Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All Change

Hello Lovelies,
well my latest project has changed so many times already and it's not finished yet . Do you find that happens to you ? I suppose many of us have set out to make a blanket that has turned into a cushion when we have got bored or become unsure of how much we love our WIP :0)
Originally I was going to make solid coloured squares for my baby blanket ....but for some reason I can't recal I made them with white centres .
On Sunday I laid out my 63 squares and played about with the random colours to try and get them evenly spaced...random is trickier than it looks........

Satisfied I noted down the order...... watched THIS great ,clear you tube video  on how to do single crochet ( U.S.) joining ,and began..........

Things were going O.K. though I was feeling a bit unsure how much I liked how this method looked in white....

By now it was time to go out anyway. We visited my brother and sister in laws house where the boys have cousins of their own age ( I think they are soooo lucky to have extended family nearby, and so am I )
My lovely sister in law was inquiring about what I was making at the moment. I told her that I was hoping to actually sell some of my crochet this year and that I was making things specifically for that reason.

I've thought about trying etsy or folksy and would appreciate any advice on using these sites.
It turns out I won't be listing my latest project anyway as my SIL said she would be happy to buy 2 baby blankets for a friend who is having twins.........and this friend is 34 weeks pregnant at the monent , and the babies are both girls. Phew 34 weeks ...they could come along any time soon.

Time to put my thinking cap on. How could I make two blankets quickly ??
The answer I came up with was to add a few more pink squares to the ones I already had, abandon the single crochet joining and make a wider white border .
So now I have a box of squares .........

And a Basket of differently  coloured squares.........

Which I'm adding a white border to  like this........

It's going well I think ,so stand by for a twin ta- dah pretty soon :0)

My reason for trying to sell my work is as part of the fund raising I'm doing for a cancer charity I'll be running for this year. I don't tend to mention my running here very often but I'm still loving it ...I may not be fast but I get there in the end :0)

Jacquie x

P.S. took the boys to see the new Muppet Movie yesterday (it's half term hols here) it was brilliant fun.


  1. My projects morph all the time, and often get frogged because my love for them diminishes over time. I think the twins blanket is going to be lovely.

  2. Oh that is very exiting!! I love these blankets and I think that a wider white boarder will make them look more 'lovable' for babies if you know what I mean? It's great that you're thinking about opening an Etsy or Folksy shop this year. I have the same goal and am contemplating selling my crochet and sewing through one of these platforms. I think they both have their pros and cons and I think which one you chose entirely depends on your audience etc. Good luck!!

  3. I have just had a similair experience with my current project, great that crochet is so flexible :)

  4. Beautiful Grannys!

  5. I love that you are adding more white Jacquie, I always think black or white borders look divine but have never been brave enough to use them. A baby needs white so that's just perfect xox Sorry I don't know much about selling on etsy/folksy but I should think there must be plenty of help out there. Look forward to seeing the FO's x

  6. cannot wait for the ta dah just love your work keep it coming it always brightens up my day to red yours and lucys at the attic

  7. The white border has really made your squares zing. I love a white border & I think you have just clarified something for me about a blanket I have in the planning stage! Thank you!

  8. I've never made a blanket of squares.... all my squares are sitting in a box (like yours lol). I think we all do it.... start something and don't finish it. but the baby blanket will look fab with the white edging to the squares... I look forward to seeing the Ta Dah!! as to Etsy and Folksy... I have both accounts but have never managed to sell anything on there :-( I've just opened an Ebay account and put some things on there... so we will see.
    always love your blog. blessings Willow x

  9. What a lovely idea to make your granny squares into blankets for twin girls soon to be born! I love the white border, it makes everything look fresh.

  10. Hi Jacquie, I think the white border is going to be lovely! That's the nice thing about crochet, it's easy to chop and change your mind. As you know I've been attempting knitting and I'm getting so annoyed that you can't unpick it easily like crochet! Can't wait for the ta dah :) Two blankets equals double the ta dah I reckon.

    I've also been meaning to say how much I loved your baby ripple, I can't remember if I did or not, I've not been good at getting into blogland recently, I miss it :( But anyway, super dooper blanket, I was just reminding myself of it as I'm off out to The Wool Shop to select my yarn for my very important Special Project :) I'm finally going to attempt a ripple!

