Wednesday 26 February 2014

Photographs and Paintings

Hello Lovelies, 
this morning was beautifully sunny and I headed off happily on a little walk once the boys were all at school.
It was so pleasant that I explored a new footpath and added three new stiles to my route.........

The sky was such a bright shade of blue and the bare oak trees looked stunning against it...........

I loved this Sheep and lamb on the farm sign..........

and stopped for a while to watch the Chaffinches singing and darting from branch to branch......

There are gorgeous wild primroses near the church.........

And the snowdrops still look at their best.........

I love photographing nature and as you know I've also begun attempting to draw it.

Last year I picked up this sweet little book in a charity shop and recently I've been looking at it again for inspiration. I thought you lovelies might like to see these beautiful nature pictures too.

 How wonderful is that cover illustration

Each page has wonderful paintings of plants and animals beginning with the same letter.........

 Do click on the photos to see them more clearly 

It may be a book for children but an adult can learn so much from this book too......

 Look there is the Chaffinch I saw on my walk

Molly Brett is one of my favourite illustrators and I've shared some of her other books in the past  HERE

I love the way Molly got inventive to fill the pages of trickier letters.........

But my favourite illustration is this in the centre pages.........

I think it's delightful, beautifully painted and so clever.

I do hope you enjoyed these midweek photographs and paintings lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. What lovely pictures in the book. They would be something that even I may try to copy (I am hopeless at art but desperately wish I wasn't!) xxx

  2. I always enjoy your photographs xx

  3. Wonderful illustrations just my cup of tea, lovely photo's of you're walk to
    Clare x

  4. Ooo! Molly Brett, my favourite!!! I have just revisited her books as I cannot draw for toffee and I wanted to applique various animals!! These books are full of inspiration for us non draw-er's!!!! But then, your sketches are beautiful. Lovely blue sky pictures, Spring must be on it's way!! X

  5. What a beautiful book, the artwork is wonderful. I'm so often blown away by the illustrations in children's books. Things like Helen Cooper's Pumpkin Soup books and Korky Paul's drawings for Winnie the Witch just blow me away.

  6. Wonderful colors you are showing in the beautiful book!

  7. Beautiful photos! Just love those oak trees!
    Kate :}

  8. Such lovely pics of your walk Jacquie, and beautiful illustrations in that magical book, thank you!
    Joy x

  9. What a beautiful book, think I'll go on a search for that one
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  10. I adore the different shades of blue in your pictures! So pretty!
    Take care,

  11. What an inspirational book, the illustrations are wonderful.

  12. What a great book Jacquie, love the illustrations......
    What a beautiful day for a walk, love those Snowdrops.

    Claire Xx

  13. Great photos, today's sunny here too - quite weird after yesterday's snow, but pleasant all the same... The book is lovely indeed, charming illustrations...

  14. That blue sky looks lovely after all our rain! Love the illustrations. We have a fabulous second hand bookshop here in Northumberland so I'll have to keep my eye out!

  15. Hi Jacqui,

    I'm new to Blogland and crochet and just thought I'd let you know that I love your blog. I've just finished an attic24 inspired Elmer blanket and used your fantastic method for getting the border to lie flat. Thank you! x

  16. Beautiful Jacquie! It looks like autumn is trying to make an appearance. That book is adorable.

  17. Your pictures are gorgeous - the books illustrations are very sweet. It is nice and bright here in the North West today.

  18. Jacquie, it is so good of you to share these views of beautiful countryside with us! The sheep with lamb sign is fabulous, as are all those vistas and close up photos of flowers.

    Your thrift shop book is a gem. I agree, it's not just for children!


  19. I love all the books you share, my smallest bug would love all the animals and sounds. Such gorgeous illustrations. I will have to go a hunting soon to find some great books like this. I have always had a lot of fun with my boys, not just reading the stories but talking about the pictures and now my eldest is getting into drawing we like discussing different techniques(I am a bit of a stick person drawer myself though...)

  20. I agree, children books are filled with inspiring illustrations. I really love the center pages. I may try something similar, but more focused on the tree, to represent all the seasons,and fill it then with wildlife. lol Now the wheels are turning..must let it percolate awhile. lol Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. I love Molly Brett....we had "The Untidy Hedgehog" and the pictures were just beautiful!

  22. My Daughter used to have a Molly Brett book I had completly forgotten about it until I saw your post. Your walk in the sunshine is lovely and the image of the snowdrops with in the church in the background. Sarah x

  23. What a delightful book! A real treasure, and you're right, inspiring to adults, too! Another beautiful walk...I would love to see a montage of stile photographs, or churches, or special trees - you have so many to share! Chrissie x

  24. Lovely illustrations, what a nice book!


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