Friday, 3 April 2015

Family, Flowers......and Crochet

Hello Lovelies, how are you? 
This last week of the school spring term has been extra busy. There seems to have been loads of  homework for my boys to complete. I'm always so proud of the effort all my boys put into their school work.
 Here eldest was using my coloured pencils to draw a Gaudi Dragon........

 He spent AGES on it and I know he doesn't get the same pleasure from drawing that I I admired his dedication.

 How I would love to take us all on a trip to Barcelona to see all the fabulous  Gaudi Architecture 

The weather has been so mixed this week. Spring is here, but the wind and rain has been terrible at times. Last weekend I took the boys to the tennis courts to get some fresh air, but it was so blustery we had to give up after a while.........

There's been lots of rain and the garden flowers seem to be loving that..........

The hyacinths have never looked so blue..........

It's all thanks to the longer days of course. And now the clocks have gone back the sun doesn't set till after 7pm....yay!

 Back indoors I've been inspired to pick up my hook again!

 How could I resist Lucy's Mini Chicklets.........

 This photo makes me smile, The wreath ( which is admittedly looking a little saggy these days) was made, and blogged way back in 2010, using an  Attic 24 tutorial HERE .....I still love it.

Five whole years later that lovely lady is still generously sharing the wonderful crochet her creative brain designs.

How cute are these little guys............

And they were such fun to make. A clear, simple pattern, with lots of little touches to make them special.

I'm not great at embroidery, but I had to try  and create the sweet little flowers in their tummies.....

I loved making these as little gifts for friends this Easter..........

I particularly loved how this chap turned out. He's made with Stylecraft Sherbert....but I like to think of it as Duck Egg blue :0)

Sending warm wishes for a Happy Easter to all you Lovelies. I do hope you have a fun and relaxing time.
Jacquie x


  1. I love your silhouette shot! You've been busy making chicklets! Crocheting for Easter is fun. I've been doing some too!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter with lots of sunshine!

  2. Happy Easter Jacquie. I love your little Easter chicks, as much as I would like to make some I really must get on with my coastal ripple and get it finished. I keep getting sidetracked onto other projects but must stay focused. xx

  3. Your checklist are so cute. Haven't got over the bunnies I made last year - it all goes well until I sew the face on, and then they take on a very sinister look! far too scary for small children!
    Have a great Easter break. x

  4. Such cute little birds! And it's true, flowers have been enjoying some rain here too - Spring always amazes me with its beauty!

  5. Dear Jacquie,
    I luv Lucy´s pattern also - so cute, precise, special, so beautiful colors.....
    Wish you and all your friends/beloved Happy Easter

  6. Your eldest is a very talented artist, what beautiful drawings. We've been playing tennis a bit here too, it's very good for burning off excess energy isn't it. Lovely spring crochet, I just wish the weather would match it! Have a wonderful long weekend Jacquie. CJ xx

  7. Lovely little chick! Gosh it's been so windy and cold hasn't it, I'm sure all our gardens are a good few weeks behind....let's hope it starts warming up! :) xxx

  8. Your chickies are so cute and I wholeheartedly agree that your centre one is definitely "duck egg" blue! I struggle with embroidery too - always seem to stick the needle into my fingers more often than into the fabric or so it seems! You obviously have better luck. Have a happy Easter holiday. xx

  9. Yep weather been the same here,today isn't much better but hey is that the sun peeking through yaaay I think it is.

    Your son certainly looks as if he is really into his drawing.Love your flowers they look sooo happy.I have started one of Lucy's chicklets,soooo cute,but am just sewing up another bunny made of felt.Hope you turned your clocks forward not back hee hee.Happy Easter to you

  10. Easter is just the best for teeny crochet makes! They are so cute :)
    Have a great Easter weekend,

  11. Your chicklets are so cute. I have made one from Lucy's pattern too. She always explains her patterns so well. Sherbert is my favourite Stylecraft colour.

  12. Your chicklets are so cute. I have made one from Lucy's pattern too. She always explains her patterns so well. Sherbert is my favourite Stylecraft colour.

  13. Your Son did a great job with his drawing. Neither of my girls have the drawing "bug" but can when pressed, like for school. I have a few I've saved and displayed they did for class work. My youngest has finally showed interest in crocheting again, and my oldest in sewing, very happy about that after so many years of thinking the crafty gene had skip their generation. lol Your lit' chicklets turned out lovely, the blue one is my favorite. I have a couple I made similar last year on display for Easter, plus a few bunnies (like your owl). Have a blessed Easter holiday! x

  14. What a great drawing your son has done. Well done to you for making the chicklets I saw the pattern but time was against me.... maybe next year.
    Happy Easter to you
    Jackie x

  15. Wow - talent runs in the family! Wonderful drawing by your son and I love those chicklets!! Adorable!! One day I'm determined to crochet, if for nothing else than to make such fun little things like that.

    Happy Easter weekend!! xo

  16. Dear Jacquie,

    THANKS a bunch for this lovely post :)) (I'm following you through Blogloving, and I LOVE your crochet beauties, as well as your drawings).

    I was especially moved with your eldest son drawing and his perseverance.
    Living part time in Belgium and Spain (near Barcelona), I'm very familiar with GAUDI sculptures, and I would like to send a little surprise to your son, as to encourage him.

    So, would you contact me by e-mail (I didn't find yours) and give me your postal addie, so that I can send that small parcel to your son ? I'd be delighted.

    Here's my E-Mail addie :

    Warm greetings from

  17. I just love your cute little crochet peeps. Lucy is indeed a very talented woman. It's very sweet of her to share her patterns with all of us. Your flowers are quite lovely too. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  18. I saw these and fell in love with them straight away. I've seen some with creme eggs inside - even more yummy! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter Jacquie xx

  19. Happy Easter Jacquie, the chicklets are sweet, and I'd love to smell those hyacinths right now! I'm still having a good giggle with the 'Walking home' book by the way. X

  20. ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Easter! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ - the chickies are adorable! Have a super weekend!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  21. I think the blue one might be 'chick egg blue' ;)
    They are really sweet.
    I love rain in spring for lovely gardens. It might be a bit fresh, but the greens seem greener, the flowers more perky and everything looks so new!
    Here we are readying for our winter. The fire is lit and daylight savings finishes in the middle of the night tonight. HOORAY!

  22. The chicklets are very sweet! Just like the originals.

  23. Do you mind if I include a link to this post of yours in a collation of Easter posts on my blog this week? You have made such cute things for Easter and I would love to show them to my blog friends. Happy Easter again.

  24. Hi Jaqui, just catching up with 182 bloglovin posts! Cute chicks, they look fabulous. I am in a sunny mood with a dress make too over on my blog. Do you still wear your duvet cover creation? I always remember that. Jo x


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