Thursday 6 June 2013

Sunny Days :: part 2

Hello Lovelies,
on Monday I found myself with some time on my hands in a place where I used to live , but don't visit very often these days. 
There is a nature reserve here which has changed and been improved in recent years so I decided to pay it a visit and go for a run. It now has this wonderful visitor centre so I headed there first, to use the conveniences .....

On the walk way over the water I noticed the Coot feeding her babies through the was like she had them in a play pen :0).......

A lovely old couple told me all about her and showed me the nest. They are obviously regular visitors and very knowledgeable . Apparently it's quiet at the moment as most birds are on their nests.

As I left the visitor centre I was surprised to see a working barge travelling through the water. I knew this area has been developed from disused  quarry workings, but I thought maybe they were just doing some work to improve the site further.........

Though it's very flat, the site is a series of islands so you get a great elevated view every time you go over a bridge........

As I ran along I loved the glimpses of water through the trees.......

And spotted my first Dog Rose this year........

It was so peaceful , the clear blue sky reflected in the water.........

I decided to leave the reserve at this point and jog along some pretty pavements......

Ooooooh, a subject to draw ? I adored this painted house against the bluest sky.

The village cricket pitch was beautiful too........

Heading back into the reserve the contrast with the manicured lawns was striking........

But this site  is very well maintained too, with wide paths that offered cooling shade from the sun.......

As I progressed further I became aware of a constant rumbling noise, and when I got to this bridge I worked out what it was .......

Across the water I could see some sort of processing plant..........Oh, that's where the barge was going.

I decided to hang around on the bridge and see if it appeared....would it come from this direction?........

Or was it at the plant already, hidden by the trees ?

Just when I started to give up hope , it appeared..........

So heavily loaded with gravel that it looked in danger of sinking to me.........

I love the ripples it created in the still, sunlit water.

It sailed beneath the bridge and I dashed to the other side to get another picture.......

I've since found out that the whole reserve is owned by the quarry company, who still quarry close by , but they have supported this areas development into a beautiful haven for wildlife.......

This was turning out to be a very stop, start sort of run.....not great training but did I, it would be a shame to rush past all the beauty (and interesting industry) on such a perfect day.

Round the bend I stopped again at this little meadow..........

The ox eye daisies were looking so pretty........

as was the clover...........

Though I was a bit concerned to see only a very few bees and butterflies.

The water was so clear and inviting..........

As was this shady bench, but I resisted and pressed on..........

After a while I heard a now familiar sound.......the barge was passing again and there was another bridge up ahead, if I hurried up I might be able to get another close up view.........

Yes..... panting I snapped this picture and when I looked at it afterwards I was struck by how high the now unladen barge sat in the water..........

This reserve is such a great haven for  water birds, who don't seem the mind the passing "traffic".
I was happy to see some more baby birds before I left , this time Canada Geese and their goslings.....

I love the light in this photo and it was a perfect day for my visit.

When I was younger I was more often  lured by the retail park that's close to here , but nowadays , when the weather is kind, this sort of place seems just wonderful.
Jacquie x


  1. It looks like a gorgeous place! I feel relaxed just looking at your pictures.

    Gemma x

  2. Jaquie, your photos look gorgeous, I love the peace and tranquility of them, and what a perfect place to jog.
    Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Beautiful photos, I especially like the one of the house, it looks a lovely house to live in. Your wild flowers are a little ahead of ours, we're still at the cow parsley stage - ox eye daisies, etc are still come, lovely!

  4. Gosh you live in a beautiful place Jacquie - and how suitable the countryside is for cycling too!
    The dog rose is gorgeous, and the clover such a lovely shade of pink - another fantastic post, thank you!
    Joy x

  5. That is a lovely run/visit. Love the water and flower pictures.

  6. hello from Japan :)
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and gorgeous photos.
    I used to live in England (Reading) for a year and your photos remind me of Britain's wonderful summer.

  7. Jacquie, thank you so much for taking your camera along on that "stop and start" run. What a lovely route! The weather looks spectacular, the landscape varied, the waterway just busy enough, and the bird family life enchanting.


  8. What beatiful photos. Would you mind saying where they were taken. I grew up in Oxfordshire and now live in Canada. We visit the UK at least once a year and are gradually exploring all the places we never went to when we lived there. This looks like a beautiful place to visit.

    Thank you.


  9. Hi Jacquie, What a lovely place to jog in!!!Beautiful photos and I love that house!!!Wish I could see inside!!!Love that the reserve is now being developed into a bird sanctuary!!!Have a happy weekend!!!

  10. Just look at those blue skies - beautiful. Well done for persisting with your jogging - I haven't quite talked myself into it yet but I am back on my bike! I was worried about the lack of ducklings on our canal - we have only seen one clutch this year - however all the female ducks seem to be missing as well so fingers crossed any day now there'll be a flurry of little cheepers! Jane x

  11. What a lovely place! Also, if I were running with the intention to take pictures, I would definitely run for about 10 seconds at a time, then say, "Hey, I think I need to take a picture of this." Then repeat that for the whole duration of my "run." Haha. Thanks for sharing this pretty place!

  12. Thanks for sharing! What a beautiful place and how wonderful it looks. It's so different to most of Australia!

  13. What a great area, yes that house would look great drawn by you! :) x

  14. What great photos of a lovely area. It's brilliant to see the quarry company preserving and improving the habitat for wildlife, and with such success. Thank you for sharing your run with us.

  15. Oh, I adore your photos. Breathtaking! Well done.

  16. The bench seat certainly looks inviting Jacquie......lots of lovely views.
    Beautiful day to be out and about.
    Love the Ox eye daisies too.


  17. What a lovely post! I especially like the barges, your photography is very good! Hope you are well, Sharon xx

  18. What a lovely place to go for a run.

    The difference between the height of the full and empty barge is incredible, like you say the full one looks as those it is going to sink.


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