Sunday 20 March 2011

Looking a little Closer

Hello Lovelies,
It's been a stunningly sunny day here and on the eve of the spring equinox I really felt spring had arrived. By the afternoon the suns warmth tempted me into our sunny, south facing front garden for a little light weeding...

There's something wonderful about digging over your own little patch of earth . I can clearly recall the first time I weeded the garden of my first home, a newly built  ,very small, townhouse . I had been dreading the job and was totally shocked to find myself enjoying it so much.

Today,while I was down at ground level, I saw lots of tiny spring flowers you would hardly notice standing up (or maybe it's my eyesight!)

The Violas are self seeded and really teeny weeny, here they are next to my very pink finger for scale....

It's a great joy to have a camera that can take macro shots ....though they only turn out this good when the light levels are high ........

This is lungwort, another very small plant , but so pretty and such interesting foliage,it's a real favourite of mine and  it flowers for ages.....

I don't even know the name of these tiny spring flowers but they looked gorgeous in the sunshine this afternoon......

These Hellebore are much bigger but they are so droopy you can't see the pretty flowers unless you bend the stems a little.....

The oriental poppies are a while away from flowering yet but the foliage is growing like mad.....

The sunshine also brought the boys outside to play and they decided to take the Rabbits for their first walk of the year. Here's Dusty in her smart black harness.........

And here's Sparkle in royal blue ........

This shots a bit blurred but I had to include it.....

Don't Rabbits look adorable when the wash their faces like this , so Beatrix Potter :0)

In the background of this image you can see my poor dead Hebe , I think a lot of these plants failed to withstand the extreme cold we had this winter :0(
Oh well, I suppose it's a good excuse to buy a replacement and thankfully  I haven't noticed many other casualties.

Here's hoping tomorrow is just as nice .
Jacquie x


  1. I'm glad you've had a sunny day to enjoy. It makes you feel so good to have that little bit of warmth. Your spring flowers are lovely and I have a dark pink hellebore just like yours. I'm always looking for them in my garden towards the end of winter.
    Those two rabbits are so cute on their leads, they're adorable animals.
    I hope you have another lovely day tomorrow and wonderful week.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  2. Hello Jacquie! Oh so lucky you are able to get out in your flower garden and dig around. Here in Ohio it is just barely starting to green up a bit and now they call for cold weather again. We can have danger of frost into May. That seems like a long way off. The snap shots of your flowers are beautiful and the bunnies are adorable. Yes a definite Beatrix Potter moment is going on with the last pic of that little ball of fluff. Happy gardening. Love your blog :)

  3. Such pretty photos. We also spent the aternoon in the garden, it was great to get Isla's garden toys out and watch her running around the garden.Just need the evenings to warm up now, so I can light the chiminea and crochet outside. xxxx

  4. What a beautifull pics.. enjoy the beautifull weather

  5. What a lovely day youv'e had Jacquie. Nice to reconnect with the garden on a lovely sunny day.
    Beautiful Hellebore, I once read that Hellebores hang their heads in shame as every part of the plant is poisonous............

    The bunnies are gorgeous, love that face washing shot, so cute.

    Claire :)

  6. Ah so cute bunnies, thats set me up for the day thanks.

  7. Lovely lovely photos - I wish my camera had a macro like yours!

    And the bunnies are adorable - I love bunnies, but feel that my 2 cats would as well (and in an entirely inappropriate way - eek!!)

    I was lucky enough to spend yesterday in the Peak District, where it was fantastic to be out and about in the spring sunshine!


  8. Spring it on - lovely photos and adorable bunnies.

  9. aaaahhhh that last photo of your little rabbit washing his face is just so cute what a fab photo ;-) You have taken some beautiful shots of your flowers so pretty this time of the year, and yesterday was such a gorgeous day, dee x

  10. You have a pretty garden. I too enjoy my flower beds, it's a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Love all the beautiful flowers you've shown. My grandmother had lovely poppies in her garden, the bright orange-red ones. Looking forward to seeing yours. One of my shrubs died over the winter as well and I replaced it yesterday. Happy Spring! :-)

  11. gorgeous bunnies!!! mine would freak out if i tried to put him in a harness, he is very stubborn!!!

  12. Lovely flowers Jacquie - so colourful - and your bunnies are just adoooorrraabbllleeee! xx

  13. Hi Jacquie! What a lovely garden post! We have again rain, so I enjoy watching your gardening and those most beautiful flowers! I fancy now the small white with tiny drops of green at the end of the leaves! Your bunnies are always so adorable! I love that last photo! I'm sure they enjoy also sun and fresh grass.
    I wish you sunny week! xxx Teje

  14. I love rooting around in the garden, nature always gives you a little suprise to delight you! Those bunnies are gorgeous, I bet they like eating tasty tiny spring flowers!

  15. I saw the name of your blog and had to stop by and say hi! I too have a bunny! If fact my last post was all about him. Your bunnies are too cute? What kind are they.

    Aren’t bunnies the BEST! I think more people would own them if they knew just how great they are.

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  16. Your unamed plants could be a form of Epimedium (blue and white flower pic), and giant snowdrops - 30cm - possibly called Loddon Lilies.

  17. Your bunnies are adorable! I love your little flowers that are blooming. Nothing is blooming here in Pennsylvania, USA yet. We are in another cold snap. Gardening makes me feel so alive. I can't wait to get out in mine! Have a great day!


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