Friday 1 November 2013

Walking New Paths

Hello Lovelies,
Lately I've been determined to get out and walk some footpaths I haven't explored before.
Wednesday seemed like the perfect day for it so I headed off, a little map for a circular walk safely in my pocket , what could go wrong ?
At first I was in familiar territory, walking along the edge of the field that inspired THIS drawing back in July

I love this little route and if you read my blog regularly it's probably familiar.........

Once I get to this style I usually turn left , but today I headed right, into new territory........

It's nine in the morning and the sun is low ...highlighting the ridges and furrows made in medieval times and still clearly visible today....

 There is a short, clear explanation of this feature HERE

Once I had crossed the paddock and over another style I was disappointed to see no clear path. My map showed the path crossing the middle of this field, so that's what I did........

 You might just be able to make out a hare disappearing into the distance on this photo, or maybe not!  ...those things are fast.

I didn't like trampling over the farmers crop , and as it was still very wet with dew I already had wet feet.......

 Think you need some waterproof walking footwear Jacquie 

Thankfully there was a marker post to show me the way and a dry path at the other end .........

When I reached the houses you can just see in the photo above I was again unsure which way to go. While puzzling over my route map I enjoyed watching these cute little finches .........

There were no footpath markers when I reached this fabulous pond either, the map showed a path to the left, but a gate barred the way.........

Ummmmmmmm, There were sheep in the field and I didn't want to trespass so I turned around. A little way back up the path I met a dog walker who said I needed to open the gate so I headed back to try again.

Once I was in their paddock the sheep were fascinated by me and started following wasn't the ewes I was troubled by but the ram, who stalked me across that field...

Awwww, even he looks cute now :0)

But at the time I couldn't wait to get through the next gate and snapped this picture by mistake in my hurry !

 It was lovely at the side of the pond and usually I would have really enjoyed it but I was disturbed to realise I had gone wrong again and this was a dead end.....I needed to face that one horned ram again....great!

The view was lovely so I did manage one quick snap..........

Thankfully the sheep had lost interest when I returned..........

I was disappointed to have to abandon my planned route , but happy to walk back and head along some familiar paths ..........

 I just love this little old church which always looks great in the morning sun..........

Further along I find another path I'm not familiar with into another field..........

Over the next style , more sheep..........

Oh, that the time already........maybe I'd better be heading home............

At least there is a clear path through this crop...........

Soon back on familiar paths, and  delighted to see the leaves that looked so lovely in the RAIN also look stunning in the sunshine...........

Nearly home I can't resist taking this picture to share with you lovelies........of the tree house apple tree..........

So Sweet

It may not have gone quite to plan , but I still had a great adventure in perfect walking weather.
Thanks for coming along.

I published 16 posts in October ...a record for this year....and most of them are about the outdoors. I think it's because I've been trying to make the most of the warm sunny days before they are gone....absorbing the beauty of this special time and building up bright happy memories to carry my through the cold months of Winter. I'm so glad I've recently become a convert to the joys of Autumn....I just need to learn to love Winter a bit more now too.
But it's not Winter yet is it , here's to November.

Jacquie x

Edited to add....Thank you to Louise who identified the little birds I called finches . They are rather rare Tree wonder I didn't immediately recognise them and how lovely to think there are some living  happily  in this area.


  1. What a lovely walk and such a lovely day. Jacqui x

  2. Thank you Jacqui. That walk we shared was lovely. We used to have a sheep in the field next door to us called Lippy. He was born with a hair lip. He wanted to be a dog and live with us I think as he followed us everywhere. Even standing on the hen house roof when we were cleaning it out. Happy memories .

  3. What a lovely walk - and nice to see the sun too! I'm sure that when I've been in the office the sun has appeared and as soon as I've had some free ish time, it's rained! I really need to do some gardening but it's not looking good for the weekend either. Have a good weekend. X

  4. Really like walks along with you!!!! It's incredible, look through your eyes)) And second to last photo with leaves is simply fabulous!!! As if not fallen leaves , and open flowers under the tree

  5. I love going on your walks with you Jacquie, just wish that we could chat along the way! So funny that the ram was following you across the field, obviously protecting his ewes!! Thanks for sharing these sunny pictures. xx

  6. I feel like I went walking with you, beautiful photos x

  7. What a beautiful walk! My kind of country for this city girl! I did see the hare when I enlarged the picture. Loved the finches and the English church and churchyard. I did see the hare when I enlarged the photo!

  8. What a lovely walk Jacquie. I've found that I like winter a lot now that I don't live in the city. I really enjoy walking in the winter, it's wonderful to come into the warm afterwards.

  9. A lovely walk, it did make laugh! It's great your not scared to go off the beaten track. I keep meaning to get out some walking maps of this area and discover some new walks. Heather x

  10. Thank you for this walk in the nature with you i love it :)
    The photos are beautiful ...
    Nina ***

  11. Wow, the countryside is so pretty there. I dread the cold of winter but I know it truly makes a difference if I try to get out with the snowshoes as often as I can. It gets the blood circulating and actually warms one up. You'll enjoy it more too if you get out just as you have this fall.

  12. Really enjoyed that you live in a beautiful corner of the world.
    Clare x

  13. The church and leaves pictures are fabulous. And what is growing in that field?

  14. A wonderful area you live in. So pretty! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  15. What a pretty walk. I'm so fascinated by the furrows there since medieval times. I love seeing and reading about things that are so old.

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  17. Beautiful photos and I love your birdies too as they're one of my favourite birds and rather rare now - they're tree sparrows :)

    PS the above comment was me too, was signed in on wrong email account, sorry!

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  19. It is such a lovely place where you live. I always enjoy the photos of your walks.
    Keep on doing this.
    Thank you.


    What happened to Louise just happened to me too.
    It was my daughters account I used, she forgot to log out...again.

  20. Looks like you have had a great day, still windy and wet down south :(

    Love the beautiful autumn colours you have captured in these pictures

  21. Such a beautiful place to walk I can see why you want to go have an adventure.

  22. The picture of the leaves on the ground is gorgeous, fabulous colours. Sounds like you had an adventure, not sure I would have braved the sheep!

  23. What a wonderful walk thanks so much Jacquie. I don't get out as much as I would like to so seeing your photographs has really inspired me to get my boots on and get out there. I love the colours and the vistas, wonderful. Thanks so much Jacquie you have a fab weekend. Big hugs to you

  24. Jacquie Thanks for the beautiful pictures, you know, living in the city do not have many opportunities to enjoy nature and you and Lucy are really fortunate to live in places like this ... and after this beautiful walk I got a bit 'of hunger, I go for breakfast o)

  25. Jacquie, it was fun to follow you on your new path adventure. Having those footpaths is a real treasure...even when they are sort of obscured by crops or challenged by sheep. I really admire your having done so many October posts. Wow!

    And that cinnamon pear crumble looks like a complete winner, too. xo

  26. A wonderful walk and wonderful pictures!

  27. Wunderschöne Bilder.Danke dass wir an dem Spaziergang teilhaben durften...

    Liebe Grüsse


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