Monday 21 July 2014

Seven Snippets

Hello Lovelies,
having accidentally titled my previous two posts with two words starting in S, I'm intentionally carrying it on a bit longer :0)

Here are my seven snippets of happy things from the past seven days.

1. This gorgeous Gerbera was a thoughtful gift from my sister in law. It was pretty small when she gave it to me but it's growing super quickly on the kitchen windowsill, with new flowers emerging all the time...........

and aren't they gorgeous........a wonderful colour and so many petals!

2. This weeks thrifty find is this pretty, hand painted jug. I couldn't resist it for 49p and I love looking at it in the bathroom, filled with this weeks posy of garden flowers.............

 Sweet peas, nasturtiums, Alchemilla and Nigella

3. On Wednesday evening we had sunshine and showers. I looked out of the kitchen window and saw purple skies?..........I dashed outside and was thrilled to see a lovely rainbow.........

 With pink sky below it and purple above.

4. Soaring Swifts
I saw these birds on an evening walk and wasn't sure what they were. Their outline reminded me of a Swallow, but it was more boomerang shaped. Once home I discovered they were Swifts.............

and learned they are amazing birds that fly constantly for the first three years of their

5. Youngests return from his school residential visit.
He borrowed my old camera and came home with just a few pictures. I think they were too busy doing activities most of the time. I love this shot of Chatsworth house he took on an evening walk............

 He said he took it as he knew I would like it....bless him.

I love the fact that he came home with handmade wristbands too. I'm glad the boys enjoyed making and wearing loom bands,  thanks to the generosity of the girls in his class who kindly shared their kits..................

6. Yellow Gerberas . I treated myself to another of these great house plants in the supermarket. They were only a pound and they really make me smile...............

 did you spot my crochet and reading material? 

7. We have booked a holiday in Dorset and I couldn't resist a little book about this stunning coastline to take with us...........

It's a part of the country I've never visited before.....but that I feel a little familiar with, thanks to memorable blog  posts like THIS

Oh, yes I'm so looking forward to seeing these lovely places for myself.
 Lucy continues to be a big influence on my choice of crochet too.........remember THIS post.
I'm concentrating hard on this wonderful but slightly tricksy free pattern. I think it's going pretty well so far
Jacquie x


  1. I love that thrifty jug and the crochet x

  2. Those gerberas are gorgeous. Funny, I only really think of them as cut flowers but they are lovely little plants in your pics. Feel tempted to go and hunt some out :) x

  3. That sky is just amazing. Great you were able to get a picture of it before it changed. Your wee jug is really lovely - and thrifted too! Hope you enjoy your trip to Dorset

  4. Lucky you yes Dorset is probably my favourite English county... I visit as often as I can and if I could I'd live there... just love the craggy coast and lush countryside... Have a fab holiday!! Cx

  5. 49p for that pretty little jug is an amazing bargain, like you I find Lucy inspiring but I also read you for inspiration, both for crochet and photography. I am a beginner at both but working to improve.

  6. Love the photos the color in them is just stunning x

  7. Dorset is absolutely beautiful, you'll love it. The Chatsworth photo is stunning, and how lovely that he took it for you, it makes it doubly wonderful. The purple sky with a rainbow is sensational, a real rarity. Loom bands have been discovered here too, there have been a few moments of quiet absorption, for which I am always grateful! CJ xx

  8. Love your gerberas. They are one of my favourite flowers & had lots of bright pink ones in my wedding flowers. I never have much success with them in pots though as they always seem to die straight away!

  9. Oh I love Gerbera Daisies!!! They are so pretty and cheerful!

  10. Love the picture of Chatsworth House,, gorgeous.

  11. Your gerberas are beautiful Jacquie, and of course being a lover of pink that one really does it for me, but don't tell Mr Yellow, I wouldn't want to hurt any feelings. Gosh, you must have moved quickly to catch that wonderful sky, it's beautiful, as is your new crochet. xoJoy

  12. Looks like a Starflower mandala to me! You'll love Dorset and make sure you go and look for fossils - we found loads at Lulworth Cove ( when we visited many, many years ago :-) xxx

  13. Love the rainbow shot, and your gerberas look great! : )

  14. Beautiful gerbera's! I treated myself to some pink nasturtium seeds over the weekend while I was out treasure hunting as well, love the painted jug. I found a pink Pyrex dish to add to my retro kitchen theme. What a magical moment spying the rainbow with such lovely colors surrounding it! A gorgeous shot of Chatsworth House as well. Your star mandala is looking lovely! I had to make one too after Lucy shared it. lol Have a wonderful time on holiday! (Look forward to the post about it.)

  15. Hope you have a wonderful holiday in Dorset. It is a great place to visit, but I would say that wouldn't I! I'm sure your posts about it will be just as enjoyable as reading about your holiday in Cornwall last year. Sarah x

  16. You will love Dorset!! You must go to the Saturday market in Bridport and West Bay for 'refreshment' at the Watch House café, it is on the beach!!! Have fun! X

  17. Thanks for sharing your seven snippets. Dorset is beautiful, you will love it. Fingers crossed the weather is kind to you. The Gerberas are stunning and I love that little jug. Lastly, the photo of Chatsworth was very well executed, well done to your youngest, x

  18. My apologies if I comment twice, but something weird happened the first time I tried to submit a comment.

    What I said was I think of this place as Pemberley! I wanted to tour Chatsworth when I visited England in 1998, but our schedule didn't permit that. I have your blog in my reader and always enjoy your cheery posts, especially the photos you take of your walks. Thanks for always sharing.

  19. That picture of Chatsworth house is great! And yey for loom bands nice to have a craze that's for boys and girls!

  20. Your son took a super photo of Chatsworth! Some great snippets here, I'd love to re-visit Dorset, I haven't been since I was a child but I really want to go fossiling there. Thanks for your email by the way, I will reply properly soon.

  21. I'm a daisy girl, but I love gerberas!
    And as for your boy's photograph : nice job!! I see he has his mummy's eye. Good work, you, Jacquie.
    I look forward to your Dorset blog posts.

  22. Lovely post!!!! I absolutely just love the color of that "red wine" gerberas!!!! It reminds me of a lovely red wine that I am so fond of!!!! Your boy certainly has his Mom's eye for a good photograph!!!! Enjoy your holiday and have a fab fun time!!!!
    AMarie xxx


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