    Bye for now,
    Jones x

  11. I'm interested in your comments about trying to sell some of your crochet this year as I'd like to try the same. I've started off the year making some things for a friend, but was wondering about Etsy too. However I've come to the conclusion that I need to get myself much more organised first! I'll be interested to hear about your selling experiences.

  12. Much love for the white border from me ... what lucky babies they will be :D

    Can't help much re. Folksy or Etsy but quite a few of my maker friends use both.

  13. I love the way you've added your white border - really unusual. Have you done a chain first to attach your triples to? Can't wait to see it when it's finished. :)

  14. Absolutely LOVE morphed projects and do it ALL the time!!! Also do it when shopping....go out to buy a dress and come home with a bag!!! Your squares look gorgeous and even more so now they are framed so beautifully in white!! Those are 2 very lucky babies!!! lol x

  15. Ooh, I love your idea to add white borders, so clever, and rather fetching too! :) Fab that you are hoping to sell things for charity. I've used Etsy for about a year now, and find it very straightforward to use. It reaches a larger audience than Folksy I think. Someone from Folksy might have a different experience. All the very best when you do start selling! :) xx

  16. _______,-~-. ___.--.__ .-~-,_______
    _______/ .- ,'__________`. -.\______
    _______\ ` /`__________' \ '/______
    _________\___( .__.)___/_________
    ___,'_______ GRACIAS X TU ___`._
    _______,'___ AMISTAD ♥♥♥ `._____

  17. The white borders are excellent, I'm doing cream ones on my "Roses and Daisies Squares" blanket and am happy with those too.
    I'm not surprised you got an order for baby blankets and hope that your aim to rasie money for cancer charity goes really well. Lovely and generous idea.
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Carol xx

  18. Love, love, love the way you've changed things up and I do believe that the two blankets with the white border will be adorable for twin girls!! I have had my Etsy store for about two years now. I do find it easy to use, but sales are very low to non-existent. It can get a little depressing, but I just keep making things and what I don't give away I put in my shop. Good luck!!

  19. Love the way you have put the squares together...xx

  20. Looks gorgeous so far! Looking forward to seeing the finished article :) Maggie xx


  21. Hi Jacquie!

    I love your blog....it is one of my favourites! I have a knitting shop on Etsy that I started over a year ago. www.grizzlie.etsy.com If you have any questions or need any help, I would love to help you! Just let me know! xoxoTracey

  22. Really looking forward to a twin blanket ta-dah. Those squares are beautiful.

  23. im sad that ive only i the last few days founds your blog your stuff is amazing and ive been crocheting for less than 6 mnths but love it, and love what u have done with these squares, can you tell me how you do that boarder? pleaseeeeeee x

  24. Hello!

    This happened to me recently, and a granny square blanket became a cushion. = (

    I think white borders are always great and be beautiful for the twins!

    I am also looking forward to the ta-dah!


  25. Jacquie your blankets are going to be fabulous! You should certainly get yourself a little shop too, I have one and so far have sold three things, yes three things!!! Very exciting when that happens. I'm hoping to use any money I make to take my Lovely Man on holiday in the summer.
    Good for you sticking at the running, unfortunately I haven't been running for ages, too cold for my little old wheezy chest LOL.

  26. I think the wide white border is looking really lovely. Yes I've had a change from blanket to cushion - I was doing a white border joining as I went along, hadn't bought all my white as I thought "white is white so dye lots don't matter"... was I wrong! White can be creamy or WHITE!!! and unfortunately my first lot was creamy and the second was white. Anyway, it's two very nice cushions now ;)
    I'm sure your selling will be a big success :)

  27. I think the blankets are going to be beautiful. I love your new idea of white borders. I also love the idea of selling something for a fund raising it is a really nice thing to do. I would love to hear more about that.

  28. The white border is going to be lovely.

  29. I really like the white border with those colours its soft for a baby blanket. Look forward to seeing them both finished. I didn't realise you didn't sell already you should do your work is stunning. dee x

  30. I love your idea of white border. Another fantastic work. xxx

  31. That layout looks great...looking forward to seeing what your planning to do next...thanks for the vist and comment...enjoy your break:)


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