Sunday 31 May 2015

The End of May

Hello Lovelies,
are you fed up with all my pictures of the May countryside yet? I am totally addicted to it...sorry.
I've been walking again, through fields of green and yellow.........

Watching the wheat get taller in the fields..........

and stopping frequently to admire the Hawthorn blossom .........

It hasn't all been blue skies, on Friday ( and again today) we have had rain. But the flowers in my front garden still look so pretty in the damp...........

Especially the Poppy buds, I thought.......

Yesterday the sun was out again, and in the sheep field the Ewes were sporting new hair do's.........

And their lambs look so big!....the horizontal one was fine...chewing the cud as it relaxed in the sun.

In my friend's garden I was enchanted by the colour of these wall flowers...........

and envious of the prefect Lupins..........

There were beautiful roses in bloom too. This unfurling bud caught my eye.........

So delicate and dreamy....just gorgeous.

I have managed to spend a little time indoors. For my eldest two boys ( my twins ) birthday cake,  I slung too many eggs in a bowl..........

 It was THIS recipe tripled. 

Gosh, it was a lot of mixture, and rather a messy experiment if I'm honest...........

But it worked, and I ended up with two large, rectangular cakes...........

When they were cool I added some simple butter-cream, and dusted the top with icing sugar......

It was all a bit rough and ready, including the 15 candles...........

 But it did taste good, and there plenty to go round.

For this years cake I certainly would not earn a place on the Great British Bake Off
But I do think that my friend Jo might!
Just look at the  amazing cake she made for her daughter recently........

Isn't it wonderful.....I'm in awe.

Jacquie x


  1. I could never tire of the English countryside whatever the month.

  2. Superb definition of the water on the poppy bud - lovely pictures:)x

  3. I love to see were you have been walking, and I love how you love it so much, it is always a joy to see what you have seen, loving the sheep with their new hair cut. And your cake just looks as yummy...
    Amanda xx

  4. I'll never tire of the countryside at this time of year either, it's gorgeous. I love the wallflowers, I really must try and grow some next year. Your birthday cake looks delicious, I shall be baking one next week as well. And you're friend's is quite amazing. I hope your eldest boys had a good day. CJ xx

    1. Sorry about the typo, "your", not "you're", oops. CJ xx

  5. I love your pics, I do miss English countryside and flowers, xxx

  6. I certainly never tire of your countryside photos. Great post, great photos and a yummy looking cake too.

  7. Love those sheared sheep! And the lupin are gorgeous!

  8. Your cake looks yummy!!! Happy birthday to your sons! :o)))

  9. LOVE the pictures of your beautiful country! Please don't stop sharing.

  10. LOVE the pictures of your beautiful country! Please don't stop sharing.

  11. I hope the birthday celebrations went well. :) The cake looks good to me.
    Your May photos have been glorious - as you say, the countryside is wonderful at the moment. x

  12. More beautiful May countryside photos and now time to look forward to your June photos.
    Your cake looks yummy to me and I'm sure your boys loved it. I hope the birthday celebrations are going well.
    Jackie x

  13. I love the sheep photo, and your white irises are heavenly. Your boys' birthday cake looks delicious - hope they had a good birthday :)
    Cathy x

  14. How can we get enough of your lovely nature pictures? And the cake is lovely, happy birthday!

  15. Such beauty to be found out and about! A happy belated birthday to your boys! I imagine they loved their cake. When my girls were younger I would do the decorative cakes too, horses, unicorns, cats, rabbits you name Now they are in the kitchen baking the cakes, the youngest just made a dark chocolate coffee flavored one that is divine. Have a great day! x

  16. It's always a treat to see your countryside photographs. I would have to say that those birthday cakes you made with all those eggs look scrumptious! Happy belated Birthday to your lads.


  17. That is my kind of cake. I don't like lots of " gunk" on my cake. And those huge cupcakes...yuk. Your cake looks lovely and light. Bet it didn't last long,Ha ha.

  18. That is my kind of cake. I don't like lots of " gunk" on my cake. And those huge cupcakes...yuk. Your cake looks lovely and light. Bet it didn't last long,Ha ha.

  19. I will never tire of seeing your gorgeous countryside and flowers. Your cake looks wonderful, and the one by your friend is so cute! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. The cake looks delicious, and oh my word that other one is a work of art. Happy birthday to your twins!

    This time of year is so very beautiful - enjoy it all you can.

    Have you ever seen the website Cake Wrecks? Warning - if you haven't, be prepared to sit for an hour or two laughing helplessly as you jump from one post to another.... :D

  21. Wow, great cake that your friend made! I am sure that yours tasted just as great though without the decorations! Happy Birthday to your son!!! xx

  22. Not fed up at all, I love my virtual walks :-) The cake your friend made is great, lots of cakes around today reminding me to get my head around the one I need to make for my daughters 18th!!

  23. I have loved your May walks.
    Your friend's cake is gorgeous. But one thing about cake is that once it's masticated, it don't look so pretty. Now there's a yuk thought for today. :)

  24. That unfurling rose is beautiful. I havent seen any roses yet this year. Your friend makes a pretty cute cake! Those hamsters and adorable.

  25. Hi Jacquie, I've really enjoyed reading your May posts. I love May too! Although it has made me realise how much there is to do in the garden. Everything has gone a bit wild and out of control in the warmer weather and I don't feel very equipped to deal with it! Sorry I've been a bit quiet of late - I have been popping by to see you though and hope you are well and your boys enjoyed their birthday and your marvellous cake.
    Jones x
    PS. Jo's cake is wonderful. What a talented lady!

  26. Gorgeous flowers, and that great big cake - it looks delicious.
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  27. Lovely country photoes...lovely cakes and happy birthday to your twins!!


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