Monday 11 April 2011

Weekend - part 2

Hello Lovelies ,
tell me it too early to decorate for Easter  ??? I haven't seen any Easter dec's on the blogs I visit yet , but I have to admit I put mine up at the weekend.
I've had some bare branches ...saved from Mr BMs tree pruning my conservatory for a couple of weeks now. On Saturday I succumbed and decorated them with my little collection of Easter things. I actually let one of the boys do this .. and only  rearranged things a little after he had finished.

Ummmmm....simple twigs , decorated with eggs of the bought variety......

and the homemade variety.....

A touch of crochet ......

And some Bunnies in a jug :0).......

"What no Chocolate ??"

When he was decorating the tree my boy said " this is your crochet haven isn't it Mummy " Certainly looks that way !......

Comparing this corner with last year I can see all the extra pretties and that makes me happy.
In fact there is a make that is very new in this corner...did you spot it ??
It's there high up on the wall...

I made this late on Friday ( I think it was finished after midnight ) It was inspired by Jane at TEAWAGON TALES fabulous version. She's even done a " how-to" .Thank you Jane .

I had such a great time  making this . I know it's a great project to do with kids but they were in bed and I needed to make one.
I can't tell you how much fun it was.Picking out pretty papers and punching out little shapes to add ( I've made cards in the past so I had plenty of supplies)...........

I didn't have a gorgeous bird like Jane's but I think the cheapy chicks ( should that be cheepy chicks :0)) look a lot of fun .Actually blown up this big they look pretty scary but they look great from a distance !
I've made it Easter-ish but not too specific as I know I will want to leave this up when the other dec's come down.( though I will probably change the birds )
I made mine from a tissue box, with a trimmed down kebab stick for the perch as it what it was what I had lying around.
If you want a quick make that's loads of fun this takes a lot of could even let the little ones join in if you are feeling really generous :0)
Jacquie x


  1. It all looks fabulous. I'm off to check out the birdhouse link now...

  2. awwww looks lovely! i was wondering about putting my eastery eggy tree outy- think i will now- glad you started then we can follow in your inspiration- i soooo want to sit in your conservatory- i love the colours ;0)x

  3. Love the little birds house. I have to give that a go when I got time. Very pretty! :D

  4. I think making a bird house should be on our list of Easter holiday activities! Yours looks fab and I do love the Easter tree too.

  5. Looks like you have had a marvelous crafting and crocheting weekend!! Love your cute little easter tree and birdhouse, and all those colorful hexagons!!

  6. Your decorations all look lovely. I did manage to get Mr V up in the loft to get the Easter box down so thats a start !
    Have a lovely time x

  7. nice!!
    from Chile

  8. Very nice. I saw Jane's post but tbh I just can't stand paper and glue!! I'll drool over everyone else's though. x

  9. Lovely Easter look and feel!

  10. Hey Jacquie, cute bird house, will have to check them out, this looks like my 'thing' though I shall have to hunt for supplies.......

    Your crochet haven looks so cheery and festive.

    It's a wet, Wintery, brekky in bed morning here, 'just perfick'

    Claire :}

  11. Jacquie
    I came to post about the hexagons, but you already had this lovely post about easter. I tried your hexagon pattern last night, I made a minor change because I didn't like how mine was gapping no matter what I tried. I just started a blog. I posted today about a trip to a state park to visit the alpaca's and other animals. I said I was inspired to do hexagons by you and Le Monde Sucrette blog, just wanted to let you know. In my next post I'll post pictures of my hexagons. Hugs, Rene'

  12. A perfect crochet haven if I ever saw one.
    The little birdhouse is extra sweet.

  13. Ive never decorated for easter before but there are so many good ideas. I love the birdhouse too and would also love to join you in your 'crochet haven':-) What inspiration for future projects, sitting amongst your finishes :-)

  14. Your Easter decorated corner is gorgeous. So bright and colourful. The little birds house is cute too. Your crochet cushions look lovely all lined up on your sofa. They are inspiring me to get some more crochet done soon.
    Anne xx

  15. I love all your decorations. The bunnies look so sweet in the jug - or are they jugged hares?

  16. Very cute and festive! I love it.

  17. Love your crochet haven Jacquie! Those bunnies in thejug are just heavenly xox Alice and I got our trusty old twigs out and plan to decorate soon. I can't quite believe that it's Easter already xox

  18. Love your little birdhouse - you are clever! But i have to admit, my favourites are the crochet bunnies.

  19. Hi Jacquie! Everything look so lovely and I think that can be as well spring decoration as Easter! I love the bird house, I hope I have time to make one! Your last post is also so wonderful! Beautiful photos and those haxacons became really sweet, like flowers!
    Have a great time! Teje
    Ps. I were still socks!

  20. That looks very Eastery! I love your crocheted accesories. xx

  21. Superb crochet haven, must be lovely to sit and craft there.

    Loving the little chickie house - very cute!

  22. Hello, Jacquie!
    Your Easter decoration is lovely!
    I´ve used your Bunny tutorial to do my first amigurumi! It helped a lot! Thank you so much for the inspiration! If you can, take a look at my post here:

  23. decorating for Easter is not something I do but I must say your conservatory looks REALLY pretty and I can understand why you do it. It must really cheer you up especially on a wet day.

  24. very lovely little spot indeed, everything looks so pretty, colourful and uplifting ♥ yOUR birdhouse is too cure for words, I'd been admiring Jane's a few days ago you know what had kind of forgotten temporarily about decorating for Easter, need to go get my Easter Shoe Box from the Attic eaves and get to it, thanks for the reminder

  25. Hi Jacquie
    Just found your blog via 'Annette's Pieces' and hopped over to take a peek!
    Happy, happy blog with such fabulous colours throughout, a real delight to read. Love the crochet bunnies, soooooo cute and the litle birdhouse so pretty too.
    I shall enjoy coming back to see more
    (Buttons & Stitches x x x)

  26. I love the 2 little bunnies so very sweet!
    Great Easter decorations.
    Isabelle x

  27. Love your crochet corner! Cute Easter decorations too, especially the bird house. ♥

  28. hello,

    Love the little birds house.

    You make very lovly projekts.

    greatings send you Conny

  29. oh that bird house is lovely!! I love all your easter decorations, but the crochet bunnies still steal the day - so cute in that jug!
    Jones x

  30. What a beautiful Bright and Cheery display you have there, I love a splash of colour and your Blog is just that! :)

  31. Beautiful!!! Loved!!
    Kisses from Brazil,

  32. Hi, just found your blog on Flickr today and after a rubbish morning and an argument with the OH i have read your entire blog at work this afternoon and a big thank you for cheering me up no end - love your crochet too much for words :)
    Sam xx

  33. I love your Easter corner! So cute and pretty Jacquie!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  34. help,i want to find the pattern for the pretty blue pin cushion.. and what did you use for the inside for the cushion part.



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