Thursday 21 May 2015

Out and About :: Bluebell Time

Hello Lovelies,
one of my absolute favourite times of year is Bluebell time. It's another reason May delights me so.

Last week the walking group went on a "Bluebell Walk".....bliss.
It's a shame the weather was dull....and even more of a shame I managed to forget my Camera.....something I NEVER normally do!

Still, I do have a new phone and thankfully it takes reasonable pictures.

I loved wandering through the woodland, and I was so happy to see our first glimpse of intense blue........

the round thing you can see in the photo is a charcoal kiln.

Gosh I'm rubbish with a touch screen.... :0)

After a while we climbed steeply up through the trees and emerged at this beautiful view.......

It was a perfect place for our coffee stop

 Next the path  descended steeply down again. Into a place known locally as the "Hidden Valley". It was such a pretty spot...........

Then we were back in the most beautiful woodland....where the carpet of blue was truly magical........

And happily I managed to finally take some in focus shots with my phone camera.....

just in time :0)

I went home happy. How I love Bluebell time.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely - I never manage to capture the pictures of bluebells how I see them. Oh well - there is always next year! Looks a lovely walk. x

  2. You weren't kidding about bluebells, were you? Gosh they are cheery!
    Here in southern Australia, our farm paddocks often have a weed called Cape Weed. The flowers, which look like daisies, are wonderful for making chains, but I am unsure what sort of nutritional value there is in the broadleaf.
    I think I'd like paddocks of bluebells better. :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful, what a lovely walk, especially with the bluebell woods. And beautifully photographed, even without your usual camera. CJ xx

  4. What lovely photos (It amazes me how well phone cameras work now! I would be lost without mine as my sieve like brain ensures that I frequently forget my camera!). Spring really is the most wonderful time of year :-)

  5. I love bluebell time too and your photos show just how vibrant a blue they are especially when you see them all en mass like that.

    Jackie x

  6. I just love bluebells, I wish they grew where I live...

  7. How wonderful! Nothing so lovely carpeting the forest floors here.Have a great day!

  8. Jacquie, that bluebell wood you all walked through looks as if it appeared from a storybook. I can almost see the elves and fairies. xo

  9. That is absolutely beautiful. I would love to sit on that bench and read a good book, all the while enjoying the bluebells around me.

  10. Thanks for sharing the blue bells! So nice the big blue field full of them!

  11. Lovely photoes and so magic blue bells!!Have happy week end!!

  12. Oh, so beautiful!!!!! Your photos are lovely Jacquie!! xx

  13. Lovely photos, I love this walk. I am pretty sure the seat is the one where DH and I usually have a 5 minute sit down!


  14. The Bluebells are beautiful this year, I've tried to remember to go and see them as much as I can!

  15. There is no better sight than a bluebell wood and your photos really capture how magical the woods can look at this time of the year. What a beautiful walk to undertake but cannot believe you forgot your camera, what a good job you had your phone as a backup. xx

  16. Oh how I wish bluebells grew around here.... Another reason to move to the UK I guess. :)

  17. Beautiful bluebells - what a wonderful sight they are! Lovely photos :)
    Cathy x

  18. Lovely walk, could sit for a while next to the stream and watch the day go by...
    Amanda xx

  19. So do I Jacquie, we managed to pop to our local woods and were rewarded with a morning filled with the gorgeous sight and scent of bluebells, wild garlic and blossom. Just a perfect time of year!


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