Thursday 9 April 2015

Misty Mornings and Sunny Days

Hello Lovelies, 
we have been enjoying some gorgeously warm weather here this week. The days have often started of quiet foggy. I love this sort of morning....when you can tell the day is going to turn out sunny, and the mist is just an enjoyable prelude........

I love the closed in feeling of the blurred distance...........

And the way the familiar looks so different...........

I love finding cobwebs............

Covered in jewels..............

All the fresh green buds were glistening with dew..........

And the footpath disappeared just a few yards in front of me........

Of course I knew exactly what lie ahead...........

Though it was hard to spot the residents of this field...........

Ah, there is the highland cow, enjoying a morning scratch........

Along the roadside the daffodils looked like a rays of sunshine in the muted tones.........

And my favourite church looked as welcoming as ever............

I walk through the wet grass and smile at the Violas.........

I'm checking the progress of the wild garlic...........

 Lots of beautiful fresh foliage, but no flowers yet.............

In contrast the afternoons have been warm and sunny.......

In our garden the lungwort and the hyacinths are flowering............

And the bees are buzzing..............

Yesterday afternoon I was walking again ( got to keep adding those miles :0)   ) when spotted a new arrival in the cows field............

A calf.........

so sweet............

And in the warmth of the afternoon I was tempted to sit on the grass for the first time this year..........

 It's something I love to do on a warm day....and this was a WARM DAY :0)

It also gives a wonderfully different point of view...........

And a close encounter with the daisies :0)

This warm spell may not last...O.K........... WILL NOT LAST ....but it's been a joy and the landscape has turned green practically overnight.............

Yesterday evening  eldest and I were outside again....enjoying the warmth and the sunset.

I stopped to RECORD the lovely song of the Chaffinch that we are listening to at the moment.

I think the mackerel sky  probably means this good weather will break soon............

 All the more reason to get outdoors and enjoy it while we can

Jacquie x

Edited to add....Thank you to my kind  commenter Claire, who pointed out my "bee" is actually a Bee Fly I thought it looked like a different sort of bee to the ones I usually see. Isn't blogland great for learning something new.


  1. We too are enjoying sunny days after misty mornings in fact the sun is starting to peek through as I'm typing this. It looks like you had some lovely outside time yesterday walking and sitting on the grass.
    Thank you for sharing your walks with us I do so live reading about them
    Jackie x

  2. Such beautiful pics Jacquie! Makes me feel soooo homesick for the UK. I love the Springtime...all those daffs and hyacinths....perfect. xxx

  3. The weather has been brilliant hasn't it! The mornings here have also started off with fog and a bit of frost, I quite like it! I've heard my first chiffchaffs of the year and the fields are filling up with lambs :)
    We are off to Lincoln for a few days next week, inspired by the post you wrote about it earlier in the year - thanks!

  4. I love your misty morning photos. What glorious weather we have had this week. Let's hope those mackerel skies don't mean the weather is about to break. xx

  5. sooo lovely seeing your wonderful photos and having a catch up! really lovely misty shots! and yes! its just wonderful to have the warmth of the sun! ;) xx

  6. I love a misty morning when there's the promise of a lovely day.
    There's a real nip in the air down here. We've been having four seasons in a week as we transition to true autumn. The night's are closing in and it's lovely and toasty with the fire going. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. The roadside daffs made my day.

  8. I enjoy your blog and the walking photos-I've started walking again now that the snow and ice have cleared -I find it peaceful. i was looking at the 1,000 mile challenge web page too - I tend to not to walk too early or in too isolated spots - do you usually feel safe? Jean in Winnipeg

    1. Yes Jean, I've never felt threatened. I stay pretty close to habitation and always have my mobile with me.

  9. Love this post. The fog and then the brilliant blue sky. It's very inspiring.

  10. Wow. You captured some wonderful images! I love the calf.. what a furry little guy.. and your bejeweled cobweb may be the BEST photo of one of those I've EVER seen! And the misty headstones.. just WoW! Thank you for sharing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. great photos, I especially like the spiders cob web you should enter it into a competion It was very misty/foggy here in Kent this morning and then it got a little warmer

  12. What a lovely post celebrating a beautiful day. X x

  13. Oh, I just love the picture of the calf, he (or she) is beautiful. And is that wild garlic that isn't yet in flower along the path? That'll make for pungent walking later! xx

  14. Been misty here too, took a long while to clear today down by the sea, I love you're walking posts and the sight of the dear little calf, the wild garlic must look amazing when it flowers
    Clare xx

  15. Gorgeous photos, the droplets of dew on the cobweb are wonderful. The weather's been lovely hasn't it, I hope there's at least a little more. CJ xx

  16. You mentioned the bees are buzzing, and took a lovely close up photo, but I thought you might be interested to know that the photo you took is actually of a Bee Fly (Bombylius Major). I was quite quite excited the first time I saw one, as I thought it was a tiny little hummingbird, then it thought to myself don't be stupid we don't get hummingbirds in the UK.
    It has a long proboscis for drinking nectar - Google it and have a read!
    Don't mean to be rude correcting you, just thought you may be interested

  17. Such lovely pics, especially the silhouetted daffodils and bejewelled cobwebs! Sharon x

  18. Jacquie! There is so much in this post to enjoy. Thank you for creating it. I found the different perspective photo especially stunning, but was wowed by each photo. xx

  19. I thoroughly enjoyed this post Jacquie and I, mysel,f do love a foggy walk knowing the sun will
    soon break through and bring a beautiful day ♥ Bee fly, how neat ☺

  20. I love foggy mornings, just magical. I too have been out enjoying the mild weather, everything is greening up quick here lots of trees with tiny leaves already. Lots of bees out here. ; )
    (BTW you've inspired me to keep track of the miles I walk, 10 so far this week.)


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