Sunday 9 June 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥ 23/52

Hello Lovelies,
 it's been a wonderfully  sunny week and I've already shared many happy things it contained in my three previous post...thank you for your happy comments :0)

Here are four more :-

1. Visiting Patchings Art Festival with my Mum on Thursday ( Mums treat , thank you Mum ).

 These tents are full of Artists and Crafts people displaying and selling their work, as well as demonstrations to watch and workshops were anybody could join in, more on that at the end of this post !

Soooooooo much talent and enthusiasm . It was very inspiring......

Loved the summery landscape we drove through too.......

2. Making a very small purchase at the Festival....small  cards of  lovely watercolours by THIS Artist.
I couldn't resist this view of Ilfracoombe, where we enjoyed a lovely visit last year.......

And I loved this colourful impression of Southwold....somewhere I've never been but hope to, one day.....

3. Wearing a summery skirt,  painting my toenails  and walking barefoot on the grass..... summer is here :0)

Sorry, not the nicest feet !

4. Having a go at painting at Patchings ......this is the first time I've ever tried painting with Acrylics and I loved it. The intense colours are just wonderful.

This was done in an hour so it could probably do with more work but it was a fun experience and so helpful to have an enthusiastic teacher to tell you exactly what to do. There were about fifteen of us in the class , all strangers to me, but everybody was very friendly.....I thought it was a great bargain too ( £2.50 including materials).........

I'm sure I wouldn't have had the confidence to even give this a try last year but all your kind comments about my drawings have changed that...thank you :0)

The lady who taught this session was Jenny Muncaster , do have a look at her great website.  I just love so many of her paintings, particularly this and  this .

And as you can see I'm still making granny squares....I'm up to 23....nearly half way ( I need 49 ).

This week has not been without its share of sadness and stress, despite how my blog appears , but it's such a blessing to have this space to focus on the positive and celebrate the little things.
Hope you Lovelies have had some happy moments in your week
Jacquie x


  1. Very nice pictures! Lovely photos!
    My name is Katherine, I'm from Russia
    I invite you to my blog

  2. I'm sorry to hear you have been stressed and sad - hope things get better for you. I've enjoyed reading your post though, I love your artwork. As I live in the East of England I have visited Southwold a few times and it is really lovely, worth a trip. We are lucky to live in a country full of beauty. Your feet are in better nic than mine - I'm drowning mine in moisturiser to combat the dryness and cracking, yuk!! Looking forward to your finished crochet blanket, and of course anymore pictures you feel like drawing - take care, Sam x

  3. Sorry to hear you've not had an easy week. I hope things improve for you. It's good to have a place to focus on the positives. I think it helps. Lets hope the sun stays with us for a few more days. Have a happy Sunday. x

  4. Sorry to hear about your sad week. Hope the art festival helped to take your mind off things a bit. Looks like you had a lovely time.

  5. Gosh, you've created a wonderful effect with the acrylic paint. Well done you!

  6. How wonderful ... I love the paintings that you brought from the show ... I wish I could use watercolours, but acrylics are my preferred medium to paint with, it doesn't matter if you make a mistake you can paint straight over it!! :o)

    Your painting looks fabulous! I love the colours!!

    This is why I love doing 52 Weeks of Happy no matter what is going on elsewhere it allows us five minutes to sit and remember the good times in the week. My friend, although she hasn't a blog, now records her four happy things in her diary!


  7. Hi Jacquie, As always, a lovely post!!! Have a happy weekend!!!

  8. How nice to be able to do such things with your Mum, Jacquie - times to treasure!
    Oh I do like the movement and energy in the brush strokes on your fish painting - very nicely done!
    And your grannies are coming along beautifully - but I'm so sorry to hear this has not been a good week for you and hope everything brightens up for you really quickly!
    Joy x

  9. £2.50 - what a bargain! I love the colours you've used - it looks like you now have another strand to your artistic talent! Sending you big hugs and hoping that things will start looking brighter soon x Jane

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  11. hello.
    The weather looks so nice and cozy to be outside to appreciate the British summer beauty and nice pictures! Is your drawing in the last photo oil painting? Very happy colors!
    I really want to go back and enjoy the beautiful summer atmosphere.

  12. Patching a is a great place isn't it? I haven't been in a while, we drove past it yesterday and I thought we must visit again soon, take Little Bea, for a bit of inspiration! :) x

  13. I loved to read your last paragraph - not that I am happy to hear that you have been sad or depressed! But I had just been thinking that I might give up my blog reading because they sometimes seem unreal and make me feel my life is very pedestrian and difficult by contrast. It is just nice to know that while your blog is a happy and beautiful place, and that you have made a great decision to focus on the positive, that you are a real person with ups and downs. Best wishes to you, and I hope your next week is a good one.

  14. What a lovely post Jacquie, my past week has been full of colours of Summer, it's been great to have sunny days again and YES to bare feet on the grass, one of my favourite feelings. It's funny that I too like everyone have stresses, strains and sadness but as that great saying goes, we don't need everything to make the best of our lives. Doing these weekly posts have really helped me to focus on all the sweet simple things that keep me ticking.
    I love your painting, it's gorgeous and the colours are fabulous too, well done! Big hugs xox Penny

  15. Lovely happy things Jacquie! Hope they took the edge off what has been difficult this last week for you. I love Jenny Muncaster's paintings - first came across them in a restaurant in Oxford - some of her kitchen still lifes. They are the kind of paintings you can look at for ages and never be bored - your fish are in the same style and look fab! E x

  16. Seu crochê, seus desenhos e pinturas são muito lindos.

  17. Lovely photos and bargains and there's nothing better than bare feet in the grass! x

  18. You have beautiful feet!!

    Dont forget!! :)

  19. Lovely summery scenes and a pretty summer skirt. Hope the stress and sadness calms. Go gently. Claire xo

  20. I love, love, love your blog, but sad to hear you have been a little down. I too can plunge the depths, but reading your blog lifts me such a lot.

    You are a very talented lady.

  21. I like your acrylic very much! I bet that was fun. Sorry to hear about your sadness and stresses but yes, like you say, focusing on the happy things that have happened throughout your week can only be a good thing. x

  22. Hiya, I'm so glad you enjoyed Patchings, it's just around the corner from me and is such fun. Happy painting x
    Esther handmadewithlove-esther

  23. I hope this week is going better for you. Looks like you had a good time at the art festival

  24. Sorry to hear that you have had a difficult week. I really hope things go better this week. I think your acrylic painting is lovely - I know painting in acrylics is harder than it looks! I also love the colours on your granny squares.

  25. Beautiful pictures! I came across your site because of the crocheted bunting. Love all your patterns. My son is getting married in September, and his fiancé wants me to crochet coasters for the wedding reception, so you gave me some ideas. Also the bunting, because she wants to make buntings out of paper, some crocheted ones might look cute too. thanks!

  26. Oh dearest! I love your blog and you wonderful crafts! You are very gifted and have a great eye for color. Don't ever doubt yourself with painting! Hugs

  27. sending you hugs Jacquie x

  28. I love your blog and have just found your little sail boat pattern. That is a must do for my soon to be here grandsons nursery, as its a nautical theme. You have some wonderful ideas :) Sally

  29. Your garden is amazing. Your mum's work is so beautiful and I think your feet are pretty:). Hope your mum gets better.


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