Sunday 23 February 2014

A Day Out.......With Yarnbombing

Hello Lovelies,
as you can tell by the title of this post there is yarny goodness.
 It's at the end,  but if you can resist scrolling down we can share a refreshing winter walk first...does that sound good?

Yesterday we woke to bright sunshine and blue skies.....perfect for a little family outing. 
We headed off to Clumber Park. It's not somewhere we have visited before and I do love exploring new places.
It's advertised as great for cycling, so we brought the boys bikes.

Once we had parked up  they zoomed off ahead.............

We finally caught them up by the lake..........

I do love the glittery reflections of sunshine on water..............

Clumber is a country estate who's house has sadly been demolished, you can see the outline of where it once stood here............

And there are some interesting pictures of how it once looked HERE.

Today people come to enjoy the grounds and remaining buildings which include this impressive estate church......

By the lake there are odd remains like this Gun Battery..........

It was not for real battles..........

As well as the remains of formal gardens there is wonderful mature woodland to explore.........

They were bathed in sunlight, streaming through the still bare trees.............

Over a little hill we came upon the lake again............we might as well walk around it as it doesn't look far......

When we saw this map we realised that we were just looking down the short top section..........

Oh well, best keep going. Past an  intriguing tin building ...........

And where the water flows out of the lake, over the dam............

Oh, this is the full length of the can just see the church spire on the right bank, we need to walk down the left bank to a bridge ..........

The boys were keen to stop for a break, but we pressed on until we were opposite the church. Hot milky coffee for the grown ups, hot chocolate and a cookie for the boys....very welcome.

It took us over an hour to get this far and I must say I was rather glad to reach the bridge......

My growing boys are increasingly reluctant to come on this sort of trip, I'm sure I felt the same at their age.
Thankfully Mr BM loves these places as much I do these days. He studies all he information boards, takes a keen interest in the history and enjoys the beautiful landscape. It balances out the general feeling of discontent coming from the younger members of the family and for that I'm very grateful.

We finally made it back to where we started at the visitor centre and I would have loved to spent more time here.

As you can see it was rather busy, I just took a couple of pictures.........

And headed off in search of yarn. Hubby took the boys back to the car and I promised not to be long.....

The walled kitchen garden at Clumber has gorgeous Glasshouses...........

With beautiful spring flowers...........

 lovely rooms, showing where the gardeners came for a rest in years gone by..........

And a very colourful cow :0)........

Look, she is even wearing stripy leg warmers, wellies and a headband.

Hopefully you can read the information poster about this fun idea if you click on it to enlarge........

And here is what it looked like yesterday. The apple trees have been decorated with colourful knitting and crochet..........

I loved the granny squares..........

I also loved the quirky creatures.

a Tree Frog

A slightly scary snake

Ladybird and worm

Huge mouse

and a pretty sunflower.........

I thought it was a great idea to add interest at a time of year when the apple trees are bare and there is not much to see in the gardens...........

It's such a large area that you really had to get up close to the trees to appreciate the beautiful handiwork on display.
I think the many, many different types of apples were my favourite thing.

So I've made a mosaic of them to share with you....don't they look great...........

I need to say thanks to Lucy, as she posted a link to this event on her facebook page HERE
Enjoy your Sunday Lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. What a great the walk,love the bikes,love the sunshine and that yarn bombing is a great way for it to end. I know there is some controversy surrounding it but I agree with you it is fun when the trees are bare.

  2. So cool- a cow in legwarmers!!!! looks like a beautiful day out.x

  3. That looks very cool the cow actually made me lol! And so creative to put creatures in the tree. Looks like a brilliant day. I am waiting for the weather here to improve a little so we can venture out.

  4. It was so lovely to see the sun for a little while wasn't it? I love the look of the kitchen garden - I can imagine it in full growth - aaaaaaah - to potter around with a trug and then sit in that glorious shed with a refreshing drink! Good to see the yarn bombing too - it can't help but make you smile. Oh well the sun seems to have retreated again now but it's good to know it's still around! Take care x Jane

  5. I just love all of your photos of your photos are sounds like you had a good time and that you learn so much from it as well.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

  6. Lovely post and great to see you got your boys out. Always a difficult task as they get older.
    The yarn bombing looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali xx

  7. "And headed off in search of yarn....promised not to be long....." Has that poor man learnt nothing living with you....lots of LOL...!!!

  8. THANKS a bunch for this lovely walk, discovering such a lovely and interesting place!

  9. Thank you once again for sharing your adventures with us, makes me think back to when our family was a lot younger, happy days!
    Marje x

  10. What an amazing place to visit and the yarn bombings are an added bonus, very fun.

  11. I am so glad you posted these pictures. I love seeing the countryside. The yarn bombing was adorable! Loved the frog and snake! Have a lovely day!

  12. How wonderful, we only live a few minutes I wish I'd known about this, fingers crossed it will still be there next weekend! :) x

  13. Thanks for sharing your trip with us Jacquie! We love National Trust properties and finding new places to visit as a family. I think that we will have to put this one on our list of weekend outings as it is not very far from us at all! I love the yarn-bombing and I love that estate church! So lovely.

