Saturday 18 April 2015

Meanwhile this week

Hello Lovelies,
Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my Yorkshire posts. I'm  touched that you take the time out of your busy lives to write such interesting and caring comments.

I always forget how unsettled I can feel after a trip back to my childhood it's been nice to have this week at home with my boys....a gentle week to readjust and appreciate my life right now. Life is good, and I've had plenty of opportunity to get out walking. That always lifts my spirits.

My favourite places are looking so pretty.........

And it's been lovely to have the company of all of my boys on different walks..........

The Celandines are still flowering, shining prettily along the roadside............

And the Highland cattle have another baby...............

I've been collecting Daffodils.....not literally....but photos of all the different types I walk past......

Love these lemony ones with twisted petals.........

And these with pretty orange centres..........

The double ones in bright shades.......

and pale...........

and these simply delightful beauties...........

Above my head to blossom has been wonderful...........

and in town the lovey dovey pigeons have made us smile........

The longer days have even brought the opportunity to get out for a family evening walk beside the river.......

Where the light and the reflections were fabulous...........

The tree silhouettes were perfect...........

and the peaceful atmosphere was so relaxing............

Later in the week the fields really looked yellow..........

The butterflies continued to enjoy the warm weather...........

The hedgerows turned green............

And lambs returned to the field at the end of our street :0)

It's been a simple, but special week off at a special time of year.

This part of the world has delighted me .... the people I share my life now are wonderful.....I am truly blessed.

Jacquie x


  1. Stunning photos of the daffs and blossom. x

  2. ...i know how you feel, being an Essex girly living in Devon has been hard adjusting too, but over the last year with someone special in my life it has made me feel like this is 'home'...also the love of the beautiful coast and country surrounding me helps me feel happy and content. whenever im feeling a little 'lost' within i have a jolly good walk and everything always seems much better and brighter after that. It was lovely to have my morning coffee and toast and read your lovely adventures! ;) beautiful blossoms and daffs, such amazing views as well. x

    1. ive been here ten years sooo im almost classed as a local hehe x have a lovely weekend x

  3. Gorgeous spring photos, you've captured the butterfly beautifully. Lovely to see the lambs as well. The evening walk by the river looks perfect. You're right, a walk always lifts the spirits doesn't it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Jacquie. More sunshine to come I think! CJ xx

  4. Oh my, they are fabulous photo's Jacquie! I do so love visiting your blog when I can ☺

  5. Wonderful photos of the Springtime and the things you have been enjoying. A lovely quiet week at home doing the things you love with the people you love is definitely good for the soul.
    I too have had a lovely week, our youngest daughter has been home for a few days and it's been fantastic.
    Enjoy the weekend
    Jackie x

  6. We've been so lucky to have such good weather this Easter holiday! Lovely collection of photos.

  7. It is hard to adjust when you return from a wonderful holiday (be it just a weekend or two weeks or more) but it is good to see that you have enjoyed being out and about with your family this week. I love your photographs of the different kind of daffodils and the evening photographs along the river are stunning, what a brilliant light for photographing. xx

  8. I love the lovey dovey doves! Gorgeous photos, it's looking beautiful down your way.

  9. So beautiful You have there :)

  10. The daffodils are so beautiful in all their glory! Those pigeons made me smile too- a real pair of love-birds! Have a good weekend

  11. Your photos are always so amazing, I need to work on mine. Beautiful light filtering down and those sheep! Glad you are home and settled back into your beautiful life.

  12. Jacquie, you've presented us with another marvelous collection of images, vistas and close up views, in so many differing lights. I cannot pick a favorite...each of them has a special quality. Lovely that you have also been able to have your family along for those after dinner walks as the daylight lengthens.


  13. How lovely, all of it, especially all the daffodils. ; ) I picked some literally today, at the garden center on the clearance table, they may be about spent for this year, but I know the promise for next is there, they look like the ones in the third daffodil photo above. Beautiful photos one and all. Enjoy the weekend!

  14. Stunning photos - looks like a great week. x

  15. Such lovely photos again. Everything is greening up so quickly now! x

  16. Such beautiful pictures.

  17. Beautiful photos. It looks so picturesque where you live.
    We planted some mixed daffodil bulbs last year and we're getting all kinds of surprise blooms now. I like the white ones best with delicate little flowers, two or three to a stem. Must look them up...
    S x

  18. Wonderful set of photos, it's so nice to come back home after been away, you see things a little differentially at first, I think this shows in this set of photos... happy.
    Amanda xx

  19. Lovely photos, you are much more disciplined than I am about noticing the small things - such a good thing to do, must try to make time to appreciate more. Those evening waterside shots are gorgeous - so peaceful, thanks for sharing x

  20. This post is gorgeous! I love all of your photos- they are stunning, J9 x

  21. <3<3
    Lovely blog!:)
    Greetings frtom Finland,

  22. Really gorgeous photos. The flowers are beautiful.

  23. What stunning photos! The first one is so uplifting with those bright yellow daffodils, and I absolutely love the canoodling pigeons! Glad you've been enjoying this fabulous weather :)
    Cathy x


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