Thursday 30 October 2014

Wednesday Moments

Hello Lovelies, 
well, what a difference a day makes. From the bright sun and 19 degrees celcius we had on gloomy skies and 11 degrees yesterday.

 Happily it didn't stop us getting out and about. I got up extra early and took hubby to work, so we had transport. 
Then late morning we headed out to Bradgate Park with family.

You lovelies know how much I like taking sunny photos. Well, that wasn't going to happen yesterday.

But Bradgate is such a lovely place, and there's so much to see, that I didn't really mind.
 It certainly felt Octoberish ....all damp and chilly............

The Bracken was rusty.......

and brown Oak leaves littered the ground.........

We were all togged up in coats and hoods..........

But nobody seemed to mind. The boys and their cousins loved spotting the pretty Deer........

who were "just like Bambi", they said.

and we found a pretty spot by the river for a picnic..........

all finished off with a Birthday cake with candles for my Mum-in-law, who's special day it was............

 courtesy of my super thoughtful sister-in-law and her daughters.

After lunch it began to drizzle with rain and some of the group headed back to the car, but the rest of us went for a wander.

We were rewarded by close-ups of Deer with magnificent antlers.........

The ruins of Bradgate House in the background

and tempted to go a little further by the many paths that criss cross the Bracken..........

Old John tower was looking hazy in the mist and rain...........

We decided not to climb the hill today as it's further than it looks, but the children loved climbing this gnarled old Oak tree.......

Then we made our way back , past more pretty Deer....some were easy to spot..........

Others were much harder...........

There are some amazing veteran Oak trees here, all bumpy and hollow inside.........

It's fascinating to think they have been here almost 500 years..........

and may have been around in the time of  THIS lady. Bradgate's most famous Daughter, who had a sad, short, eventful life.

We walked along the easy path beside the river......

and gazed at the muted shades of Autumn...........

By this time it was raining quiet heavily, but there were still plenty of people around, and the Ducks seemed more than happy about that..........

We marvelled at the trees, which seemed to grow out of solid rock..........

Then it was time to say goodbye to Bradgate park..........

It was a lovely outing, despite the rain.

With less time to crochet, I only made eight circles are the latest additions.......

Running total now 192.....I'm off to try and break the 200 barrier :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Oh what an interesting place,even though the sun did not shine there is still beauty, thank you again for sharing,Jan

  2. These pictures are so idylic! Looks like a prototypical autuum picture :-) Thanks for sharing! And good luck with the 200 barrier in 2015 :-)

    Take care

  3. Loved your travelogue!! ^^

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the outing and the links, thanks for sharing! If only those walls and trees could talk. I love the determination of that last tree, a watercolor perhaps? The deer there have very different antlers (more like moose) than the deer here. Good luck with the 200 mark. I'm on the beginning side of squares for my lasted blanket.

  5. Another lovely day out for you all yesterday and a great way to share birthday celebrations together. Thanks for sharing
    Jackie x

  6. I love reading your posts at the moment. You appear to be having a wonderful half term. I do hope MIL enjoyed her birthday treat. Good luck getting to the 200 mark!

  7. Thanks for your kind words on my blog :) It really looks like you are getting out and about this half term. Matt seems to have had so much homework, there's not been much time to do much else. At least we've not been setting the alarm, which has been a treat. I hope the sun returns for you. It's lovely here today, and fingers crossed for tomorrow too!. x

  8. What a beautiful bit of countryside, even if the weather was threatening. As Billy Connolly said, "there's no such thing as bad weather, only poor wardrobe choices." You all looked like you had that nailed.
    Those deer are just beautiful.
    Here in Australia, our equivalent are the various wallabies and kangaroos. Depending on where you are, you get different types. Just like the deer, I expect. :)
    And happy birthday for your mother in law. It must be lovely to spend the time with the grandkids. It's a shame your husband had to miss out.

  9. What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Theres alot to be inspired by in there.

  10. What an amazing place! I loved all the fall colors and the deer and the oak tree growing out of the huge boulder.. you're a good mom to take your kids to such historic places. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. What a beautiful place. I am in the States (Oregon) and I would love to travel to your neck of the woods one day. Keep up the amazing work on your crocheting...I hope you break 200!

  12. What a gorgeous autumnal walk and great pics. You deserve some crochet time.

  13. The tree growing out of the rock is amazing. I love really old trees, imagine all of the things they have seen. The deer photos are excellent - well captured! I hope you have a good weekend with plenty of crochet time. CJ xx

  14. Such a lovely out and about post and the tree on the rock reminds my of a bonsia but full scale, nature is amazing, good luck with the circles.
    Clare x

  15. I'm a US reader of your blog, although I don't think I've ever commented before. I had to though, because this post/pictures brought back great memories of my only trip to England (so far!) about 9 years ago. We spent our first few days there visiting friends in the Leicester area, and they took us to this park! We only walked on that main paved route and saw the ruins of the house, but also saw the deer. We also passed an area (in the village maybe?) where people were playing cricket. It was so like my idea of rural England. The rest of our trip was based in London and we did the usual tourist things, but the weekend in a local home/town with the everyday life of grocery stores, church, and walks was one of my favorite things about that trip.

  16. I, too, am a US reader. I love your blog and check for new posts daily! I have made several projects featured on your blog. I especially love the owls, birds, and sailboats.

  17. What a beautiful place, and gorgeous photos capturing the colours of autumn. How lovely to get that close to deer! x

  18. A beautiful day out especially spotting all those deer. Love your crocheted circles.


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