  14. Thank you, I enjoyed this little walk around a place I have never been. It looks very interesting and looks like it has a lot of History, which I love. It is certainly a place I would visit, if I ever got the chance.
    The yarn bombing is fantastic, so cheerful and fun. So many things to look at. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Wishing you a good start to the new week!

  15. What a great place for a day out. I love the yarn bombing, it's always good to have something different to look at when the gardens are bare.

  16. It looks like a lovely place for a day out. I love yarn-bombing and I'm glad to see it's catching on everywhere.

  17. I love to go on a little journey with you Jacquie and I know what you mean about reluctant little legs getting out in the winter! Fabulous yarn bombing.... Love that we can appreciate the colour that yarn brings to the bare winter trees and landscape, thanks so much for sharing, I feel a little inspired to get to doing some yarn bombing myself :o) x x x

  18. Aaaah, looks like a lush little day out, love the cow! x

  19. just wanted to say THANKYOU- I've just used your granny spike pattern and daisy pattern for crochet squares, and felt rather proud of myself that I looked at them last year and SO wanted to be able to create them. . .and now I can! (with your help!) x

  20. Beautiful photos :) We haven't been to clumber for a while and I was just thinking over the weekend that it's time we revisited so it was lovely to come to blogger and see it in your post today!

  21. Fantastic day out! Gosh I loved your photos, and the yarnbombing was such fun! I'd love to do that in my village, but everyone would know it was me...Chrissie x

  22. Great yarn bombing, I really like the apples in the trees, that is so much fun! xx

  23. Oh my, that glasshouse has absolutely taken my breath away. And the gardeners' room - wonderful. What a beautiful walk, with such loveliness at the end of it - a perfect day. Is it my imagination, or does the sun always shine when you go on a walk?! Your photos are always so picturesque. Hoping you have a very good week. CJ xx

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed your outing photos and the story you shared. I can only dream of visiting the area one day.
    Enjoy the time you have with the boys. Our daughter lives 4.5 hrs away now attending University. Time goes by far too quickly! 😕

  25. Clumber Park was our local park & we visited it so often I've lost count but now since we've moved we no longer go but have such lovely memories, now though living in West Yorkshire we have some new lovely new places to visit. I still feel happy knowing you enjoyed it as much as we did xx

  26. Gorgeous - I really like that church, and the shot of the boys by the lake. Thanks for all the lovely photos! What a beautiful walk. :)

  27. Another gorgeous post Jacquie. Love the yarn bombing.
    Anne xx

  28. What fun ... on a sunny day! Great to know that your husband is a like minded soul who can calm the youthful restlessness of younger family members.


  29. Love the yarn bombing. Makes everywhere bright and cheery! x

  30. Beautiful place, I spent a lovely afternoon at Clumber Park with my husband's family about six years ago, it was August and the weather was just gorgeous! Thanks for the walk down memory lane :)
    Pat, Maroeladal, South Africa

  31. I love the yarnbombing - there is something about seeing yarn everywhere that makes me smile - I have a hankering for covering my front door in granny squares!! I would love to see my postman's face. Great post, thank you.

  32. wouldn't it be awesome to have a greenhouse right off of your kitchen so that you could have indoor herbs and veggies just a few steps from where they are prepared? I would love that!

  33. Wow! Although I am lucky enough to be enjoying 'summer-style' warmth in Gambia, I love a good crisp winter walk, and your photos almost made me feel I was with you, And what fantastic yarn bombing too! It's a shame when children start to grow up and feel too old for this kind of walk - I managed to stretch mine out a bit by involving Geocaching and Dartmoor Letterboxing, but then I had to wait until they had grown up enough to enjoy them again. Now I'm doing it all over again with the grandchildren, which I can thoroughly recommend!

  34. Hello Lovely Jacquie what a fabulous post, love this place and must visit. We are members of the National Trust and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of wonderful places we have to visit here in the UK, we are so lucky. Thank you for sharing this Jacquie as it is a place we will visit later in the year thank to you. Have a wonderful week Jacquie, sending you lots of loves and hugs

  35. Aw Jacquie...what fun! Love all that yarny goodness. Hope all's well with you xxxx

  36. It looks lovely. Will be camping therebin 3 weeks time.

  37. that stripey apple is rather wonderful! a lovely day out. Enjoy them while you can! I really miss days like this. Heather x

  38. Lovely pics so exciting, I'm in the midst of making some yarniness at the minute for The woollen woods in Cumbria also National Trust a Creative group I'm a member of on Facebook has been given our own tree so we are thrilled so it's all flower garlands and birds and ladybugs here at the moment,
    Clare x

    1. Thanks for mentioning this Clare, I used to visit Clumber Park when i was a child, it was lovely to revisit it - and with added yarn-bombing :)

  39. This is a lovely post - we'll be moving up near there within the next couple of months, I think we'll have to visit with our new National Trust membership! Thank you for sharing :)
    Debbie x


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