Thursday 30 April 2015

Evening Light

Hello Lovelies, I've already taken almost 1000 photos this month, twice the tally of March. 
The pretty spring colours are so photogenic, and the sunlight brings every image into sharp focus.
I particularly love the evening light at the moment.  

These first few pictures were taken on Sunday evening. Eldest wanted to show me somewhere he had been walking with Explorers and it seemed like the perfect evening to go for a leisurely drive on quiet lanes. He took the first two pictures, out of the passenger window ....a stunning bank of spring colour in a  pretty village..............

and sheep wandering right up to the car, on a track with cattle grids.............

Here we both got out of the car and admired the far reaching views.........

It's always lovely to spend a bit of one to one time with any of my boys. We decided not to hurry home, but stopped at a local canal basin.....the light was stunning.....every ripple highlighted as it slowly crossed the surface of the water..........

And the blue sky reflections were so beautiful............

Just yesterday evening the golden light tempted me out on my second walk of the day..........

Pink cherry blossom, new leaves............

Crab apple blossom flowers bursting open...........

It all seemed to lovely to miss by sitting indoors watching films ( like the rest of the family were doing)

I was happy wandering with my camera, photographing the moon rising above the church..........

And checking on the corner if the graveyard that leads to the Wild Garlic patch............

Where the setting sun shone brightly through the trees........

and the delicate white flowers are blooming. I only discovered this patch after it had flowered last year, and I've been waiting to see it finally certainly looked pretty on such a lovely evening...........

Back at the church the Daffodils have faded, but the new leaves on the Whitebeam are eye-catching..........

I love the way they unfurl.........

There was birdsong everywhere yesterday evening, as the landscape glowed in the last of the suns rays  and the moon rose still higher in the sky...........

How I LOVE Spring evenings.
Jacquie x


  1. Absolutely lovely photos - spring is a beutiful season!

  2. Jacquie, you have taken some beautiful Springtime photos, evening light at this time of the year is perfect for photography isn't it. xx

  3. You're right it's a perfect season for pics. I took a lot too ... thanks for sharing ! have a lovely day !

  4. You're right, at this time of year suddenly everything looks so pretty. Blossom, baby animals, gorgeous evening light and all of the new fresh green growth. I know I've been taking more photos lately as well. Beautifully captured Jacquie, especially the canal, which looks so tranquil, and the cherry blossoms and the church. Wonderful. CJ xx

  5. All of your pictures are beautiful as they always are! I think that at this time of year we are all drawn outside to take more photos as we enjoy all that nature has to offer! Lovely to see where you went! xx

  6. Beautiful photos as always. You are so right the light at this time if year is lovely and all the new leaves and flowers seem so vibrant in it. Love the canal pictures too it looks so peaceful.
    Jackie x

  7. Same here, I love spring evenings! That first photo took my breath away! So gorgeous, creeping phlox I'm guessing, and that cherry tree, wow! So glad spring is showing itself so lovely there, as well as here. I spied my first rose blossom the other day while spring cleaning the porch, potting a few annuals adding a few pillows and such, ready for those lazy evenings in the swing. Baby kitten pictures on my Flickr page. : ) Enjoy spring!x

  8. Beautiful. How nice it would be to have such beautiful walking trails. I, too, love spring and all of it's finery. It seems as if all nature is putting on it's dress up clothes just for us. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I have to agree with you. Thanks for the great photos.

  10. I like how you take time out to spend it with your son.
    Beautiful pictures, as always :-)

  11. Great photos and how lovely to have a one to one experience x

  12. Great photos of Spring unfurling and opening itself to the sun. We're on our last day at the beach in our caravan for a week. I just put up several posts of my trip to New Orleans - and then of going back to see where my children were born when we lived in Louisiana USA. Next post.. beach photos! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. How magical to be out on a light spring evening with the moon rising! I love your photos of the church and whitebeam, and the little path through the wild garlic. We picked garlic last weekend, and I have been making pesto with it :)
    Cathy x

  14. Jacquie, you certainly made a good decision to forego the television films in favor of this lovely walk in the early evening. That light is quite something!

    Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty with us. I don't know, but perhaps you and some of your regular comments might enjoy seeing some of the photographs I've been taking this spring on my own walks around New York City. The light and the sights are so very different, but they also have a certain charm.


  15. Как у вас красиво!


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