Thursday 20 June 2013

Counting my Blessings

Hello Lovelies,
 thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on my last post. I know mum will be touched and cheered by them when she finally gets home.  I'm keeping positive and believing that the excellent care she is getting and her own positive attitude  means she will make a full recovery, though I know it will take time.

 I still have a lot to be thankful for. My boys are old enough not to need me too much and they have been enjoying quality time with their dad, as well as lovely family and helpful friends.

It's also such a blessing that the hospital is only a few miles from home, making visiting easier.

I'm so thankful that it's summer as I can get out in my garden , which is the best therapy for me (Just don't mention the lack of housework!).

 It also means there are long and........ dare I say it .......warm....even hot! days to enjoy.
 I love being at home with the back door and the windows open wide, a breeze blowing through the house and the sounds of summer drifting in. But I also love to get out and soak up natures beauty .

On Sunday morning, before visiting time, we headed out on a family bike ride.
You can just see Mr BM in the distance, the boys are ahead of him and I'm lagging behind, too busy stopping to take pictures of the scenery ...........

The frothy, lacy cow parsley of May and early June is now slowly disappearing,  the statuesque Hog Weed , with it's big flower heads, it replacing it..........

I love it's flowers and the way these wonderfully structural stems remain through winter, when there is little else to look at...........

You don't want to pick this stuff though as it's toxic. Just look and enjoy :0)

The countryside is so green and pretty.........

Probably due to all the rain we have had.......... the going was a bit tricky in parts........

I always love to see farm gate produce.......

And the wild flowers around the natural pond are so pretty at the moment..........

Buttercups, Daisies , pink and white Clover, along with delicate grasses that wave in the breeze........

It's such a nostalgic sight that never fails to remind me of my countryside childhood.........

The buttercups are particularly lovely this year . For more buttercup appreciation do take a look at Lucy's POST, that's if you haven't already :0)
And HERE are some more stunning Yorkshire Dales buttercups.

All the flowers in this post are commonplace, so easy to take for granted, but so wonderfully pretty when you take the time to stop and look...........

Hope you have the time to make the most of warm summer days if you are in the northern hemisphere.Or if you are somewhere that's cold right now I hope these images have cheered you.
Jacquie x


  1. Glad everything is going well with your Mum, hope her recovery doesn't take too long, yes enjoy the sunny days when they are here! :) x

  2. lots of best wishes n speedy recovery for your lovely mum xxxx i soooo enjoy your posts soooo much beauty ~ you capture the things i love about nature sooo well x

  3. pics are lovely!!!!
    a warm hug, xxx Ale

  4. Such beautiful countryside. Glad your Mum is keeping positive- best wishes for her recovery. Keep making the most of the good weather when you can- the housework can wait!

  5. Merci de partager avec nous l'amour de votre région.. et vos modèles de crochet !

  6. Hi Jacquie,All the positive energy surrounding your Mom will go a long way to help her healing process!!!Enjoy you warm summer days and hope you have a happy and fab weekend!!!

  7. Wishing you Mum a full speedy recovery! :)
    Your place of living is awesome! I saw Lucy's butter cups already - stunning views and beautiful yellow!
    Take care!

  8. I'm afraid your pics have made me feel a little green.......with envy that is Jacquie!!
    Just beautiful, love the Cow Parsley and the beautiful, bright Buttercups......
    Give your mum a hug for me, sending love from a chilly corner in Oz.

    Claire X

  9. So pleased to hear your Mum is being positive and I wish her a speedy peaceful recovery - and will continue to send her healing light and love!
    Lovely post Jacquie thank you, your bright pics have cheered me. Try to not worry too much about your Mum!
    Joy xx

  10. The flowers are beautiful, and I bet those eggs are delicious!

  11. The pictures are beautiful.

    Sending lots of love from here with wishes of a very speedy recovery for your mum.


  12. Thank you for sharing Jacqui. You are so right - they are lovely and cheery photos. Here in Australia it is winter and in my part of the world we have been enjoying beautiful sunshine, but it has no warmth in it (and the nights have been below zero celsius).
    Best wishes to your mum as she journeys toward hale and hearty again.

  13. Lovely photos, as always! Glad your mum is on the mend.

  14. Beautiful pond photos. Wishing your Mum a speedy recovery. I'm the same in the summer always outside and the house work does suffer. Never mind more to life than cleaning x

  15. What beautiful pictures! So glad to hear your mum is making a speedy recovery! Wishing her all the best!

  16. Remember to take time out for yourself. Thinking of you and your mum. X

  17. A really lovely post and pleased to hear that your Mum is making a recovery. It is so lovely to have this wonderful warmer weather and like you I just love having the doors and windows open and sitting out and having meals, it just makes such a difference to my mood. I too prefer being in the garden and offcourse the housework does suffer, my attitude for now anyway is simply C'est la vie! Make some time to have some time to yourself and look after yourself with everything going on. Warm wishes xoxo

  18. Such lovely pictures, I to am always lagging behind on bike rides and the image of disappearing male backs is a familiar one. Solstice blessings to you and your Mom ... sending healing thoughts x

  19. Such lovely photos!
    Wishing your mum a very speedy recovery.

  20. So glad to hear your mum is improving. I am noticing wild flowers with fresh eyes this year and can't get enough of buttercups, they are just so pretty. xx

  21. What lovely photos - you're so right about the buttercups too - beautiful! I've just started to read your blog and glad to hear your mum is improving. Helen

  22. Hi!
    I just want to say how much I am loving your blog and what a colourful inspiration it is to me. I am often asked by my followers on facebook for inspiration so I wonder if it is ok with you to share a link to your blog in an album?
    Many thanks

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Heather. A link is fine with me.
      Jacquie x


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