Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Strolling in the Evening Sunshine

Hello Lovelies,
Yesterday evening I went out for a walk and purposely left my camera behind. My phone camera is pretty good and I'm slowly getting used to it.
Of course it's the light that makes all the difference....and the light was beautiful yesterday evening.

The Cow Parsley is at it's absolute best at the moment.......I loved the way the sun was illuminating it here..........

It's everywhere....and so pretty. I always think it's like the world is decorated in lace, ready for a wedding.........

What do you lovelies call this plant? I was talking to my sister in law about how much I love it and she looked at me blankly. "It's everywhere" I said......" white frothy stuff"
She was still not sure. In the end I showed her a photo...." Oh, Blind man's Pepper" she said.......well, that's a new one on me :0)

My phone actually takes rather elongated shots, not deal for the blog....so I've cropped a lot, but a few I've left.......you should be able to click on this and see it bigger...........

Everywhere is looking so fresh and lush.............

And the tall grasses in the paddock waved gently in the lightest breeze............

The footpath is just a narrow channel in the vegetation..........

And the stiles are disappearing into the undergrowth.........

One thing my phone camera is not good at is zooming....the highland cows are there somewhere :0)

But it is good at capturing colour ......... the greens are amazing at the moment.........

And it does reasonable macro shots. I love the tiny wild geraniums along the verges..........

On the golf course the low sun was stunning.........

And my walking companion (my Eldest, who is 15 this week !) was making me smile....chattering away at ten to the dozen, about anything and everything.........and balancing in this step over stile...........

It was such a gorgeous evening. We were in no rush to go home.........

The flowers on the rape crop are already fading...........

And the lambs in the field are getting big.........

The year is rushing by so quickly now and my front garden is FILLED with flowers.........

I'm still in love with May :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Well, I'd say these are really good pics! : ) I love all the green we have during this season, our woods look very much alike now... xx

  2. Nice shots Jacquie, looks very tranquil for strolling.

  3. I am amazed at the quality of the photos you can get on your phone. I love May too, everywhere so fresh and green. You are so lucky that your son enjoys going with you on these walks. xx

  4. It's such a beautiful time of year in the countryside isn't it. I love cow parsley, I've never heard it called blind man's pepper though, I shall remember that one! We went for a walk yesterday and saw so many wild flowers. I think May and June are my favourite months for seeing the greenery and flowers. I hope your son has a good birthday. CJ xx

  5. I agree with you about May and June - it really is a wonderful time of year. It looks like you had a very sunny evening yesterday, and your phone camera has captured that perfectly. I call it cow parsley too, but have heard it called Queen Anne's Lace. Hope your son has a happy birthday (my youngest is also 15, and I love chatting with her ) :)
    Cathy x

  6. Lovely to walk along with you, I fill tall jugs with the cow parsley and add a few fronds of long grass, it makes a good casual show on a windowsill.

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  8. Queen Anne's Lace. I always bring some indoors because it's so pretty.

  9. I really enjoyed the stroll, you certainly captured the beauty and essence of the season.

  10. I know cow parsley as Queen Anne's lace at least that's what we called it in Yorkshire where I lived as a child. Your walk looks perfect and all the lush greens that are around just now are beautiful I love this time of year
    Jackie x

  11. When we lived in Lincolnshire Cow Parsley was always known as Kek - it took me ages to work out what they meant:)

    1. I grew up in Warwickshire and we also called it kek

  12. Great shots. Definitely cow parsley here in Sussex! So nice that your son still enjoys a bit of 'Mum' time :-) Your front garden looks beautiful. Do you know what the deep pink flowers are in the front left of the photo? We are looking to restock our back border. x

    1. Hi Sharon, yes they are Valerian....nice but quiet invasive....you have been warned :0)

  13. Very lovely! So nice to have one on one time with the off springs. Harder to come by once they hit those teen years. Your cow parsley looks very much like the Queens Anne's lace here in the states. Which grow anywhere it's not kept mowed, especially along road sides and fence lines. Your garden looks very lovely. We spent most of the weekend working in our veggie garden and not nearly enough with the flowers. Enjoy the day! x

  14. If I had to describe each month of the year in just one word, May would be 'Pretty'. The cow parsley (never heard it called anything else!) is just so lovely and dainty.
    Wish my phone took half decent photos, but sadly it doesn't...

  15. Your pictures of the cow parsley are so beautiful! I love the one of your son in silhouette too! Always nice to go along on a virtual walk with you. xx

  16. Queen Anne's Lace is what we call it in the USA, but that's right I remember it was called Cow Parsley in the UK. I like the name Queen Anne's Lace because it really is lace like.

  17. It's been an absolutely gorgeous May hasn't it? I've loved the burst of abundant cow parsley too!

  18. I love reading your Blog..it makes me quite nostalgic for my Father's homeland. Here in Australia we call the white fowers 'carrot weed' and rape is known as 'Canola'!

  19. Your photos capture the beauty of May perfectly ..... so lush and green.
    Happy birthday to your son for this week!
    love Jooles x x x


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