Sunday 16 February 2014

This Weeks Views

Hello Lovelies,
this week I've been enjoying the sight of a few sweet spring flowers on the bathroom window sill......

Outdoors it still looks very waterlogged and wintry..........

But I know how lucky we are to have escaped the worst of the gales and horrendous flooding that so many poor people have had to endure.
It was a grey day on Wednesday, and after I had finished  this walk the day descended into rain and gales.

It was rather gloomy but if you look closely there are some early flowers appearing out here, like these Winter Aconites

And the Daffodils and not that far from flowering too.........

We have even enjoyed some bright sunshine between the scary wind and heavy rain.

This little bird was singing away happily when I went for a walk on Thursday............

And the horses looked glad of the break in the weather too........

There are so many styles to climb over on this regular walk of mine. I look on them as a bit of added outdoor step class :0)

Along the side of the road the Ivy berries look almost like bunches of grapes........

And this recently created pond seems to be doing a good job of draining  the field............

 I left the road and headed up another footpath.............

This is the state of many of our footpaths at the moment!...........

But it's worth squelching through the mud to find old tractors, banks of sweet Snowdrops...........

And beautiful catkins..........

Here's yet another style...........

Then it's out into the sunshine again and away from the mud...........

Through the bare trees and out onto the road.

I could hardly keep up with this elderly couple who were striding out in their walking gear.........

I hope I will be as sprightly  as this pair when I get older.

I certainly get a lot of enjoyment from the gentle exercise of walking and a sunny winters day is so perfect to get some cold air in your face and really feel alive..........

With the winter we are having at the moment  sunny interludes are not to be missed. I came home and tapped the glass on my barometer .............

It still said MUCH-RAIN.........sigh

Next week is a school holiday here and I'm just hoping the weather is not wet every day.

Jacquie x


  1. Walking with you and enjoying every photo gas made my day. Thank you.

  2. I wish I could join you on a real walk but I love the virtual walks you take us on with you xx

  3. Loved coming along with you on your walks Jacquie, beautiful catkins and snowdrops, oh dear to more rain! I too have half term off and am just looking forward to the break in routine and resting xox have fun xox

  4. I really feel for all the poor people with their homes ruined :( we've been so lucky on the east coast where I live x

  5. We too have escaped the worst of the flooding....miraculous considering we flooded badly 10 or so years ago. The difference between us and Somerset.....they dredged our no floods! I can never quite believe just how tough snowdrops are. They look soooooo delicate.

  6. We too have escaped the worst of the flooding....miraculous considering we flooded badly 10 or so years ago. The difference between us and Somerset.....they dredged our no floods! I can never quite believe just how tough snowdrops are. They look soooooo delicate.

  7. here in Georgia usa we are not as far along in spring as you are , but i am hoping for signs soon

  8. I really enjoy your walks, yep I'm keep thinking rain rain go away. Water got into our garage in last wednesdays storm and knocked out the electrics out there and in the Summerhouse la sigh, although we are lucky compared to some. Have a great half term
    Clare x

  9. Here in Belgium, we were at the edge of the UK-storms all the time, lucky us.

    Love your walk, love your polkadotted boots, love the catkins and ADORE the cherry gloves!

    Still having my giveway:

    Only need EIGHT followers to join me!
    So exciting,
    SO close.....

  10. Love your walk, love you polkadotted boots, love your cherry gloves, love your catkins, simply adore everything.

    Belgium only just escaped your UK-storms, lucky us.

    Still in desperate need for EIGHT followers to win my bet.

    SO close,
    please have a look:

  11. Much rain... what a gloomy thought. Especially as I'm convinced the baby is waiting for better weather before it comes. I could be in for a bit of a wait! Lovely photos though Jacquie - particularly love the daffs in your sweet vases.
    Jones x

  12. Tell me about the rain! Too much too often! A reasonable week isn't too much to ask, is it?

  13. I love seeing the places where you walk. Your barometer is wonderful! I would love to have one. I hope this week brings better weather to where you are.

  14. oh no.....not more rain! At least the sun shone to take some nice photos.

  15. Wednesday is supposed to be good the UK over. We are definitely planning on getting out that day. Jo x

  16. These lovely pics are proof of the ability of mother nature to protect and guard the many blessings she bestows upon us! I love those pink boots! Joy x

  17. Thank you for taking us on your walk! It looks so green... all I can see on my walk is snow, snow, and more snow! Now it feels like spring may be much closer than I believe. -Autumn

  18. Your photos are just lovely. I enjoy going along on your virtual walks, you have such pretty sights to see. It is awful to hear about so many people affected by the flooding, if only some rain would come our way. We haven't seen any rain at all for over five months and it has been a stinking hot summer here in Australia. Loving your celebrating home series too, something I really need to do :) Have a lovely week and I hope the weather soon improves.

  19. What a lovely barometer, and I'm not surprised it's still on Much Rain. Beautiful photos, I saw some aconites yesterday too. Your walks look wonderful, despite the mud. How nice to get home before the gales and be cosy at home while the wind howls outside. Hope you enjoy half term.

  20. So lovely to see those little daffodils on your window sill. We can feel spring in the air, can't we? So nice to get out and walk in the country - it's my favourite thing to do, whatever the weather!
    Thank you for your visit to my place for the crocheted hearts posting!

  21. There is hope, regardless what that barometer says! The sun shone brightly yesterday, PROVING to ALL of us that it is still up there! ;-) Chrissie x

  22. I love going on your walks with you Jacquie, always so many lovely sights to see, and this is a great way to take a walk as I don't have to go over all the styles! I hope that the barometer is wrong and that you don't have lots more rain! xx

  23. Lovely post, funny never thought to put flowers in the bathroom! Like it...Daff's are on my list...

  24. My barometer briefly made it to 'change' today before dropping back towards rain... roll on the Spring! x


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