Saturday 23 November 2013

In The Park

Hello Lovelies, 
On Wednesday we had such a mix of weather, rain and sleet first thing, followed by glorious sunshine, then back to rain.
During that sunny interlude the air was crisp and the light was outstanding.
While in town I couldn't resist a walk in the park.........

The trees are still looking wonderful, but judging by the amount of leaves on the ground it won't be  long before their branches are bare..........

The reflections on the duck pond were so pretty........

And the coppery trees round the deserted play park were  eye catching........

 My boys love this slide

Somebody had been feeding the pigeons........

And the park keeper was using one of those noisy leaf blowers to clear the grass......

I think he still had a long way to go :0)..........

Autumn continues to delight me and it's so nice to have this space to be able to share the superb seasonal beauty that this year has blessed us with.
Have a wonderful weekend lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. A perfect autumn venture out between the blustery weather that's hit us this week! I love the colours, the have captured some lovely moments! Chrissie x

  2. Gorgeous autumn photos, Jacquie. It's so lovely when the sun comes out - it makes everything glow!
    Jones x

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful autumn photos, they are gorgeous. I wonder what happened to good old fashioned garden rakes. Just think of the calories you would burn actually raking leaves, how much less noise pollution there would be and how warm you would be from all that exercise in that nippy autumn air.

    Anne xx

  4. Hi Jacquie, Many bloggers are posting about your incredibly beautiful autumn this year and I am so enjoying the glorious colors!!!! Beautiful pics!!! Have a fab weekend!!!

  5. Yes, I just love your autumn photos. They are beautiful.

  6. Beautiful photos, the leaf blowing looks like an onerous and, dare I say, slightly pointless task!

  7. We are in Dubai at present and it looks like we have missed an amazingly beautiful Autumn. So,thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  8. I'm glad you are enjoying the fall there, your photos have been very nice.

  9. Beautiful photos - lucky you to have been able to capture this. I keep missing the good bits of the day! Although today has been lovely, and as I'm typing this I'm watching the sun go down, creating a stunning vibrant pink sunset. :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

  10. what an amazing tower, I wonder what happens in there?! Heather x

  11. What a lovely park! I can't believe your trees still have so many leaves on them... here in New Hampshire USA it is looking mostly like winter... all brown and bare. It was so pleasant to see your park photos and all that glorious sunlight! :D I enjoyed taking that walk, imaginarily, with you!:D
    Hugs my dear blogging sister,
    Beth P
    P.S. sorry I haven't been by for some time now, been going through a bit of a metamorphosis but I never forget your blog! :D

  12. What beautiful autumn photos. I was watching someone blowing leaves around with a blower the other day and thinking what a waste of time it was. Why not wait until they're all down and rake them up?! Hope you have a lovely week too Jacquie.

  13. Once again you've done a fab job with your pics of the local landscape Jacquie, and how good that you managed the timing right to enable you to be out there during the break in the nasty weather! The park keeper sure has a huge job on his hands - those leaves will probably blow all over the place again before he gets them picked up! Wishing you a happy weekend lovely, Joy xo

  14. We might have a lot of leaves to rake up, but I can't imagine how many leave a whole park of trees make! What a job. xx

  15. Wow, I was just scooting though the photos and thought 'I recognise this place' So when I got to the pictures of the park I knew it was true. I went to college there! :) I had forgotten how lovely it is xx

  16. Your pictures are lovely. The light was perfect. I had to laugh at your comment about the noisy leaf blower. I think that is the most useless thing ever invented.


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