Monday 6 April 2015

March Walking Review

Hello Lovelies,
continuing with the monthly walking reviews I started last month HERE. I'm taking this opportunity to round up my monthly walking activity at the end of each month. It will be interesting to look back on at the end of the year. And maybe I can inspire some of you lovelies?

As some of you know I'm trying to walk 1000 miles in 2015, inspired be THIS challenge.
Once again I've been recording my miles walked on a dedicated calendar.
This month the image on my calendar was the stunning Chatsworth house......such beautiful walking country........

As in previous months I recorded all my outdoor miles walked and religiously kept a running tally, then there was no kidding myself I was doing more miles that I really was :0)

The month started really well with a blustery family walk at Bradgate park in the 1st of March........

The following weekend we had another family walk around Elvaston was looking a bit sad, all covered in scaffolding, but the gardens were lovely............

I walked with my beloved walking group on three Thursdays, one of which was SUNNY!

Here are a couple of mosaics from the other two walks. These cloudy walks were  not so great for photography, but it didn't rain and I still loved getting out into different landscapes, not to mention their friendly company.........

and spotting signs of early spring, even on a gloomy day............

Loved this 12 mile walk. My longest walk with the group so far.

The lengthening days meant it was even possible to walk after work . I loved adding an extra half a mile to my total by simply walking the long way back to my car, capturing a pretty sunset and some interesting silhouettes in the urban skyline as I passed...........

Shortly my two eldest boys are doing their bronze D of E expedition. So I've been trying my best to ensure they are prepared, with walks to break in their boots and practice getting them fastened correctly!..........

On this hike we did 5 miles around local footpaths and to the nature reserve, where they loved the ladder bridge.

Eldest even spotted a Kingfisher, well a flash of blue anyway....I was so envious.

My boys are great company to walk with, they make me laugh. When we passed this hay barn I was doing my typical mum type lecture on how they shouldn't be tempted to climb on the bales because they might collapse, when middle son lightened the mood with, " Yes, O.K. mum, but could you find a needle in it" :0)

and here's a smile for you lovelies......this is what we spotted in the local yarn shop on the way home.......cheep, cheep, Baa .............


March stats are 

Miles walked with walking group              28.5
Days with no outdoor walking                      1
Longest Walk in Miles                                 12.0 yay 
Total outdoor miles walked this month       86.0
Total miles so far this year                         248.0

That's only two miles behind target......I just need to keep up my momentum and that 1000 mile target should be attainable without too much difficulty.....I hope.

Jacquie x


  1. Your boys sound funny and fun. Some really great walks there, you're doing so well. The ladder bridge is a bit scary, I'm sure I'd fall straight off of that. The weather's getting better and better, I shall look forward to seeing where you walk in April, may it be a month of many happy sunny miles. CJ xx

  2. Well done on all your walking. Good luck to your boys with their DofE. Matt is doing his Gold practice hike next week and I'm hoping its dryer than when he did his Silver! X

  3. My eldest did her DofE bronze last year and it's a great achievement. I hope your boys have a drier time on their hike than she did, though! xx

  4. What a ot of lovely walks, thanks for sharing them with us. Sharon x

  5. you GO, GO, Jacquie ! I'm sure you'll meet your 2015 walking challenge :))



    (PS : did you notice my comment on your "Family, Flowers And Crochet" post ?)

  6. Your doing a fab job. I really miss going out for nice walks in the open air. Getting a little bit to pregnant to do most things though lol. Once he's arrived though I'm playing to walk all summer to loose the baby weight x x

  7. Congratulations on your March miles, I am sure you will easily reach your target. You certainly put my efforts to shame. I am gradually getting back into walking and trying to lose weight but definitely couldn't manage 12 miles these days.

  8. Well done, I'm sure you will easily pick up the extra couple of miles now the weather is improving and the days are getting longer.
    Jackie x

  9. Bravo! I agree, with the weather only to improve, I'm sure your tally will rise, even exceed your goal. A real treat, walks with the kids, I miss those now that my girls are older, not as much time with so much studying. I'm lucky, with our rec center not far, even on rainy days I can still get a walk in, of course not as lovely as the outdoor walks. : ) Have a great week!

  10. Wow that is seriously impressive and now the weather is picking up it will be even more pleasant to be out walking. Well done to you.

  11. well done, Jacquie!
    I love your son's wit. That was quick and clever.
    Here's to the 1000!

  12. Loved all the pictures of your walk and well done for fixing yourself a goal of 1000 miles in 2015!

    I've just joined a walking group where I live and I would love to be able to reach 2.500 km this year! I have treated myself to a Garmin pedometer so I can see how many kilometres or steps I do each day! It's very motivating!

  13. Typing error above, I did an incorrect conversion from miles to kilometres above! I would like to reach 1.500 kilometres!!!

  14. Well done you on the walking!!! You are doing wonderfully. I hope you keep enjoying it! Love the knitted ducks! xx

  15. The statistic which impresses me most is:
    Days with no outdoor walking 1
    That's great - that's what I aspire too. 1000 miles would be good too. I've never really kept a record. Maybe one day I'll get something GPS enabled and I'll make an effort to do it. Maybe next year. I do have a pedometer somewhere - now where did I put that?

  16. Your walks are fantabulous (is there even such a word lol) Always love visiting here and get a bit
    of encouragement to get out there myself, although today is pouring with rain, so maybe not oxox

  17. I'm very impressed with all the walking you've done. I bet you have some fun walks ahead of you! That little lamb was precious. And the crocheted Easter cuties. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  18. Goodness, I'm in awe of your walking endeavours and dedication Jacquie. SO virtuous and healthy! My exercise has been a little more modest this week - weeding and hacking at a rampant elder with a saw. Still, it has given me an enormous lift.

  19. Fantastic effort with the walking, especially on the cold gloomy days. Your photos are always so lovely, that postbox in the wall with the daffs is so simple yet so effective. A 12 mile walk is a real achievement. I'm planning to do a few walks with the kids these school holidays, but the most we'll manage is 5km.


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