Friday 10 April 2015

Here and There

Hello Lovelies,
so, the good weather continues. It's been fabulous.

I've been humming THIS for the last two may not actually be summertime yet....but boy, does it feel like it.

I've been enjoying walking around here so much. The landscape has turned green.........

The crops have shot up. There are even a few flowers on the Rape Seed..............

 The fields will be soon be turning yellow :0)

But the trees are definitely turning green.............

 It's interesting to see how different this tree looked three weeks ago HERE.

I love this spot in spring............

The dangling leaves of the weeping willow give it a magical air..............

Further along the footpath I saw lots of Butterflies.
Just the other day, the lovely Angela was telling me she had seen her first butterfly of the year where she lives in the U.S. , and I thought it would be ages till I saw any.

And yet here they are, either dancing together in a springtime courtship.........

 you can just see them in the centre of this photo.

Or stopping to rest on the ground, turning their wings to capture the most heat possible from the sun.......

I managed a pretty rubbish shot of a Peacock , and a much better shot of my favourite, the  Small Tortoiseshell

I'm sure the presence of early nectar plants like this Dead Nettle must be essential for the bees and butterflies who are around at the moment...........

Around here everywhere is bursting with new life............

I do love it around here. But I'm also dreaming of a short trip Mum and I are taking this weekend.
Just one night away from my boys, but two days back "home" to West Yorkshire. We have so many things we want to try and see and do while we are there.

 I've been enjoying yummy treats while I delighted in studying the maps and the internet, making a plan.
Who knows if we can fit it all in, but it's just lovely to think we will soon be there.........

I'll be taking lots of photos, naturally :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Your weather looks much better than ours! We are in the middle of a fog at the moment....x

  2. Lovely post , every thing is growing so fast and it has been a joy to watch Butterflies again. Look forward to seeing we're you go in West Yorkshire....Hope the weather holds out :)
    Amanda xx

  3. It looks like spring has firmly taken hold for you. The butterflies are so pretty and I've always wanted a weeping willow tree. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

  4. Have a great break with your Mum.
    I was pleased to see a few butterflies in the garden this week too. Xx

  5. Isn't it a treat to see everything greening up and what wondeful weather we have had this week to encourage all the butterflies to emerge. Have a great time in beautiful Yorkshire, looking forward to seeing your photos of your trip. xx

  6. Hope you have a great weekend in Yorkshire!

  7. The willow is such a vivid green, I love the fresh bright greens of springtime. I haven't seen any butterflies yet but we did have the first fly of the year come indoors yesterday :-( Sharon x

  8. You're right, it's felt like summer. I saw lots of butterflies the other day too, but I didn't manage to photograph them at all, they're far too fast for me. Weeping willows are so pretty aren't they, and the deadnettle is lovely too. I hope you and your mum have a wonderful weekend, it sounds like you will! CJ xx

  9. It has indeed been a lovely week, a bit of sunshine makes all the difference. Hope you have a great break with your mum x

  10. Weeping willows are one of my favourite types of tree. Takes me back to childhood when my Nan had one in her back garden. Enjoy your weekend x

  11. Some gorgeous photos the weeping willows are such a vibrant shade of green. I hope you have a lively weekend away
    Jackie x

  12. I'm honored for the mention! Your butterflies are more beautiful than the one I spotted. The humming birds are starting to show up, so I'll be hanging my feeder for them as well as continuing to feed my honey bees till the nectar flow gets under way. The wild violets are blooming here, I just finished making a batch of violet syrup. I love that willow tree, so green! Enjoy your time away! : ))

  13. Beautiful photos lucky the weather is turning for the better, here in Melbourne we are going into winter soon. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Enjoy your trip! I liked your bee-fly - I've never knowingly seen one of those: blogs really are great places to learn new things, or see things from a different perspective.

  15. Wow, butterflies already.. we don't see them often for some reason. Have fun on your trip! I'll be heading off on a weeklong trip to New Orleans on Tuesday! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. have a great w/e with your mum ,x

  17. It's lovely to see spring finally arriving. Have a great trip with your Mum, I hope the weather holds for you.

  18. Spring is definitely arrived and it feels like summer also where I live. I like your landscape pictures.
    Enjoy this time.
    greetings from Switzerland

  19. Love the bunny mug, Jacquie!
    The butterflies are beautiful. I haven't seen a butterfly here for years. We had to travel almost 4000km to see them in far north Queensland late last year. I got lots of photos in the butterfly house up at Kuranda. Worth the plane fare. :)
    Enjoy the planning of your West Yorkshire break.


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