Friday 1 April 2011

ABC ..........

.........No , not the 80's pop group, though I did love them ( still do )

Today A is for Anemones ..........

I picked these up on Wednesday , they were a little battered so they were reduced to a quid.....

I couldn't leave them in the rain so they came home to my mantle and I love them..

Today B is for Bunny ........

As I'm sure you Lovelies are aware...It's Easter ....... finally ......... this month .My it's late this year ! So I've been playing around making a little Bunny to celebrate the occasion.........

She's just a simple bunny made up by me , with a nostalgic scrap of fabric to pretty up her ears.....

And a cute felt face ............

I think she would make a great baby toy, especially with the addition of a little bell inside .

When I was taking these pictures I realised I had forgotten to give her a tail so I quickly made one ............

As you can see I've been very good and written down the pattern for my bunny. I'm planing to post it here very soon in case any body would like to make their own's also good for me , because otherwise I would be sure to loose it :0)

Here's her tail where it belongs.......

And finally today C is for Caramel.........

Ummmm ,Tunnocks Caramel Wafers, don't know why but I haven't had one of these in ages , I love the packaging.........

And the taste ........

I might of had more than one , but that would be telling :0)

Have a great weekend .........with some little treats.
Jacquie x


  1. Hi Jaquie, I love your ABC's, my favourite is the Bunny, but then I am bias!!! The best bit is the ears, no the tail, no the face - oh well, I really can't choose, I love it all - well done. Enjoy your weekend, cheers :0) Yollie

  2. Lovely post, those anemones are such beautiful colours and I really love the detail in the 'up close' photo x

  3. Hi Jacquie, really love this post with those beautiful anemones and your bunny is too sweet for words. I love the nostalgic touch of floral fabric too xox I adore tunnocks wafers and think I might just buy some this weekend :0) Haven't had one in ages ... Happy weekend to you too xox

  4. My weakness is the Tunnock's teacakes. I wouldn't say no to a caramel wafer though :0)

  5. Flowers, crochet and Tunnocks = a perfect day :)

  6. Everything looks so yummy!!! :)

  7. I can't decide whether its the Tunnocks or the bunny that is my favourite!

  8. Loving the bunny. Now, if only I could crochet....! xx

  9. This post really isn't helping me with my diet..! I'm now craving a caramel wafer bar..!!

  10. Ahhh Spring! What a delightful little bunny you have created! the fabric is beautiful!

  11. The cookie/candy bar looks really yummy. I enjoyed reading your A, B, C post; it won't be long until Easter is here. Happy Friday!

  12. Your flowers are so pretty! And that is such an adorable little bunny!!!

  13. At the end of 'frugal extreme', I think I'll celebrate with some Tunnocks!

  14. I love the little crochet bunny. And the touch of fabric for the ears is perfect. I've never even heard of Tunnocks caramel wafers, but it does look delish!!

  15. Gorgeous bunny and flowers :)

    You've made me want a Tunnocks now - perhaps I'll get some tomorrow.

  16. Hey Jacquie, those Tunnock wafers look scrummy indeed. Uddingston Scotland, 5,000,000 sold a week, they certainly are popular.

    Gorgeous anemones, striking colours. Love your wee bunny cute tail and the fabric looks great on the ears.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :)

  17. For all three things I have the look, the look of love!!!

  18. Those anemones are beautiful and have photographed so well, gorg colours. Cute little buuny love the fabric ears. And i have to say those Tunnock wafers are yummy ;-) enjoy your weekend, dee x

  19. I can't wait for you to share the bunny pattern - it's gorgeous!
    The fabric is lovely - I've got some very similar which was passed down thru my family :)
    Helen x

  20. I love anemones or how ever you spell it!!

    Amenomes, anemomens, anemome........I give up!!

    Glad you enjoyed a wee wafer from the land of tunnock! x

  21. And what a cute bunny it is!! Love the anemones too, have a great weekend!

  22. Love your ABC post. I used to eat those wafers a lot when I was a kid. Could be because I am from scottish stock lol. Love love love the bunny. x

  23. What lovely bright photos. The bunny is so sweet.

  24. What a great post! Anemones are my favourite flowers, I'm a March baby and my best friend always sent them to me for my birthday when we were in the UK. And as for the Tunnocks Wafers... We can sometimes find them here but they cost a fortune - how I miss them with a cup of tea!
    Cute Bunny too.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Sandra x

  25. I used to love the 80's group ABC, I have quite a few of their songs on my MP3 player!!!!

    Lovely photos - that bunny is so cute! I have never really got into crocheting animals but seeing this might have to have a go!

    The flowers are lovely, very springy.

    And as for the biccies - I love those as they are suitable for veggies! But find it very very hard, for some unfathomable reason, to eat just the one...

    Have a wonderful weekend, Helenxx

  26. Ha, you are starting a great alphabet here :-)
    Have a great weekend,
    love Maaike

  27. Cute little bunny, love his fabric lined ears ears. Must be the time for bunnies made a little amigurumi bunny myself the other day.

  28. Am I spotting a new look to Bunny Mummy? A new template? I like it!

    I also love your abc... fabulous flowers, that bunny is lovely! you are so clever to make your own patterns, it is something I would love to be able to do one day... I love the fabric ears. As for the wafer biscuit, I've never tried one, it looks tempting though!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend
    Jones xx

  29. I love the bunny but am feeling quite inspired by the lovely photos of anemones there beautiful x

  30. Hi Jacquie! Njammm those look too delicious!
    Amazing photos of anemones! How wonderful details they have if we can have so close look!
    Your bunny is the best with the qute tail and sweet fabric ears! Thank you for lovely moment! xxx Teje

  31. anemones -check (growing in my garden) bunnies - check (will come back for that pattern!) caramel...oh no, I'm drooling (on a diet!)totally lurve these and would probably manage more tahn 1 if I could! I grew up on the M&S variety - sadly they changed their recipe. used to come in little pure gold wrappers. dribble.

  32. I love your flowers!! you are so talented with the crochet!

  33. Those anemones are glorious and certainly don't look battered to me. :) Your little bunny is so cute. I crocheted 5 teddy bears without a pattern many years ago and for the life of me can't imagine doing it again. :/ Caramel with mint or chocolate is a favorite of mine! Yum! Have a happy day. Tammy

  34. What a cute bunny to decorate your Easter. I adore the fabric ears!


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