Sunday 26 April 2015

This Weeks Group Walk :: Was Amazing

Hello Lovelies,
back in November I started walking with a local group. Some of you may recall I wrote about that first walk HERE.  Oh, and my nerves before that walk are recorded HERE :0)

On that walk the thing that I was struck by was just how friendly and welcoming the group were. They are also very well organised. On that first outing the treasurer handed me a neatly printed list of all the walks in their programme for the following six months. 
They all looked interesting but one stood out as potentially outstanding.....and this week it finally arrived.

It was misty when we arrived in Derbyshire, but oh so pretty walking beside the Cromford Canal.

Everybody was enchanted by the Ducklings...........

As we climbed the first of many hills I loved the views over the stone walls ..........

The world is so pretty at this time of year, full of fresh greens and colourful flowers.........

It was still hazy but the distant views looked wonderful...........

Here we entered the first of several woodland sections....all of which were enchanting....and so different to each other............

I was very happy when I realised the sun had now come out....making this view of a chimney across the valley even prettier............

And I loved the glimpse of blue skies and hills............

We descended the steep slope carefully into the valley and passed romantic ruins..........

then joined the canal tow-path again..........

Oh look, that chimney we had spotted earlier.........

And  more of this stunning canal............

It really made a perfect stopping point for our morning coffee.
 And it was idyllic, sitting on a bench, quietly watching the wildlife and the scenery.........

 I just couldn't believe our luck with the weather........

Soon it was time to start climbing again. Along the former railway incline that is now part of the high peak trail...........

It was a steep climb, warm work in the sunshine....but the views were stunning...........

and after a while we turned off into even more delightful woodland..........

The light was soft and warm, making every corner look pretty.......

How I loved these holiday homes beside the footpath.........

Down we trekked, then steeply upwards again..........

And into another wooded glade, where the new Beech leaves were the brightest green.........

Every valley was different and seemed even more perfect than the last.........

In the bottom of this one we walked beside a glittering stream, lined with Marsh Marigolds.......

 and nearby I loved the pretty Wood Anemones........

By now I was getting peckish and at the top of this hill I was glad we had reached our lunch stop......

On such a lovely sunny  day it was a really beautiful place to have a picnic..........

After lunch the walk continued to delight , with far reaching views........

Looking towards Crich Stand


Rocky outcrops........

Pretty Woodland........

And babbling brooks........

Around every corner was another delight. I know the lovely day and the time of year helped, but it really did seem like heaven.

Here we stopped for another drink and a short rest.........

It felt like the most perfect picnic spot. Like a different world.

I  sat on a rock, enjoyed my  favourite  chocolate treat.........

And thought how very lucky I was to be there.

The final part of the walk was along the Cromford canal again. The afternoon light was magical....How I loved the reflections..........

And the bird-life.........


the water was so clear you could easily see the Ducks heads as they dabbled.......

 This sight always makes me think of THIS cheerful verse

This tranquil, gentle wander was the perfect end to a tiring but amazing walk 11 mile walk through such beautiful countryside.........

And all with such lovely company...... It was a day will remember for a long time.

Jacquie x


  1. What a beautiful walk your pictures are fantastic thank you for sharing
    Jackie xy

  2. What glorious countryside, a really outstanding walk I think - perfect weather, perfect landscape and wonderful company. Doesn't get much better than that. The first photo is gorgeous, and I really love the mossy walls. It's such a pleasure to see that fresh spring green colour everywhere. So glad you're enjoying being in the walking group. CJ xx

  3. Oh you've inspired me to get my walking boots on this morning, we only live about 1/2 from Cromford and let's face it the ironing will still be there tomorrow. X

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  5. Thank you for taking us on yet another beautiful walk. The photos are wonderful. I loved the bright red doors on the pump house.
    Anne xx

  6. Lots of scenes I recognise in this walk :) I once accidentally cycled up that very steep incline.... and when I say cycled, I really mean walked and pushed the bike up it, haha! Did you see any Little Grebes on the canal?

  7. What a lovely walk. Definitely enhanced by lovely sunshine but such beautiful scenery anyway. I do have a little envy for your hills... :) x

  8. No wonder you were looking forward to this walk - the scenery is stunning and how nice to be able to enjoy it under blue skies too. x

  9. Just too beautiful, thank you for sharing your lovely pictures x

  10. A truly amazing walk, you showed us such beauty.

  11. Congratulations on achieving 11 miles in such an amazing place with stunning scenery. I would love to be able to walk that far again but at the moment am finding 4 miles a struggle. Hopefully when I lose more weight I will be able to increase my mileage. I am in awe of what you achieve. xx

  12. Looks fab. A great walk and weather for photography. Well done :)

  13. Wonderful! Thankyou for sharing xxx

  14. Thank you for sharing these photos, now I know where is paradise!

  15. Fantastic - and as you say, great weather!
    Caz xx

  16. I'm glad that it was as good as you hoped it would be! The weather and scenery look wonderful, especially all of the paths by the various waterways. xx

  17. WOW! a bit of everything there. We walked today and the bluebells were out in the wood at the farm near the cabin, we caught tadpoles and life was really rosie! Jo x

  18. Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous walk - it looks beautiful. Such varied countryside, and everything so fresh and full of spring. A fabulous spot for a picnic too. What a lovely time of year :)
    Cathy x

  19. Wow, you're right.. this walk was something to look forward to! I'm happy you took us along with you. I must tell you I'm very impressed with your photographic talent.. you have "the eye". ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. Beautiful photos and the scenery is lovely. I imagine it was harder for you walking it than for me enjoying the beauty. Thank you for sharing. There is nothing like the English countryside. So much better than the boring suburban block I get bored walking round. No pretty scenery near me.

  21. How fabulous! S-o beautiful, thanks for sharing. Wonderful that the weather was nice too. A very nice stretch of the legs. ; )

  22. What a beautiful walk. Thank you so much for sharing it. :) What lovely weather you had for it.

  23. Wow, that looks like an incredible walk... I love all the wildlife and flora around you, no wonder you like walking there! xx

  24. A wonderful series of photos! This is really a beautiful area!

  25. What a beautiful landscape to walk through xx really love the photos

  26. New beech leaves are one of my favourite things about spring. I've walked the Cromford Canal many times - my brother used to live in Belper which is not too far away and there is, or used to be at least, a wonderful second-hand bookshop and cafe in Cromford itself which my wife and I liked to get to when we were visiting her friends in Sheffield.

  27. A perfect day for a perfect walk. The sky was so blue.

  28. I love Cromford Canal, my photos never look so good though! Perfect :) xxx

  29. Looks like a lovely walk. Great photographs.

  30. Oh what a lovely walk. Beautiful nature. I have to thank you for the lovely Sunburst pattern. I have it on my newest blogpost. Onlu using leftover yarn. Love it.

  31. Too many lovely photos to pick a favourite! How lucky you are to be able to join these walks. The little holiday homes are very appealing indeed, and I love the pumphouse with its red doors and tall chimney. :)

    Congratulations on 11 miles - that's quite a trek.

  32. Such a beautiful walk, thanks for sharing once again. Sharon x

  33. Ahhh Jacquie what a lovely walk, I really enjoyed that! You live in a very beautiful part of the world, such gorgeous scenery at every turn it must be very inspiring. Eleven miles a good distance leaves you feeling like you've had a good amount of exercise without being too exhausting!


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