Sunday 2 February 2014

A January Mosaic and Other Photos

Hello Lovelies,
thank you for all your kind comments on my wrist warmers...they really made my day.
My computer tells me I took 568 photos in January! yikes...I guess I'm a little bit addicted to snapping away on a daily basis.

I thought I would make a mosaic out of my favourites from this month, like  a few other bloggers do.

I think you have seem all these images, except the centre heart...which is a painted version of my heart drawing.....I got brave and tried out the wet stuff....I think it turned out O.K.

I've also been uploading a photo a day to Flickr since the new year..... seen as I have so many to choose from. It's just a bit of fun.
Flickr was my first internet sharing experience and I loved it. Back then there was a low limit of the amount of photos your could upload for free....but now it's changed so I'm happily making a set of 365 images for this can see how it looks so far  HERE 

This week I've been trying to keep up with my "Celebrating Home" goals. On Thursday I gave the boys room a thorough clean.....moving all the furniture and finding mountains of dust. While I was dusting a high shelf I found these old books from my own childhood..........

There are only two books in the series, this one and "More tales from the end cottage" which I also have.

I read them out loud to my boys a few years back and I was delighted that they loved these charming tales of gentle domesticity and animal adventures ..........

Written in 1970, they are about a lady called Mrs Apple and her pets. The stories are so descriptive of life in a cottage in the days before electricity and running water........

I love this drawing...and especially the patchwork curtains :0)

Sadly they are not in print any more, but you may be able to pick them up second-hand.

This week has been rainy and cold....perfect reading weather. But yesterday the sun came out so eldest and I braved the watery world . I love walking with all my boys, but the other two are a lot harder to talk into joining me.

 The puddles were even bigger than last week. I feel so sorry for people who have suffered flooding.............

In the sunshine it was good fun to explore the footpaths. The sledges may not have seen any use yet this year but wellies certainly have.

 I admired the sunshine on the fields............

It was certainly squelchy and slippery underfoot. My boy made me laugh by doing a sort of "mud skiing" through this lot......

This water was too deep for wellies and I didn't fancy slipping off the muddy bridge into it but I loved the blue sky reflections......

 We wandered along chatting happily and  ooohing at all the water everywhere

and when we got to this little bridge, we played Pooh sticks in the fast flowing stream.........

Then we turned around and squelched our way back home..........

It was such an enjoyable part of my day.
I hope you enjoy your Sunday Lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. A lovely mosaic, with some great shots, Have fun with the 365 photo thing I did it a couple of years ago, I dread to look at how many pics I take in a month. As for the rain, I had enough now, although it looks like you and your son had lots of fun.
    Clare xx

  2. Your photos are stunning, as usual, and I understand your problem, I always take too much photos, as well... :)

  3. I love the hens in that book cover! They look just like mine! And those drawings remind me of the illustrations in Mrs Pepperpot, a book I used to love as a child!

  4. Love the photos!
    Those little books sound very sweet. I had a friend here in Australia who was originally from Somerset. She spoke about not having electricity back in the 50s and also with some of the older folk only using their electric light of an evening to light their lamps! It certainly was a gentler time. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. loving your very colourful mosaic~ sure need some brightness the weathers turned stormy here.
    you are a girl after my own heart i loved those 'tales from end cottage' books...i have both of them. as a little girl i had hip operations and my sweet elderly neighbours gave me those books to read in hospital ;0)x

    1. ...i used always be imagining those animals getting up to all sorts in her cottage garden~ i love the illustrations x

  6. Your cowl shown in your mosaic is lovely, I don't remember seeing it, so it was nice to see it here. I like your painted heart as well - it is as lovely as your drawings! xx

  7. Oho ooh photo a day idea is great. Luvin' the cherry wristies!

  8. I have those books too, funnily enough, I have recently been looking at them, such lovely stories, I can not wait to read them to my daughter :) x

  9. I love real old children's/young adult books...In the big city we have a 2 Story Used Book Store called Hydes and talk about old books...they got real old books especially in the children's/young adult section which is on the upper level. Everytime I go there with my friend I head right on over to the Young Adult Section. I really love this Used Book Store. It is so antique looking because of their real old old books that they have in parts of their store.

    I love all of your other photos as well take beautiful photos. I am a camera freak too so I love taking photos every chance I get.

    Have a Beautiful Day.....
    Linda K, Railroad

  10. When you first spoke of those books I managed to get them from Amazon and I love them:) Love your Flicker pics too.

  11. Hi Jacquie,

    I wish I can find the book. Love the drawings too. I was looking through your flickr photos, the allotment one looks so good, with all the cabbages growing. I cant wait for spring to dig into my allotment.

  12. A lovely mosaic! I love the centre heart, well done for getting out the paintbrush! Those books look completely enchanting - and the illustration would make a wonderful embroidery, if I do say so! Glad you're enjoying the sunshine, Chrissie x

  13. Those books are so charming! I love to buy vintage childrens books. The illustrations are so sweet!
    xo Kris

  14. Can you imagine that many pictures using and developing on film?
    I love older children's books like that. Ebay or Amazon might be a good search.

  15. I've just read that book again. It is lovely. Mine has a different cover.

  16. lovely photos and that book is soooooo sweet! i love old books like that...very charming!

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  18. Beautiful photographs from your walk. I love your 365 collection on Flickr. I've on my 3rd year of project 365 (there's a page about it on my blog, a tab just below my blog header) - why don't you join me there and upload your photos there too? It gives you a nice 'calendar view' for each month and is a very friendly and inspiring community - I've learned a lot there and really enjoy it. I'll be your first follower if you do sign up :)

  19. Looks like you had a fun (albeit wet!) day. I love that you play Pooh Sticks! I've played that since I was a little girl and have now introduced the game to my daughter.
    Take care :-)

  20. Fantastic pictures as always. Such a happy record. I am doing my own 365 pics record this year and my 19th Jan pic is shadows just like yours too! It looks like we both had a lovely day! Elaine x

  21. I always love your photo's Jacquie ☺
    What lovely books they are, remind me of when I was young and reading similar.

  22. I especially like your cheery cowl and painted heart ... and those books look delightful. I am re-reading one of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books right now - we're never to old to enjoy a good book.

    It looks so green there! :)

  23. There's something about a bridge and running water that means you can't help but play pooh sticks! We are the same :)
    I really love your photo a day on Flickr. I'm not on Flickr but pleased that I can see what you're up to on there!
    Jones x
    PS do you call yourself Mrs Apple when you do your 'celebrating home' chores? I think you should!

  24. Lovely idea of "A photo a day" on your Flickr, I'll be following you there too

  25. I still have my childhood copies of the End Cottage books too, such wonderful stories and illustrations, though Milly Molly Mandy was my favourite!
    Your mosaic is a really colourful snapshot of January, making it seem less of a grey month.

  26. I think your heart turned out lovely. Even more talent shining through. I wish I owned a pair of wellies. There are always some in my Amazon basket but they never make to the check out :/
    I am slowly also trying to get my home all shiny, prettified and less boy smelly, I foresee an uphill struggle hehe!


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