Wednesday 30 March 2011

March Nature Notes

Hello Lovelies ,
 here we are on the penultimate day of march so I better get on with my nature post for this month!
Lets start with Edith's illustrations from her book "Nature notes of an Edwardian Lady" written in 1905. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I'm doing a post each month this year based around sharing this fabulous book and the nature on my own doorstep 106 years later.......

Such beautiful paintings . It's some how comforting to find the same plants and flowers on my walks, I've noticed so much birdsong too but capturing birds in a photo continues to prove tricky :0)
 Here are some subjects that were a little easier to catch.........Lesser Celandine......

Such a pretty little flower with shiny , heart shaped leaves, possibly even nicer though are the wild primroses.......

 a lovely gentle yellow.

This picture was taken on a morning walk last week , during that glorious sunny spell..............

I love this simple little church .As you can see ,most of the trees are still bare . The hawthorn hedge in the foreground looks bare too but just this week the hedges have started to green up ...

and in some parts the blossom  is just beginning to uncurl.........

This church is situated away from the road in a  a peaceful spot......

Inside the church yard there was lots of wildlife , woodpidgeons , pheasants and squirrels ...all of these were too fast for me ! but on the way home I did manage to capture this cutie :0)............

As soon as I spotted him I froze on the spot so he didn't run away ...then I had to get my camera out of its' case which has a noisy Velcro fastening, by going really slowly, oh so slowly, I managed to do it quietly but I think I need to make a less noisy camera case !!

 I wonder how many brothers and sisters he has living in that burrow.......

Here are some March folk law sayings from the book .........

And a little bit of Wordsworth , this really sums up the best of this first month of spring to me.....

Ahhhh , spring ,welcome back .

I'll leave you with some more Lambs , firstly Edith's beautifully drawn version......

Then some I snapped last week........

These two make me smile , junior is a real "chip off the old block " :0) 

And this guy has such a pretty face ...

I don't want to wish away the months, it just makes you older !! But I am so glad spring is here .
Jacquie x

P.S. Isn't it great to be able to view these pictures in a bigger format!! I love it .
I'm so untechnical this has taken me ages to figure out , and there will be an easier way , I'm sure .
But I just thought I would share what I've discovered with anyone who doesn't know this already :0)

I upload pictures straight from my computer and use the "new" up loader , this may not be it's actual name but it's something similar . I upload pictures in the edit HTML setting and they look like a load of letters and numbers . Then you can click on the "compose " setting, shown in this picture........

This show the pictures how they will actually appear in the post.Then I discovered that if you left click on a picture , as well as it turning blue , there is a list of sizes along the bottom and you can click on the size you would like to use , I'm choosing extra large........

When I first did this the pictures overlapped the side bar so......I had to go into design..then template designer ...then adjust widths . I adjusted my entire blog to the maximum width and narrowed my sidebar to 210px and this solved the problem . I hope this helps a few of you lovelies :0)


  1. Thanks for that, I have trouble rearranging my pics once they are uploaded as the always float to the top and seem reluctant to want to move!

    That lamb is seriously cute!

  2. Jacquie, I could kiss you! That width thingy has been driving me insane. In a few simple steps you have solved it. Thank you so much.
    Lovely pics too. especially the bunny and the burrows.

  3. So many pretty things around you! It looks like you live in a beautiful little spot. Hope you are well Jacquie. ax

  4. Lovely pictures, I feel totally springy now thank you.
    Emma x

  5. Thank you for the flowers, the lambs and the tutorial - all three made me smile (yes it's on it's way back on my face X) FM x

  6. Gorgeous photography Jacquie and thanks for the techie tip x

  7. The tutorial was most helpful and the pix are just beautiful--a real feast for the eyes!

  8. I enjoyed reading your spring post, makes me long for it here. It's cold, gray and spitting snow where I am; we've had a cold spring so far. Love the picture of the little lamb and the darling rabbit, so cute. Have a great day. :-)

  9. I do love your monthly seasonal posts. Please don't stop them! x

  10. Hi Jacquie, I love your bright Springy post, it's so exciting to see all the flowers appearing isn't it... gorgeous photo of the little church it is like a little picture postcard with the blue sky! The lambs are so so cute!! Hope you have a good week, Sarah x

  11. Isn't it lovely to see the lambs,
    I saw a tiny calf this morning it was bouncing around the field.
    Love the picture of the rabbit you can just imagine him telling the tale of how brave he was :)
    Cate x

  12. Spring is just the best time of year!
    Seeing the pictures of the colt's foot and lesser celandine reminded me of school nature walks and the nature table in the classroom.
    Thanks so much for the photo instructions, I'm going to give it a go on my next post.

  13. Such an attractive little church, lovely photos as always. Thanks for the bigger picture guide, think I'll try it soon too.

  14. Hey Jacquie, squirrels, pheasants and wood pigeons inside the church yard what a wonderful thing to see. I wish we had such wildlife here in my neck of the woods, but still I can enjoy it through your lovely posts.
    Beautiful pics and great techy info on posting photos.

    Lovin' your nature posts, just wonderful taking time out to 'smell the roses' and notice what's going on around you.

    Claire X

  15. A lovely spring post, beautiful pics, i would like last weeks sunshine to return though as today it is so rainy and gloomy, i guess my spring flowers will enjoy the drink though

    Thanks for techno post, i learnt something today!

  16. Jacquie,
    Your Nature posts are lovely and cosy! I just love your photos!
    (Here in Brazil is the opposite feeling by now: we´re waiting for the Autumn, the Summer is leaving us...)

  17. aaahhh great photo's i can't believe you managed to catch mr bunny ;-)) they move so fast what a beautiful shot. dee x

  18. Oh Jacquie, I love that littlelamb and bunny rabbit. The church looks so beautiful too, lucky you to be surronded by such heavenly countryside xox Really pleased you worked out how to enlarge your pics they look even more beautiful now x

  19. Lovely post, beautiful pictures. Especially like that gorgeous one of the blossom. Definitely feeling springy now! x

  20. Hi Jacquie! Your post is full of beautiful things! I love that book and I'm so happy that you share it with us! Those drawings are wonderful! You have find fantastic flowers - wild primroses - vow! The nature around you is lovely! xxx Teje

  21. I continue to enjoy your nature posts. Lovely photos too! especially the bunny and the lambs :o)

    Jones x

    PS. That picture upload looks so easy! I wish there was a simple way in wordpress, it takes me f o r e v e r to load them in etc maybe I am doing it wrong, hmm...

  22. I'm enjoying reading your 'nature notes' Jacquie, wish I knew what happened to my copy of Ediths book! It's enchanting! Love your new large size pictures too. ♥

  23. Hi! Claire told me to come and see your blog and now I'm your newest follower. It seems we have a mutual admiration for E. Holden! Your countryside is gorgeous! It's wonderful that you can retell in photos what Edith was drawing all those years ago. LOve your primroses... those are one of my mom's favorite flowers.

  24. so lovely! and to think i have just finished this minute watching edith holden's "april" on the vcr. serendipity to have found your blog. i'm a bunny mum too and mad about crochet so i'll be happy to follow your blog! so nice to have found you! happy april!

  25. Hi Jacqui I love all your spring photos. I have been playing with photos too and found that it may be better to bring them in from Flickr. I have blogged about it too Sunday April 3.

  26. Thanks for the tip on adjusting the width, I have been wanting to use the larger size pictures but had that problem of overlapping, problem solved! :) Love your spring pictures, you are so far ahead over there in the UK, we still have melting snow here in Finland!
    Thanks again!


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