Sunday 3 May 2015

The Last Days of April

Hello Lovelies,
is it me or does the year seem to be speeding up right now?
I love this time of year so much that just want to stop the clock for a bit sometimes. That being impossible, I just have to satisfy myself with getting outdoors with my little purple camera as often as possible. Capturing the moment to share with you lovelies, and to look back on fondly in the dark days of winter.

Even when there is obviously rain on the horizon I'm out, relishing the colour and the drama.......... 

Last Sunday morning I had an idyllic walk with my troubled friend. Her relationship breakdown may still be raw, but I was so happy to see her feeling a bit more positive.

Natures beauty was not invisible to her now........that made me so happy........

because it is such a joy to me. Especially when there are flowers on the trees......

And flowers on the woodland floor............

And flowers by the bench where we enjoyed a rest and a snack...........

The sunlight shining through these Tulips was wonderful....they looked so delicate and like they were lit from within............

At home I've been enjoying these cheerful pink and yellow Tulips on my mantle........

But I can't show you much of our home ( or any craft)'s looking rather neglected due to my yearning to spend as much time as possible outdoors!

On Thursday I was out with the walking group as usual. I do feel blessed to have time in my life to indulge myself with this treat almost every week.

It was another lovely walk...hard to follow LAST WEEKS perfection.......but still a treat.The thing I loved most were the stone houses.

 Living in the land of red brick ( which does have a certain charm) it always makes me happy to see stone houses. And they look especially pretty at this time of year, with flowers around the door..........

 As we walked through this village every home was delightful and I snapped away madly..... at little windows with net curtains.........

large, characterful houses........

Thatched cottages........

And pretty homes, where the garden path is bordered by bright red Tulips ............

I think this was my favourite....I love all the different coloured stone....and the bright red front door.......

I do LOVE a cosy looking home.

Today it's raining heavily here and my own home is in need of some TLC.....I'll make a start. But then  I'm off to walk to the shop for lemons.....I need THIS cake today....sunshine in a tin :0)

Enjoy your Sunday Lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. Another lovely sunny walk. It's raining here too - so a day of crafts while revision takes place. I love that lemon cake! Always a favourite. Hope you have a great day. x

  2. Oh my, how You have beautiful view there! Only 1 month and I'm in my first visit to England and western country.
    Your camera really works well, I see. Canon?

  3. Gorgeous houses!!! I just know what you mean about the yearning to get outdoors ....I am the same at present!! I think it is a spring thing :-) Incredibly beautiful photos Jacquie which just make me feel a tad homesick. Spain has its beauty of course but there is nothing like England in the spring!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  4. Mmm, lemon cake, one of my very favourites. The walk looks beautiful, I absolutely love a wander somewhere where there are lots of gorgeous houses to look at. As you say, stone built properties are especially attractive. I love to dream... Wishing you a good and satisfying day restoring order around the home (and eating lemon cake). It's stopped raining here, for now, hopefully the dry patch will wend it's way to you as well before too long. CJ xx

  5. It is such a pleasure to look at beautiful houses while walking. I do enjoy it a lot, as well. But the villages here near Hamburg are not that well-preserved, there are mostly new houses that lack the charm of the old. I love your photos a lot. Best wishes, Viola

  6. Yes... I love this time of year as well, and just like you want to stop the time! Nature is at its best now!! I love the houses you have in England. Once travelled to the Cotsworlds and there were these pretty houses as well! So cute! Have a lovely Sunday!

  7. More delightful pictures and that lemon cake looks and sounds yummy
    Jackie x

  8. Oh I love those houses! We don't seem to have beautiful ones here like you have in England. The thatched roof and stone cottages are by far my favorites. Thank you for taking us with you. Enjoy your rainy day.

  9. Funny you should mention house neglect...if I don't come in for more than just a couple minutes at a time we're going to have to start climbing over things to get around. lol Finally able to plant in the garden and I'm making up for lost time. I love all the homes pictured especially the thatched cottage. Those tulips are THE prettiest I've seen, what a yummy color combination! I'm hooking up tulips for our front porch, will post some pictures when it's complete. Enjoy your evening! x

  10. Oh joy.. to see those stone and thatched cottages and the big stone manor house.. such lucky people to live in those. It's a dream of mine to see such places myself. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Wow, that first picture is so incredibly wonderful!! And no, it's not just you, time's flying, I can't believe it's May already!

  12. I am so enjoying Springtime this year that I wish I could slow the year down as well but I am sure we will enjoy Summer as well. I am pleased to hear that your friend is feeling more positive and enjoying your walks in the countryside. I loved seeing the lovely cottages from your group walk, how I would love to live in a cottage rather than our square box of a house. xx

  13. Oh Jacquie I do love your posts, I always feel like I'm there on your walks with you. Such gorgeous photos of such a pretty place. We've just got back from the local woods, full of bluebells and birdsong stunning!I've had to curtail my activities lately as I've been diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue and guess what, the housework was the first thing to be cut back on, cos like you I'd rather be outside! x

  14. There is something about a red door.
    Thanks for taking us on your walk with you.

  15. How lovely! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures!x

  16. The first photo is my favorite, the constrat is perfect. Those houses are lovely!


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