Saturday 10 January 2015

This Weeks Group Walk :: Number 6

Hello Lovelies,
 I do hope you don't mind me recording more walking here. I'm still really enjoying the walking group and it's nice to have this space to record our outings. I can hardly believe I've taken part in  half a dozen group walks already. Yet my lack of blisters and muscle aches must mean I'm getting used to this regular activity.

On  Thursday the weather was grey and drizzly. As we set off it was a case of... put your hood up and watch your feet..........

The wintry countryside looked as if it too longed for spring..........

we passed buildings which had certainly seen better days, but were appealing non the less........

I especially loved this old brick barn by the stream...........

After a few miles the rain stopped and we saw a welcoming glimpse of blue along the horizon........

I love walking through pretty villages, noticing interesting and characterful old homes.........

In the church yard we stopped for a rest. I sat on a low wall and snapped the church.........

This week I had to have a new camera as my old one had developed so many faults it was becoming sad.......well, I took over 8,500 photos last year alone...I guess I just wore it out, poor thing!

I've gone for another simple point and shoot ...another canon, THIS one. It may not take DSLR quality images but I'm generally happy with the pictures these cameras take and I love their compact size. Not to mention their reasonable cost.

This new one has a few features I'm not used to. As we rested I played about with the fun picture options.....the "Fish Eye" lens affect.........


The miniature effect..........


The toy camera effect...........

Interesting...reminds me of the pictures my first ever camera was something like THIS



Super vivid............

Probably good on such grey day.....but not for me.

I returned my little camera to the normal setting and carried on taking pictures as we walked.......

I  loved this tiny cottage and could just imagine how gorgeous in would look in summer....with Roses around the door.

Soon we were walking by the river...........

and  crossing an attractive old bridge.........

the day was getting brighter all the time and by lunchtime, when we reached this sweet church, the clouds were disappearing, leaving lots of blue sky.........

After about five miles we stopped for a picnic lunch in the sunshine and then carried on, hoods down and faces smiling at the clear blue sky..........

I adored the sight of this pretty village down by the river.......

And it's always nice to see sheep quietly grazing.........

Soon we were back down on the riverbank...........

Where wee were  interested to pass  this old mill.....with it's Mill race, but sadly no water wheel.....

I was really enjoying the sunny afternoon walking and felt slightly cheated when I realised it was over.....we had completed our eight mile circuit. It was time for a coffee shop visit..........

Or tea, served in cute, miss matched old china :0)

It was another lovely walk with this friendly group. I'm so enjoying discovering interesting new places....and taking lots of photos :0)

Jacquie x

p.s. I'm now onto the border of my latest there will be crochet photos to share very soon.


  1. Looks like you had the most wonderful walk
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Another great walk Jacquie, I am really enjoying following you along with these. I am so glad that the blue skies came out for you and you were able to play with your new toy. As you know, I have been looking for a new point and shoot to take out and about when my larger one is just too much and currently have the smaller version of your one. Your pictures have confirmed that this is a good one! I hope you are keeping safe in this awful windy weather at the moment. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. What a lovely walk and wonderful that you have managed to find a group to walk with.

  4. Lovely walk, and liking the photos from your new camera. Great to be in a walking group, you might not of even bothered going out if you were on your own, I bet you felt better for getting out in the fresh air.
    Amanda xx

  5. Love the tea shop china, I would much rather see old English china used than cheap imported stuff. You've taken some really lovely photos, I'm glad you have a new camera. I have an older Canon Ixus and I've always been really pleased with it. It doesn't have those fancy settings on it though, I could have some fun with them! Wishing you and yours a top weekend. CJ xx

  6. Please don't stop posting your lovely photos and stories from your walks,I get to see parts of the country I know I wont visit and I love your descriptions from these organised walks or walks with your family.

  7. Thank you for sharing your walk, this is something I really miss going on long walks, especially when you can get off the beaten track! :) xxx

  8. Wonderful walk! I love the countryside around you, and old English houses and buildings in general are marvelous...
    Wish you a nice weekend! xx

  9. You have a wonderful eye for pictures. I a also glad you have this space to record your outings :)

  10. Look forward to the blanket reveal! Another lovely walk, thanks for sharing I really enjoy them. That brick building (with added snow) or the bridge either one I think would make a lovely drawing/painting. Hoping to do some more on the home improvement job this weekend. Have a great one! x

  11. oh I love to hear about your walks....keep them coming! <3

  12. How fun to get a new camera! Did you get the pink one? :-) I adore the old buildings you share with us. To think, if I never get to England for a visit (my husband is horrified at the thought of the long air flight) - that your images will be that I ever see of where my ancestors come from? So, THANK YOU so very much. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. I enjoy reading about your walks and your photos with your new camera are great and some of the special effects are interesting. I have a cannon point and shoot but it's 3 or 4 years old now so not the same model as yours.
    I shall look forward to seeing your finished blanket soon
    Jackie x

  14. Grand that those wet clouds that were overhead when you all began your walk did clear away to give you brilliant blue. Your pictures are so much fun to look at (even those "experiments" with your new camera.) I love the picture of the tiny cottage that looks like a uppercase A. I wonder what it is like in side....


  15. I love lurking along on your walks and seeing the beautiful scenery ☺
    Nice camera you have to, I have the canon sx160is powershot, it is a bit chunkier but love that
    it uses aa batteries and the lithium last for 800 snaps ☺☺

  16. What a lovely walk! The landscape is just out of the box. I'ts so nice. Thank you.

  17. Walking in a group of nice people must be a lot of fun! Plus the landscape is stunning! :) I am fighting a nasty cold/flu since a couple of weeks, so no long walks for me. Can't wait for them though!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  18. I never mind taking a walk with you!! Always so much fun to do. It is great to get to see new places and things. I love the different effects you can get with your camera, lots of fun to be had there. It looks as though it is a great size for taking out and about especially and as you do that I lot I can see why you chose this one! Hope you have lots more fun walks to share! xx

  19. Smashing photo's, but where are you?

  20. Gorgeous photos. I feel as though I went on the walk with you :)

  21. Beautiful and interesting photos. Appeared all the magnificence of the landscape of the English countryside. Happy Monday. Soon I come back to visit you!

  22. I have been reading your blog for quite awhile now but have never been very good at commenting on blogs I read. However I thought I would let you know that your blog has inspired me to start a blog of my own. I love crochet and the countryside and always admire your stunning photographs. If you would like to see my first efforts at blogging you will find my blog at

  23. I so much like this walking posts! I'm kind of jealous because your walks are so wonderful and you can see so many beautiful things! Evanthia

  24. I really love reading your walking posts. I am unable to walk far so it is especially lovely to see so many photos of the beautiful area you live in and the walks you enjoy!!

  25. I love reading about your walks. It must be quite nice. I wish I could do something like that. Have fun with your new camera.


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