Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Out and About :: Along the Roadside

Hello lovelies, 
doesn't all this fresh green gladden your heart. My favourite tree, a beautifully shaped old Oak,  is looking simply stunning at the moment..............

I love to stand under it and gaze up at the twisted branches.........

and smile at the freshest green leaves..........

At the weekend I noticed the May ( Hawthorn) blossom  was suddenly in full flower.........

 I love those pink stamens.

The garden I like to peep over the fence into was looking so pretty.........

And the Lilacs smelt delightful...........

Youngest was scooting and waited patiently as I stopped on numerous occasions to photograph more flowers..........

This roadside scene sums up May for me......frothy cow parsley, May blossom in the green hedgerows......

And flowers on the Horse chestnut trees...........

And on Sunday my front garden Poppies, who's buds I've been watching for what seems like ages now, finally Popped ...........

And I dashed out to photograph those too :0)

I'm continuing to try and get out and revel in the beauty that is May just as much as I can.
Jacquie x


  1. Isn't it all just so amazingly beautiful and fresh out there! x

  2. Sure does look beautiful! x

  3. Oh it's glorious isn't it. Nature really sings at this time of year. Fabulous. CJ xx

  4. we have nothing like it here! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Your flowers and trees are way ahead of ours. We've been getting some awful weather!

  6. Jacquie, May is a grand time to be outdoors, isn't it? Those Hawthorne blossoms are my absolute favorites...Gorgeous!


  7. So beautiful! My poppies are still far from flowering but always one of my favourite "moments" in the garden year!

  8. Beautiful photos and yes everywhere looks beautiful just now
    Jackie x

  9. I love Oaks! We have an old one in the yard and it looks great now! Ik love the white/pink flowers, I guess I never saw those before?

  10. I adored all the photos.. but you saved the EYE POPPER for last.. WOW! What an amazing poppy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. What a great reminder of how lovely May is. I've been whinging (too much) about how cold and wet and grey it has been! Thank you for your prettiness! :) x

  12. Lovely post full of colour and sunshine...
    Amanda xx

  13. Gorgeous photos capturing May in all its glory! I have a favourite oak tree too, not far away, and am waiting for my oriental poppies to open. They're amazing, aren't they? Such a luminous red :)
    Cathy x

  14. Everything is showing off so lovely! I'm sure the flowers and trees are glad it's May too. lol

  15. Beautiful pictures!!! Do you love the smell from the may thorn flowers too?

  16. Simply stunning photography, you do take the most wonderful photos. I love the oak tree, there is just something so English about the mighty oak. I just love the vibrancy of the oriental poppy, unfortunately I lost the ones that I had growing in my garden. xx


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