Thursday 8 December 2016

My Advent Calendar ♥ 8th December

Hello lovelies,
I do love to see a traditional parish church, don't you. This is one I regularly pass. Yesterday I stopped to take a few photos of it as the sun had broken through the cloud and it was looking particularly nice I thought.

Wednesday is my day with mum and she had brought quiet a few of her snowy paintings to share with me. I'm sure they inspired me to get my own paints out and try a little watercolour sketch.

I used this painting in particular to see how mum dealt with the sky and the snow ... you can't just leave it all white.

Here's my finished picture. A looooong way off mum's standard I know, but I'm still quiet happy with how it turned out. And it makes a good advent picture I think.

I know I'm lucky to have mum's encouragement and advice. She even got me the right brush to do the tree branches, and that was a big help.
Thank you mum.
Happy Advent Lovelies.
Jacquie x

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  1. How wonderful to share this precious time and talent with your Mom. You both have an incredible skill and I love your painting of the church. This time of year I especially miss my Mom who passed when I was only 29 and my Dad a short time later. I love reading of Mom's and daughter's and their close relationships such as yours. I know you cherish it too.

  2. I like your painting. I subscribed to your mum's Instagram and her paintings are so good. Did she ever study water colour? They are just lovely, she captures the scenes so well.

  3. Beautiful paintings ,mum and daughter talented ,enjoy the Christmas time

  4. You surely inherited your mother's painterly talents.. it's beautiful. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. A really lovely painting, clever you, you have definitely inherited her artistic talent. I absolutely love parish churches as well, they always look so pretty nestling in the beautiful English countryside. CJ xx

  6. A beautiful church and a beautiful painting of it too!

  7. Jacquie! Your watercolor is beautiful!

  8. Lovely that you and your mum are being creative together. you both have your own style in painting, both beautiful in their own way - I think you have an eye for colour which is going to be what makes yours special. Betty

  9. I think your painting is great! I wish I was half as good.

  10. Happy Advent Jacquie! I like it when you sketch and paint (and share here). The church scene is inviting. I very much enjoyed your mother's artwork too, on Instagram, via the link you shared. I love the photo of your desk, with the rinsing jar and open paint pack. It reminds me of my desk, except I haven't opened my paints. Inspiration hits, everything is set up, but I get apprehensive and opt for my brush markers instead. Thanks for the tips & link about using a reference piece of art and also using proper tools for the task. Alexine


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