Friday, 7 February 2014

Celebrating Home 2014 :: Part 4

Hello Lovelies,
I'm continuing to make a concious effort to enjoy time spent making our home a nicer place to be. It seems that focusing on one area every Thursday is the  way forward at the moment.
 Now I've realised that the best way to structure this day is to  spend the morning  cleaning and them do my weekly shop in the afternoon. When I shopped in the morning my enthusiasm for housework had faded by the afternoon. 
Yesterday I started at 9.30am and stopped at 12 midday. With no distractions it was easy to get quite a lot done.

This week  the front room got a good spruce up. Many small items were returned to their correct home and all the furniture was moved and vacuumed under.
It always makes me feel better to see it all clean and tidy, even if it's hard to keep it that way. 
I took the time to notice and appreciate the things here that make me happy, like the crochet made by me, and the stripy patchwork cushions made by my boys...........

I polished all the wood, cleaned the mirror...... and felt happy with the tidy room it reflected. Everything is a bit worn and mismatched but that doesn't worry me.

 Middle sons blanket, which was intended for his bedroom , still lives on the back of the sofa. I doesn't really go with anything in this room , but it's well used and I kind of like to see it here..........

When he was ill one day last week he laid on the sofa , under his blanket, and said "this blanket is really nice Mum" That made me happy.

While I was on a roll I tidied the kitchen and polished the kitchen sink with cream cleaner.....I do love a shiny sink..........

My Tulips are past their best but I hadn't the heart to throw them in the compost bin. The rest of my indoor bulbs are from Lidl. There are some strange stunted  orange tulips which have opened up in rather odd shapes. The hyacinths look promising and  The 50p pots of Tete-a-tete's are really nice .

I'm trying to de-clutter our space this year but I couldn't resist this huge stripy mug, spotted on the shelves of unloved things at the charity shop on Wednesday.
 It may not be as wonderful as the stuff made by T.G. Green , but it still makes me smile...

The day was dull and grey so I lit a candle while I cleaned to cheer up the room and scent it with cinnamon..........

On my mantle are some old postcards of Wales and Yorkshire that  Mum brought over to show me. I think I need a pretty memo board to display stuff like this.

She also brought these latest watercolours along to share with me. I know Mum has always painted  for pleasure, but it's also nice to share your handiwork with others isn't it lovelies...........

I liked this local scene of pretty cottages and a church.

And I loved this Lake district scene. It's of Yew Tree  farm which was purchased by Beatrix Potter to preserve the hill framing in this area............When she died she left 14 farms and 4000 acres of land to the National Trust.....

and I've just realised you can stay in this beautiful old farmhouse....details HERE 
Wouldn't that be wonderful.

Sorry about the delay with the wrist warmer tutorial lovelies. I was hoping to take some photos yesterday afternoon but the day turned even darker.

Jacquie x


  1. Everything looks wonderful, you have inspired me to do the same this weekend. Hopefully I can make a real improvement as everything is looking a bit wilted at the moment.I think your mum is very talented, how lovely to have a painter in the family.

  2. my daughter too, now she is hill and she is on the sofà with my blanket!

  3. Your house is looking very tidy. An inspiration to us all.
    Jacqui x

  4. Your home looks so cosy Jacqui and your windowsill looks so pretty with all the pots of bulbs, giving us hope that spring may soon be here!
    Wishing you a happy weekend
    love Jooles x x x

  5. I love this post. I am currently cleaning and sprucing and like you said one bit at a time. I also have a mismatched home and I love it. I love Mrs Weasleys kitchen in Harry Potter and if I could aim for one look lol.
    I love the idea of plants in mugs, my friend did it when a handle broke off a CK mug. It looks really cool. Just wish I had green fingers x

  6. Your windowsill looks stunning with its beautiful bulb arrangements. It makes you smile knowing that spring is on its way. I just love the idea of using mugs to display bulbs, what a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Your home looks lovely Jacquie and it is so nice that you are making time to enjoy it. Your Mum's paintings are beautiful, I especially like the Yew Tree Farm one as I love the Lake District. xx

  8. Your post made me think of a William Morris saying, 'Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.' As long as your things bring you joy, it doesn't matter whether they match or are well loved. I love your windowsill of potted plants, they look so happy. My friend bought me two pots yesterday for my birthday and you've inspired me to clear the windowsill and put my pots on there. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  9. I know what you mean about the darkness, it's been really gloomy here. The watercolours are absolutely wonderful, I see where you get your arty talent from. And your cleaning and tidying comments are very inspirational. I tend to run out of energy by the afternoon as well - the morning is the best time to get everything done. On that note...

