Friday 15 November 2013

Hearts and Flowers

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Hello Lovelies, 
I wonder what it is about the  heart shape that is so appealing?
They have always been such a favourite of mine.....I can't have too many.
 Recently I broke my lovely red mug which was covered in tiny white hearts and I've been missing that big, cheerful cup. So I was very happy to spot this mug in the supermarket ( Morrisons)
It's got rows of patterned hearts and one of my favourite sentiments....Home sweet home.....Yes it really is how I feel . Our ordinary little, rather cluttered, but warm and colourful home is such a special place to me........

THIS crochet pillow has been on my long "to-do" list for ages. I love the clever switch of words and the beautifully simple finished item. I probably would have to add a bit more colour ( and maybe some hearts ) to mine though :0)

Anyway, back to the hearts. This crochet jar cover, an Emma Bridgewater tribute, I made a few years ago still makes me smile whenever I look at it's pretty felt hearts.........

 It was so easy to do. Just rows of Half treble crochet ( U.K. terms ) to fit your jar. I sewed the hearts on, but glue would work too.

This week I seem to have been noticing hearts in surprising places too. Like in the reflections from the grater when I was making packed lunches on Monday evening........

And in the bread for my sandwich yesterday..........

They seem to me, to be some sort of good luck sign....maybe that is a bit fanciful....but nevertheless they always make me smile.

Another thing that has been surprising me and bringing many smiles to my face are the number of flowers that are still blooming in my sunny, sheltered front garden .
These picture were all taken yesterday. I've never known so much floral beauty in mid November......

Dhalias, french marigolds, Zinnias, Rudbeckias, Sedum and Japanese Anemones.

Most are coming to an end, but this red rose is still flowering profusely and I was thrilled that my camera managed to take a decent picture of it , as it usually struggles with bright red.........

Isn't it gorgeous.

The temperatures are set to plummet next week so I picked what will probably be the last bunch of home grown flowers in 2013....

There is Lavender and , most surprisingly, one battered looking SWEET PEA in there too..... amazing.

What an Autumn we have have been treated to. Between the rain and wind there have been so many mild bright days, and lately, pretty morning frosts with crisp air and beautiful light. It seems 2013 will be an Autumn I'll remember as a lovely example of how special  time of year can be
Jacquie x
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  1. Glory be, what are you feeding your garden? I can't believe your beautiful profusion of flowers! Wonderful photos, I love the colours - you'd think it was June! Your heart photos have made me smile - and yes indeed it's a bit of magic happening! :) Chrissie x

  2. Heart in the bread is just amazing !

  3. Hearts are my favourite shape too . Loving those flowers.

  4. What beautiful flowers, absolutely amazing for mid-November. That crochet cushion is lovely, it's on my to-do list as well now. Fairly near the top, I'm inspired! Hope you have a lovely weekend Jacquie.

  5. What a beautiful post Jacquie - and yes - home is where the heart is! There is no life without a heart beat! How clever to catch the reflections from the grater and how lovely are your garden blooms - that rose is magnificent! Hugs, Joy x
    PS How is your Mum these days? I do hope she is completely recovered and feeling well.

  6. Lovely to spot the hearts in unexpected places
    I've seen a lot of flowers still blooming this week too, so unexpected and cheerful

  7. well, another word for mindfulness is heartfulness, and you seem to have that aplenty! xx

  8. This is so funny, your heart hunting is like me when I was looking for pineapples earlier in the year. Once you start to look they appear all over the place - although I have to say I didn't find a pineapple in a slice of bread! Love your little bready heart. Amazing that your garden is still producing these beautiful flowers in November, so lovely to see. xx

  9. Love how you've noticed all those hearts :)
    Isn't it amazing how much colour there still is in the garden. I took some photos last weekend and surprised myself.
    Thanks for sharing the cushion - think I will add it to my "to do" list too.
    Hope you have a good weekend. Keep warm! x

  10. Lovely photos, are always, I love hearts too, I like to give hearts with lots of love. Especially love your mug. How wonderful to have your garden flowers into November, such colours, we are noticing a nip in the air in the evenings so might just bring in the ginger and avacado plants,

  11. I love hearts too. I have some EB heart pottery (plus a whole set of polka dots, so I guess we share the same love of these. Your flowers are amazing - can't believe you have those in November!

  12. I love hearts too, it seems that "love is the air"..... what a beautiful flowers, they are a lovely present for autumn and more if they are from your own garden, just wonderful :)

    Have a nice weekend!!

    Lluisa x

  13. I love hearts and flowers and your post was beautiful with so many fantastic ideas. I am going to start on the cushion this weekend as it has given me a wonderful idea for a Christmas present! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  14. Gorgeous flowers! Can't believe they're still going in November, amazing! I love hearts too, there's just 'something' about them xx

  15. Wonderful flowers. Love the rose especially. Have a great weekend x

  16. Nature is certainly still bringing her beauty to your garden... lovely! Cx

  17. Beautiful flowers, Jacquie. You are surely in luck, with all the hearts popping up in unlikely places and the blooms during frosty November.
    The rose bloom looks stunning and I notice the Sweet Pea (which didnt flower this year for me). Also I notice the foxgloves (one of my favorite) photograph hanging near the flower vase. You made my day, thank you.


  18. I think it's beautiful little happy thing that you keep finding hearts! x

  19. Wow a sweet pea! Mine sadly stopped flowering around mid September. Lovely post as always.

  20. Lovely flowers, and all the better for being out in November!
    I love the heart in the bread.


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