike ride but we have lots of hills so it's not very easy. I hope you enjoy your time at home.

  12. Wow, Wow, Wow that's a pumpkin, I take you like pumpkin pie, soup etc are you will get loads from this one!. I have to say I love the bike seat crochet cover!, Enjoy the rest of your half term, Halloween will be in full swing in my house come FridayX

  13. Happy holidays. Happy Halloween and happy hooking. Love the photos. Thank you

  14. Definitely multicoloured. Those happy hues want to snuggle up next to each other!

    Have fun with the boys. What a great bike seat cover, by the way. :)

  15. How lovely! It is so nice that you were able to spend some time to ride and it's obviously not too far to go. :)
    As for your conundrum, it depends on what effect you are after. Only you can choose, as both options sound awesome. :)

  16. Multicoloured gets my vote...rich and cosy. xx

  17. Uhm, I think I'd stick to the multicolour choice - but it'd look great both ways! : )
    Btw, what are you planning on cooking with those amazing pumpkins?? Yummy!

  18. I enjoyed your jaunt on the bicycles... love your countryside so much! I would vote on the multicolor, as you already have a cream edged one. That last one is fabooooo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. Hi Jacquie - the multi version sounds good to me. Perfect for this time of year, and if you have a cream one already ... Take care, and hugs, Chris x

  20. PS Enjoy the rest of half term! xx

  21. Go multi coloured...why not!?! :) x

  22. I think that if you stay with the multicolor, it will be different than your first one, and then perhaps a wider cream border around all the completed and assembled squares might set it all off...then again...the cream around all the circles WOULD be so pretty...you have a good "eye" ...just do what makes you happy...!!

  23. I do like the multi coloured version, all cosy looking! Oh and fish finger sandwiches... I remember my mum making those for my packed lunches many many years ago for school, I still love them but in 'cheap' white bread and tomato sauce. Yummy!!

  24. How I do envy you the possibility of having such gorgeous places reachable by your bicyle. The basket on front enlarges the possibilities of this cycling round to include some errands. There's really nothing quite like that where i live.

    On to crocheting and color choices. Do stay with the harmonizing multi-color option. You've got a great sense of color and have used it so well so far on this project. Keep going.


  25. I love the used to be indecisive quote lol
    Multi looks great and different, love it. That pumpkin is very impressive indeed ☺

  26. I love the multi-coloured version. It would be something very different, too, from the original blanket.

  27. Hi Jacqui,
    Thanks for the lovely blog - I always enjoy ready it and seeing where you've been and what you're making. Your little circles reminded me of the hexagon blanket I made last year -
    It had circles just like yours and at one point I too thought I would need 220 of them. You have such an eye for colour that whatever you decide to go with - cream or colour - it will look amazing.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  28. Ooh that's tricky! I think I would edge in cream as then the colours will pop BUT a big mass of colour is also nice. I don't think you can go wrong really! Who/where is the blanket for? Maybe that will help your decision.

    Now that pumpkin is a beast!!!! Power tools will almost certainly be needed for that beauty!! I'm having a little Hallowe'en party for my Little Man and his pals on Friday - he's going as a pumpkin. The outfit is sooo cute, if a little ridiculous! He'll thank me in years to come, right??!

    Jones x

  29. I really like the last row in cream on those circles, it brings them all together harmoniously.

  30. i hope you have a lovely week with yourboys!
    love the blanket!!!!
    thanks for the wonderful post.
    have a nice day,

  31. Multi-colored as is is lovely - nice change from the other (which I also love!)
    How about just a narrow cream color border around the finished blankie? That might make all those lovely colors just pop right out!


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