Saturday 9 November 2013

♥52 Weeks of Happy♥ 45/52

Hello Lovelies, 
Here are my happy things from this chilly November week.

1. Bonfire Night. We had our usual food and fireworks at home. The food is always jacket potatoes, sausages and mushy peas with mint sauce ( baked beans for the children ).
The fireworks sadly did not include a Catherine wheel ( my favourite ) but there were some pretty rockets and roman candles to ooooh and ahhhh at.
My boys and their cousins still love the sparklers.......

2. Walking with a friend. Happily my lovely friend knew the path I got lost trying to follow last week.....

 it's a shame the weather was grey , but I will be back now I know where to go. I can imagine this view will be wonderful in the sun or snow........

it was still rather pretty on a cloudy day don't you think.

3. Baking with donated fruit AGAIN. This time it was over ripe bananas from my sister in law......I made THIS was scrummy......

Also on my coffee table is the December edition of Country homes and interiors. I bought this as a  treat to myself ( I have a subscription to Country Living and rarely buy any other magazines) . It was the free calender that tempted me :0)

 This year I had four different calenders and I loved it so I'm keen to do the same next year.

4. Colourful crochet. My next blanket is coming together. I'm going to sew these squares ( plus two more ) together and add a wide border..........

Maybe I'll have completed two blankets by the end of 2013....that would make me very happy.
Hope you have a relaxing weekend lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. …the colours of your grannies……awwwww!!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxxx Ale

  2. Have a great weekend. I can't walk too far at the moment as I've hurt my foot - I agree that view will look stunning on the snow. Definitely a winter nip in the air this morning. X

  3. More lovely happies, glad you found your way along the mystery path at last. Your sparkler picture is so pretty!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your blanket making. xx

  4. loving you granny squares :o) Sam xx

  5. Pretty granny squares Jacquie! I bought the most recent Mollie Makes for it's 2014 calendar. Always lovely to have pretty pictures each month. We enjoyed some simple sparklers too x Happy weekending x

  6. Love the blanket with big granny squares, Realy a happy sight.

  7. hi jaquie,
    lovely pics from your country. love your grannys.
    wishing you a nice weekend,

  8. Lovely pics. And your new blanket is looking fabulous!
    xo Kris

  9. I have to agree.... lovely pics and colours are fab! Thanks for sharing the cake recipe..I will be trying that one out :) x

  10. What a lovely walk, you are right, it does still look beautiful on a grey day. Love the cosy cake and magazine and crochet. Wonderful. Just right for this dark and chilly evening.

  11. Your grannys are beautiful! I love the blue border and how good to find out where your mystery path goes, I didn't get to see any Catherine wheels either this year, I don't think they're very common any more

  12. The photos of your walks are just stunning whatever the weather! Such a contrast to our dry countryside here in Australia at the moment. I love looking at them.

  13. I love your walk. The green of the grass is a different shade of green to what we get here on the mainland of Australia. And it doesn't last very long. As soon as summer arrives and the rains abate, it becomes brown for months - fodder for bushfires.
    We used to call 5 November "Cracker Night" because everyone would have things that go bang, and a few things that made pretty patterns in the sky - but mainly things that went bang! After too many silly injuries, our nanny state politicians banned access for regular Jo Blows to have things that go bang and make pretty colours in the sky. You need a licence to do it now! And they aren't cheap to come by! So, the most one can hope for is a sparkler.
    Good luck with getting the lovely granny rug completed before the year's end. The colours are lovely and it will be a welcome decorator piece for whoever you wish to gift it (or keep!).

  14. Love your walks and the blanket. J xx

  15. I showed my daughter your blog whilst I was on a visit last week, she loved it and now has the link in her inbox. My daughter doesn't knit or crochet, she does draw, paint, photography, sew and write though. she saw your beautiful granny squares and she decided to have a first go with a crochet hook. I had one in my project bag and I showed her how to do a slip knot and some chain stitches. She progressed to single crochet, she did 2 rows and then declared .... well I have tried it now but I don't think it's really my thing. Ah well maybe she will try again one day.

  16. What a pretty blanket that's going to be! I do admire crocheters who make granny squares, I'd never have the patience to sew in all those ends! Love your walks too, great pics as always! xxx

  17. Ah, what gorgeous grannies. Those make me want to dive right in and do another one, too. Better I should just watch your progress. Looks wonderful so far. :)

  18. Love how your latest blanket is coming together! Your crochet is always so pretty :)
    Jones x

  19. Love the colours in this blanket and the beautiful photos from your walk. Blessings Trills


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