Thursday 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Decorating

Hello Lovelies , if you are in the U.K. I'm sure you will be very aware of tomorrows big event.Personally  I'm looking at it as an excuse to decorate the house with a few red,white and blue pretties . This morning I picked some simple flowers from my garden . ...

Bluebells , which ,now they are indoors I've realised , have a gorgeous scent....rather like Hyacinths.....

A huge  Peony ,as it was the only red flower I could find . And some pretty white bells...

I may not have been watching the build up programmes but I do love the cover of the Radio Times this week . This gorgeous picture is the winner of a children's competition and I think the whole thing is adorable , from the Will hearts Kate sign to the wonky wheels and the red,white and blue confetti....

I think I still have the Souvenir edition of the Radio Times from when Williams Parents were Married ,it's in my loft somewhere !!  Yes I was totally hooked on that royal wedding . Being a young teenager I thought it was so romantic . Lady Di was the most Beautiful bride and I watched and read every thing I could about the wedding
1981 was the year I got my first camera and this is the picture I took of our decorations for that big day....

I'm sure Mum put them up mainly to please me :0)

So this time round I've been enjoying thinking of ways to decorate . I love red ,white and blue anyway . So  I designed a three coloured flower to add a little crochet goodness to the proceedings. Late Tuesday evening I grabbed some yarn and started playing around . This is the finished result . What do you think ??
The colour choices I made under artificial light are not perfect...I think a darker red would have been nicer but overall I'm really pleased with it ...........

It's just two rows of puff stitch and then some petals , but I think it works well......

Mine are just crocheted on to a chain by the tops of two petals . But I think they could work well individually too,and of course a change of colours would give a different look.

Here is my Royal Wedding fireplace in all it's red, white and blue glory . ......

It makes me happy ....and the boys have been busy making bunting from triangles of card this evening , so we can string some  up in the front garden tomorrow morning . I expect I will indeed watch quite a bit of the wedding tomorrow , I love a good wedding and they seem so well suited , can't wait to see the dress :0)

Hope you enjoy tomorrow ,however you plan to spend it .
Jacquie x

P.S. I Just need to mention that the HUGE trophy on my mantle piece is youngests  "under eights Player of the Year" award from his Rugby club , well done son , I'm a proud Mummy :0)


  1. I'm a true-blue-American ... but I will be watching the Royal Wedding - just as I watched William's mums wedding, his birth, his first day at school, & Diana's funeral.


  2. Oh my gosh...yes...what Val said above. I just can't believe how many years have gone by and how quickly. I think Diana's death will forever be one of my most traumatic memories...I'll have my tissues ready tomorrow morning! Love your decorations! And those flowers are beautiful!

  3. Iam in India. I will definitely watch their wedding. And I love your decorations!!

  4. Your mantle looks lovely, I do love your flower bunting! I won't be able to watch the wedding as we will be traveling a bit tomorrow.. but I am sure I can watch recaps online later.
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Ooh, I love your festive decor and crocheted garland. I'm so excited too. I better get to bed now so I can wake up early. From across the pond, Victoria

  6. Oh a fine royal display...
    I adore your crochet garland...
    I will be watching it too and loving every bit of it...

  7. I love your garland!

    I am on the other side of the pond, so I will be getting up before the sun to watch the wedding.

    I can't wait to see the dress as well:)

  8. Your mantle looks great, love the banner, I live in Canada but I'm from Coventry originally, so I'll be up at 2am time to watch the wedding (then off to work at 7am :0(
    Enjoy the wedding!

  9. Your mantle looks lovely. Yes I too sat glued to Charles & Diana's wedding. I'd been married less than 2 years & was expecting my first baby. Oh how time flies!!!!
    If you have a chance pop over & look at my Royal Wedding mantle.

  10. Oh yes, today is going to be a great day! Lovely display, the crochet flowers look perfect together with the real flowers. And bravo to your rugby-son!
    Have a lovely weekend Jacquie,

  11. Love your flowers Jacquie, I think when the 2nd round is done in white they look like little puffy hearts - how cute. Look forward to a pattern/tutorial in the future???? please???? Libby x

  12. I love the garland and your decorations. Hope you enjoy the wedding, I'll be watching from a prime position on my sofa!

  13. Oh it looks so lovely!!! Enjoy the big day! xxx

  14. Hey Jacquie, your garland looks very royal and it does look like it has little hearts in it, very sweet.

    Your fireplace is beautifully decorated.........

    I am sitting here watching the preamble to the wedding, crochet to hand as I'll have a bit of a wait to the main event.

    Congrats also., to your youngest on winning 'player of the year', well done, great effort and what a huuuuuuge trophy.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}


  15. Your garland looks lovely on the mantlepiece.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is wearing to the wedding, there should be some great outfits.

  16. Your garland is so pretty, the puffs make up little hearts--quite appropriate!
    Congratulations to your son :) I'm a big rugby fan (not an expert though) probably because my brother played it too many years ago...
    Enjoy the day :)

  17. Felicidades por la boda real. La decoración es muy bonita.

  18. I live in Florida and I remember every second of Charles and Diana's wedding. Today was so special, William and Kate looked so beautiful and happy. Wishing them a happy life. Your decorations are great.

  19. Hello Jacquie!
    Oh the wedding was so beautiful! Kate's dress was gorgeous and they look so happy together! Love your Royal decorations, especially your garland!
    Congratulations to your boy too! That's a pretty impressive trophy!
    Rachel x

  20. Love your garland, and all your flowers and decorations to celebrate the big day! I did indeed stay up ALL NIGHT so as not to miss a thing about it all! The actual festivities began around 5 or so here? Can't remember, but I LOVED every minute of it! Kate looked beautiful, and William and Henry looked handsome as ever! Can't wait to watch more about it on t.v. tonight! (That is, if I can stay awake long enough now!)... Have a great weekend Jacquie! ~tina

  21. What a beautiful decoration you have made! Today is already the big day and the wedding was a fairytail like Diana's, too!
    Have a lovely time! xxx Teje

  22. I too love the bunting. And had to scroll up to se the little hearts bit Oh, how sweet, there they are!

  23. Love the flower garland, they would look great in other colours too. Am going to have to find out what 'puff stitch' is now!! x

  24. what a great idea for bunting! I made my own too - - as here in Australia I couldn't get any for love nor money...... can't be a brit abroad and not celebrate in style!!

    Thanks for a lovely blog.....

    D :o)

  25. Gorgeous bunting - I love the design of this. The colours look so nie together whatever the occasion!!! Bluebells are so pretty and they do have a lovely smell to them!


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