Tuesday 4 February 2014

February Flowers and Calendars

Hello Lovelies, 
this past week I've been I've been enjoying a £2 bunch of Tulips immensely. They are on my kitchen windowsill and make me smile every time I walk into the room...........

The petals are so delicate and I love the way the light shines through them . When I bought them I would have said they were red , but they have faded slightly to a wonderful deep pink..........

I keep sniffing them, hoping for some scent,  I can't say I've noticed any.......but the inside of the flowers are truly stunning when you take time to notice them.......Oh Tulips, such wonderful happy flowers ..........

Their beauty is greatly appreciated at this time of year when the weather is cold and the garden is not very inviting.

On Saturday I flipped over the pages on my five ( ahem ) calendars..........Here are the best ones this month.
My Emma Ball calendar shows a lovely painting of Conwy and its Castle...........

Visiting a castle or two is high on my "to-do list" when we visit Wales this summer. Maybe THIS one, or THIS one, or THIS one.....they all look fabulous.

My free "Country Homes and Interiors" Calendar shows Stormy Coastal Skies .......It's a lovely palette, but a rather chilly image.......

For February my thrifted "New Zealand" calendar shows high summer........when it's cold and grey outside it's rather lovely to have such a colourful and sunny image to look at........

And Katie Daisy's artwork is always so cheerful and happy..........this month is delightful........

Speaking of delightful things, I'll finish this post with a sunny photo of some more indoor flowers. I popped my latest Hyacinths in the porch.........they love this sunny spot and haven't gone all leggy looking for the light.
I'm also delighted by a  their intense perfume whenever I pass through this small space.........

Here's to finding many small things and bursts of colour to cheer the winter days this February.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely post Jacquie :o) There must be something in the air because I too have been finding many small things to take joy in during these cold months - it helps to love the month a little more :o)

  2. I love tulips too! But my hyacinths don't look nearly as nice as yours. Maybe they are not in a sunny enough spot? I'll try a south facing window today.

    Thanks for the beautiful pics, as always!

  3. Beautiful hyacinths. I love all of your calendars too, especially Conwy Castle. I do love a Welsh castle myself, so evocative. I hope you get to visit some this year. Have a good week Jacquie.

  4. Beautiful Flowers...I just love your Calendar Photos...those are so neat....

    Have a Beautiful Day
    Linda K, Railroad

  5. your Hyacinths are just divine! Love the calendars as well. Awesome. :)

  6. Tulips must surely be one of the worlds most beautiful flowers.
    Anne xx

  7. My hyacinths are just begininng to bloom, they're darker than yours and they curiously almost don't perfume, but I love them all the same... lovely tulips as well, great colour! :)

  8. I was given some white tulips at the weekend by a friend who popped round for lunch. So lovely happy flowers and a great reminder of a happy lunch :)
    Love the pictures of your hyacinths - I took a deep breath when I saw them. clearly my brain forgot you can't smell through the internet! x

  9. Such pretty flowers :-) And I like your calendar collection.

  10. Your flowers and calenders (5, you must be busy!) are all lovely, I hope that you are still enjoying the tulips. xx

  11. Oh those tulips!! One of my most favourite of flowers :) I love the Emma Ball calendar image and the Katie Daisy one the best. Thank you for continuing to share Katie's images - I'm still sad that I didn't get round to buying her calendar. Nice that I can enjoy it through you!
    Jones x

  12. Beautful pictures, especially the inside of the tulip, a fab pic. You have a great eye for producing lovely images. Elaine x

  13. Jacquie your colours are just stunning and I love your pictures - you will love Conwy and the castle as we visit often and it is so lovely. The plants are perfect and what a pick me up for this time of the year and boy do we need them. A great post as always Jacquie, big hugs

  14. Love tulips and your pictures.

  15. I like all your calendars but I think the Katie Daisy artwork is my favourite - just gorgeous. I've been buying lots of tulips too, they bring such a welcome splash of colour. x

  16. Beautiful tulips and hyacinths Jacquie - delightful pinks, both of them, and what an array of calendars, each gorgeous in its own right. Strange thing calendars, I find each year we either have a super abundance of them or none at all - this year? None, except for little square local ones advertising this and that in words only - how boring! I must remedy that soon. Hugs, Joy x

  17. Hi Jacquie

    The pictures are ALL FABULOUS. As always. The flowers just make up your day. And the calendars. They have something special.

  18. Love your blog and work Jaqcuie. I'm only 3 mikes away from Conwy so see the castle almost everyday, it's a lovely little town with some lovely individual shops with some really ice arts and crafts shops so a must for your visit, although Harlech, Cricceth and Caernarfon are all worth a visit too. Enjoy your visit to Wales Rhian

  19. Beautiful hyacinths. I love all of your calendars too, especially Conwy Castle. I do love a Welsh castle myself, so evocative. I hope you get to visit some this year. Have a good week Jacquie.Top Ten Web Hosting Reviews


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