Tuesday 7 April 2015

Daffodil Sunday

Hello Lovelies, 
I do hope you had a good Easter. It's such a lovely time of year I like to make an effort to add a few spring touches to our home.
I was rather last minute with the decorations this year. But it's O.K. to have less than perfect trimmings isn't it.

I didn't have any of my usual natural bare branches so I hastily grabbed some artificial blossom branches from elsewhere in the house, and added some of our Easter pretties as best as I could..........

 Home made crochet flowers and Mini Birds, along with plastic eggs. This may not be the most tasteful Easter Tree we have ever had, but it still makes me smile............

There are also pale yellow and cream Daffodils on my mantle.....with the most amazing frilly trumpets. Just look at that zingy green centre..........

Daffodils are the quintessential Easter decoration in my eyes.

I had a lovely quiet day on Sunday, with a few hours to myself, doing some gentle housework in the morning. The weather was dull. On such a day staying home and restoring some sort of order makes me happy ( though it doesn't last long!)

After cooking and enjoying a roast dinner with the family I felt the need for a little fresh air. Nobody was keen to join me, but that was fine.

I headed off to try and find a new path which my walking friend had told me about.......along the edge of suddenly-so-very-green fields, and down to the railway bridge..........

Where the birdsong sounded different this week............

And the branches were not quiet so bare.

Along the side of the railway track, and over the stream............

Where I turned to look back towards the hill.........

Before entering a little woodland.........

Where delicate purple Violas bloomed...........

And the low afternoon sun made the texture on the bark here look so dramatic...........

I was very happy to discover a new route that led to one of my favourite places.

 I entered the churchyard through the kissing gate..............

And smiled at the Daffodils adding cheer to long forgotten graves.........

How I love this simple old church made of a patchwork of rough boulders. I love it's simple lines and lack of ornate decoration.........

As I walked around the front I noticed the floral decorations in the porch.........

I was enchanted by the natural looking display of seasonal flowers and foliage.........

Magnolia branches, Euphorbias, Hellebores......and beautiful Daffodils with happy orange centres.......

As I sat quietly taking these pictures, lost in my own little world I was surprised by an old lady holding a huge key.

"Would you like to look inside" she said as she unlocked the door. I hesitated......."that's kind but my boots are muddy"

Then I couldn't resit a peek inside this lovely building, so removing my boots I stepped inside.

It was such a beautiful and simple space.........

everywhere there were Easter flowers and decorations .........

Just look at the thickness of those old walls.

But it was the stained glass window that really captivated me. The lady told me it had been fitted in 2000. A wonderfully crafted contemporary piece of stained glass in this beautiful old space.......

I loved the way it featured the church building and the lovely natural setting it sits in. With the local bird life and flowers featured prominently too..........

The light was not great to photograph it as the sun in the west by now, but I can imagine it looks stunning during the morning service on a sunny Sunday.

It was so lovely to get a glimpse inside this church and I happily chatted with the old lady who obviously loved it too.

As I walked home I smiled at the roadside Daffodils who were looking at their cheerful best.......

I Love Spring and I loved this memorable  Easter Sunday..........

Jacquie x


  1. Thank you so much for sharing that outing. We are visiting Dubai at the moment to see our only Grandson who is three. So perfect in some ways but how I missed Easter at home in the Uk. Your pictures have taken me there. We have a small village church too and I love to visit it on my own. We are lucky ..it is never locked! My latest blog post is about our visit to the a Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. A complete juxtaposition ! My Grandson had made an Easter tree though and we soon whipped up some chocolate nests!

  2. What a lovely church, the window is beautiful. I have never seen a daff with such a bright green centre, I love the ruffled feathers. Thanks again for a great 'walk'. Not being able to get out and about much myself your walks are always a treat to read. Sharon x

  3. I don't recall seeing daffodils with green centres before - I love it. I must look out for some for next Spring. I'm loving how the light has changed this last week - the skies seem bluer somehow. :) x

  4. What a lovely little church, the stained glass window is beautiful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. What a lovely walk and a beautiful church, I just love that contemporary window and I too think it will be beautiful on a sunny Sunday morning when the sun will be streaming through it.
    Jackie x

  6. Such a nice walk and the church is lovely. We don't have any stained glass in our church and I always think it's so beautiful when I see it in others. Of all the daffodils in your pictures I think I like the ones on your mantel the best. The frilly trumpets are gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful green centered daffodil! I love watching the fields green up after winter, it seems they nearly glow with the green. It is a beautiful church, so nice to tour the inside, and the stain glass is gorgeous. The daffodils are nearly all spent here, I shall miss them. Your shot of the violas reminds me to make viola syrup this year. Need to get picking! Our Easter was low key just dinner for the four of us. My girls took the Easter eggs I had on display and hid them around the house for mom to find, I even found one in my purse while in town.lol

  8. Your photos and commentary put a big smile on your face. I love seeing this part of the world..so green already, daffodils blooming...such a charming place you seem to live in. I so enjoyed this post. :)

  9. A lovely Easter mantel. Order doesn't stay restored for very long here either. The birdsong is amazing at the moment isn't it. I love the modern stained glass window, it's fantastic. Wishing you a good week Jacquie. CJ xx

  10. What a special moment to be invited into the old stone church and to see the stained glass with the old stone church in the design.. brilliant! Our Easter was fun too.. I put up a lot of photos of our flowers in bloom and our grandsons riding quads in our pasture. Have a super weekend ahead! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. What a lovely stained glass, a surprise gift on Easter Sunday! X

  12. another lovely walk and insight into your world. Great photos too, Looking forward to the next post

  13. That looks like a splendid Easter x

  14. wonderful photo's lovely time of the year

  15. I'm glad to see you spent a lovely Easter! xx

  16. Very nice your home with spring decoration!!Lovely your Easter walk in tha nature and so magic and spiritual moments in the old church....so lovely daffodils everywhere,I love them very much!!Have happy days

  17. Thank you for taking us on your Easter walk. What a spectacular stained glass window. xx


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