Monday, 7 March 2011

Hexagon love

Hello Lovelies,
Last week, to take my mind off feeling rather yuk, I was searching around on the Internet for some crochet inspiration , there are such great resources out there , like flickr and Ravelry .
Eventually ,on  Ravelry, I found a hexagon pattern I wanted to try . There was a link to the free pattern.
The colours were not to my taste but I could see that it was a pretty design . I liked the fact that the central motif was a Hexagon ,not a circle, for a change .
I gave the pattern a try and was really pleased with the first 4 rows .....really pleased :0)

But the final row was very thin and I was keen to have a more substantial border to my hexagons , one that would lend it's self to the join as you go method ...explained clearly here .
So I had a play around and came up with a new 5th round .  Here is my version of this Coats pattern........

Ahh, I do think that is an improvement .

Next I chose some yarn from my stash ......

and got hooking , would you like to see how it's going ? OK .......

Ummmmmmmmmm, Not sure what I was thinking here . I think it's probably best not to make colour choices when you are feeling so yuk. Or am I being unfair to this piece? The motifs do look pretty , like this one.....

and this one .....

what about this one ?..........

Maybe it's the border colour, but I think I would be happier with a wider range of colours in the motifs.
It's a shame I'm not feeling the love with these colours as I do love this motif . I think I'm going to start again with and new colour scheme , what do you think ?

I am planning to share my version of the final round with you lovelies , in case you would like to give it a try.
I suppose I could do a tutorial for the whole motif , it is a free pattern so I can't really see a problem with taking a few pictures of the stages to make it a little easier for beginners  to follow , can you?

I would love to here your suggestions about this project and  I must thank you so much for the Blog anniversary wishes
Jacquie x


  1. What a lovely pattern, I would surely love to have your tutorial on that. About your colourchoise...that is of course a very personal thing, but when I don't have a good feeling about a project, I stop and go with my 'improved' idea, because I know I will regret it otherwise....good luck! Kind regards, Floortje

  2. Hey Jacquie, what a shame you are not feeling the love with your colour choices after doing all that work.
    The hexies are lovely, really like the purple/yellow one reminds me of a Pansy.
    Maybe you could keep going, make it into a cushion and then start afresh with colours you are happy with.......

    Claire :}

  3. What a nice hexy... I tried a similar one last year and use them as drink coasters... crazy I know... some day I may grow up and have the patience to actually make enough grannies or hexies to grace it with the name "afghan."

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I your hexy colours and the border as I think it makes the whole look old world/vintagey. Please, please, please share you hexy pattern. I've been trying to learn but without much success.
    I do hope you are having a much better week.
    Anne xx

  5. Congrats on the blogaversary Jacquie! I love the pattern. And the colors are not so bad at all, they are just not too much like spring colors, so that might be what you are looking for... I wonder: how did you join the hexagons? As you go, or afterwards? I love the way there are not totally attached.
    Have a lovely day,

  6. I love your colour choice in this project.

  7. Wow i love them i have never seen crochet hexagons before and i think its smashing, i like your colours but i think it would work really well in brights to, its funny how our work reflects our moods which is a good thing i think. Cant wait to see how it turns out, dee x

  8. Hi Jacquie! I love those colours, I need also more calm colours and not always the bright. Perhaps you could add one or two brigth colours so you don't need to change all of them and so you can use also these you have already made.
    When I made Foxy's blanket and had only gloomy colours, some drops of orange made it so different!
    the new way to make hexacon is really beautiful!
    Have a lovely, sunny day! Teje

  9. Great hexagons! And all the color combi's are great. Very smashing.

  10. Oh I really like the colours and they look great with the border colour - a good contrast. Go for it!

  11. Love the central colours, not sure with the border, but that is just a personal choice. I'd probably gone with a darker colour - but that is just me! If you are not too happy, may be stop and think again, but definitely a hexi-tute !

  12. I think the colours are lovely! And that hexi pattern is really special. Thanks for sharing x

  13. Great hexies. I'm personally not too keen on the border colour. Is it grey? It looks grey on my screen. With the bright colours in the middle I would go with a pastel shade.

    Looking at what you've got I'd say a nice lavender would probably look better. But that is just my own personal opinion.

    Maybe try with a couple of different shades and see which you prefer :)

  14. Lovely pattenr.
    I would choose for more spring colors... yellow, red, green and orange and mix them op with your colors

  15. love the hexie i;m into them of the sewing kind at the mo. Have popped my e-mail adress on my profile - having a senior moment and cant find yours so if you mail me I will contact you with my address. I won, I won i'm giddy can you tell. X

  16. Think the colours work great, the border colour sets the others off a treat and gives it all a slightly vintage feel.

  17. What a lovely haxagon, really really like it (ooh dear I feel another obsession coming on lol) and i think the colours together give a vintage feel. The colour palette reminds me of those intricate floor tiles you get in victorian house entraceways. Usually if i'm not 100% happy with something, enough to choose new colours, but not enough to rip it all out I turn it into a smaller project like a cushion cover, then start my new project.

  18. I like them - I've never been taken much with hexagons in the past, but I think I'm coming around to them.
    Re doing a you remember I did one for the Swedish heart pattern which also appeared free on the internet? Well, apparently it's not ok to reproduce a pattern that appears free elsewhere (unless you have the permission of the original designer) - I had to remove it!

  19. These hexagons are awesome! and I like your color choices!

  20. I think these are an excellent choice of colours. Looks a nice pattern to me.
    Hugs suex

  21. I like the colors you have chosen. They contrast and go together all at the same time. It's going to be beautiful when it's finished.

  22. I like the colors together. Gives it a vintage look/feel to me! Great job.

  23. Jacquie its a really great hexagon and Im glad you shared your photos - I actually like your colourways they remind me of something quite retro, vintage style - but I know how you feel, when the love isnt there! Either way its a stunning pattern, and will look great when completed.

    Julia x

  24. That is gorgeous! I love hexagons!

  25. I just love this and thanks for the link!

  26. Very beautiful your blog, all in it!

  27. I love the pattern and the colours are just lovely too! Don't doubt yourself and scrap it, perhaps just make enough to make a cushion and then start a different colourway, but it would be such a shame to stop now. Imagine a huge blanket on the bed make with these it would have a fab edge!
    Kandi x

  28. Beatuiful pattern I love the color choice you have made. It has a warm country feel. Keep us updated often....

  29. I agree beautiful -- just perhaps a little different than usual but different id definitely great
    Kindest Regards Linda

  30. What a nice pattern I love hexagons. The colours are really pretty with a great vintage vibe!

  31. stitch them together into a scarf! post it up on etsy! :D the colors are wonderful! art is art, mama!


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