Sunday 20 March 2011

Sunny Sunday Crochet

Hello Lovelies ,

today I've been in a happy crochet place :0)........

Sitting on my bed sewing in a few ends on my latest hexagons, whilst admiring the lovely piles of grannies on my bedside table.
I didn't want to give up on the hexagon pattern as I really like it a lot . So I've made a few using the same yarn as I'm using for my granny squares....the ones you can see in my header and I've posted about here.

Ummmmm , I love these colours ..........

Here is the begining of the next few , I'm making these production line style instead of compleating one before starting on the next, it just seems easier when all the rounds differ....less mistakes ,hopefully !

So , somehow I now have two blankets , using the same colours , on the go at the same time. It'll be interesting to see which one gets finished first !!

Whilst I was working my way through a mountain of clean laundry to put away ( all line dried ..yay) the bright sun shining in on my youngests blanket made me very happy , and distracted me from one of my least favourite jobs :0)....

I made this back in 2009 using colours he chose . Since I posted this picture on Flickr I've altered it by removing the border (which tended to curl up ) and added some more rows so it fits nicely on the end of his bed. It has no border so I can easily make it bigger if I want . I really love this happy , sunny little blanket. There's something I find  brilliantly satisfying about a giant granny square ...........

well I hope you Lovelies liked this burst of colour, I'll leave you with some more  sunny goodness and wish you a happy week :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Hey Jacquie, you have been crocheting up a storm haven't you?

    Love the hexies gorgeous colours, so satisfying seeing squares pile up waiting to be joined together.

    Your little 'life saver'i chose his colours well. It is indeed a bright, cheery blanket and nice to see the sun shining...........

    Enjoy the coming week,

    Claire :)

  2. How you must be enjoying that sunshine? :) Lovely hexies and grannies in fab colours. Big sigh, crochet fun in the sun, what more does a girl want? :)
    Anne xx


  4. bright sunny and happy colours.. Well done :))

  5. Zingy! Your hexes are great.

  6. What can I say? I'm speechless :) I love your hexagons and the big granny makes me want to begin one right now RIGHT NOW :)
    P.S: Is Amarige your perfume? It's mine also and the smell is too gorgeous don't you think?
    Have a beautiful week,

  7. Lovely colorsplash Jacquie! It is amazing, the hexagon pattern is certainly something I will try too. Love the traingles in it. Have a lovely week yourself too!

  8. What a lovely colors!!!
    Love it, very Spring time
    Enjoy the lovely weather with your crochet

  9. I really love that hexagon pattern Jacquie.....very pretty! I've never tried a giant granny square but always admire them. Yours is lovely xx

  10. wow i love it all, and such gorgeous colours..right i am determined to master this before the end of the year im so jealous when i see peoples lovely crochet work ;-) Have a lovely week, dee x

  11. There is something so lovely about a giant granny blanket. I have 3 on the go at the moment! They whip up quickly and look all bright and cheery!

    I love your hexagons too. Beautiful use of colours!

    Have a super week!

    Love Vanessa xxx

  12. Love your hexagons, so beautiful! Also love the cheerful colors too! Amazing work!

  13. Such a lovely post - I adore those hexagons! The big granny square looks great in the sunlight like that too :)

    Much love,

  14. Must try out that hexagon pattern - it's the nicest one I have seen. Can't wait to see it all made up. Hurry up!! Love the large granny square blanket too - I love the way you started it, using the same bright colour for the first few rounds. x

  15. Your work is beautiful! The colors you have picked just scream Spring!!

  16. Ohhh! Lots of pretty colours. There is an award on my blog for you!

  17. Love your crochet! The hexagon pattern is stunning.

  18. I love the hexagon pattern your using! Is it on your blog anywhere? Lovely colours!

  19. I love the hexagons and the huge granny square! I made a big granny square for my sister out of scraps of yarn, the colour combinations were pretty crazy. I pretended that I meant for it to look tacky and awful, haha. I am making hexagons at the moment, and have a granny stripe blanket at the moment, so I know what it's like to have two on the go at once!

  20. Beautiful, colourful post! That hexie pattern is so lovely! You have so perfect spring flowers! I hope you have sunny week! Teje

  21. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    te mando un saludo
    y te deseo una buena semana
    abrazos desde Chile
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  22. Pretty hexagons! :)

  23. Gorgeous, what more can I say!!! I love it all, thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day and week. Yollie ;)

  24. Love the hexagons - I have made hexie patchwork but not crochet hexies. Feel tempted to have a go seeing these!


  25. Jacquie,
    What a gorgeous photo of the blanket and the sun coming through! Beautiful!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway received this morning. Simply gorgeous, such a nice little gift. You have co-ordinated very well using the blue and the blue felt, thank you so much! I will treasure it.
    Love Suex


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