  10. Love the new stripy mug, you're mum's water colours are just so beautiful I had my water colours out last week inspired by my trip to the local wildlife park, still trying to do a picture each week. Have a great weekend enjoying you neat and cheerful home
    Clare xx

  11. I love this post, Jacquie. In fact, I've just read all your 'celebrating home' posts. It's such a fabulous idea - I might tag along with you, if that's ok?

    My home is mismatched too and, you know, I wouldn't have it any other way. Like you, I'm a home bird and get so much pleasure from my treasures. Plus, of course, I like nothing more than a peek around other people's homes! Your kitchen windowsill looks so pretty and springlike.

    Heather xx

  12. Love you window full of spring flowers, mine could do with a dust (were dose it all come from !!!)

  13. You've made me feel inspired to get spring cleaning! Love the idea of doing housework first thing in the morning, so might give it a go! I bought some daffodils this week and they smell lovely. Helen

  14. Nice idea to do the cleaning first, get it out of the way. Your living room and kitchen are very cozy. I like your son's blanket; the colors are lovely. The flower pictures under the mirror and the little red turtle on the kitchen windowsill are my favorites.

  15. Golly you really were on a roll. Please tell me that you stopped me morning for a cuppa and a biccie? I love your kitchen window display - and that new giant mug is just lovely. It jumped right out at me from the photo (that and the funny tulips!). Another great charity shop find :)
    Jones x

  16. I really like the watercolors. Does she have prints of them for sale? Thanks for inspiring me. I will work on my front room today. :)

  17. Your Mum's work is lovely. I see where you get your talent!!!
    xo Kris

  18. Looks like you have settled in to a great organising routine, what a lovely home full of comforting things! Chrissie x

  19. The day might be dull and gray but your home is warm and cozy, I'd be snuggling under those blankets too.

  20. I know what you mean. Housework has to be done in the morning as I never have the enthusiasm to tackle it in the afternoon! Hope you all have a great weekend. Keep dry! x

  21. Oh you good your place looks wonderful ,im trying desperately to turn my house into a home even since Christmas I have been in a flap. you have inspired me to get going.

  22. I am attempting to gird my loins and tackle some serious room tidying. It does make you feel great when you've done it though. Love the big stripey mug, and your Mum is sooo talented, love her paintings.

  23. I always find it hard to get inspired to do housework, but I love it once I've finished and everything looks nice and tidy. I think your crocheted blankets are wonderful.

  24. Your house looks so cosy and inviting - I really like this celebrating home post is it ok if I post a link to it in my next post?? Thursday is my big clean day - it is a fabulous feeling when it is all done and looking shiney if a little worn.

  25. Oh I love the watercolors!!! They are just lovely -- especially Yew Tree Farm. We had the privilege of hiking right through the farm property with the family this fall. It is just beautiful there in the Lake District!

  26. I hope your Mum never stops painting - her work is a delight and inspiration! As is your blog. Thank you for sharing your cozy life with us!! Aloha with hugs, Ann

  27. I love your mom's paintings! And you have given me the nudge that I need to think more intentionally about our home, too. Yours looks very cheerful and welcoming:)

  28. Catching up on my blogg reading and enjoyed yours very much. I know what you mean about running out of steam if you shop first. I too loved your Mum's paintings, I much prefer watercolour to oils.

  29. I think you are right about am housework, I get completely distracted if I do something else first. And it has definitely been grey enough for housework with candles - I've done exactly the same and lit the little lanterns in my kitchen while I clean up. Love those little paintings - your mum is very talented. x


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