Monday 7 July 2014

Weekly Snippets

Hello lovelies,
Here are the random things that I captured on my little camera in the first week of July.

1. My Lily plants are beginning to flower. The buds looked a bit nibbled and I wondered if they would be spoilt, but at least some have survived...........

2. Decorating the school hall for youngest's Primary school leavers party. This celebration was organised by the parents and it was a real group effort. I felt so glad to be part of this lovely group of parents........

The children had a great time, so all the effort was well worth it.

The parents may be lovely, but many looked at me oddly when I offered them this bunting as we took down the decorations at the end of the night. I know it's just cheap stuff......but it's still cheery and I think it looks great in the garden..............

two other mums did take some too, in the end.

3. A visit to a summer fair with my sister in law and niece.
Everywhere looked lovely in the sunshine. I adored these climbing roses.............

The village it was held in was so pretty. This cute white cottage looked gorgeous with it's pink hollyhocks........

and the church was the simple type I like so much...............

I also loved this cottage...........

We looked around some gardens, where we found quiet corners...........

And pretty butterflies...............

this is the first Comma I've seen this year.

4. All in all it's been a busy week and not much crafting has taken place, but I did squeeze in the time to make a card for my grown up niece who has just got engaged..............

Her boyfriend proposed in romantic...............

They are cat lovers, that's why I've included some feline friends :0)

I'm really pleased with how it turned out....I hope it makes them smile.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my latest posts.

Hope you all have a good week
Jacquie x


  1. such a lovely card Jacquie, you really have a talent! funny about the bunting, we assume it's universal don't we! looks nice in your garden. X

  2. Lovely pictures. I especially love the village ones and that red house is so sweet. Reminds me of an old schoolhouse. My DH grew up in one very similar. Your card is super hope the happy couple will be pleased with it too. I,m sure they will.

  3. Love your pretty photos Jacquie! I am inspired to try a little drawing .. I love yours!
    Have a wonderful week :) Pat x

  4. Love the card; I'm sure your niece and her fiance will treasure it. x

  5. I really love those beautiful pictures. The card is really pretty. Have a wonderful, creative week.

    greetings Emily

  6. The card is lovely, I bet they'll treasure that one :)

  7. Oh the card is beautiful being a cat lover too the cute kitties really make it personal. Your Lily is so pretty. Wishing you a happy week x

  8. I love the engagement card!! So pretty. I think that the bunting looks great in your garden too, I would definitely have helped you out with rehoming some of that, it is just the sort of bunting that you want in a garden I think, nice and bright and so very cheery! xx

  9. Love the card, it's absolutely beautiful! I've tagged you in a blog hop, if you'd like to join in - it's about your creative process. If you fancy it, just answer the four questions in my post, link to my blog as the person who tagged you, and then link to three more bloggers that you'd like to know more about. :)

  10. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Love the card. My nephew proposed to his girlfriend in Paris a little while ago too, so romantic, x

  11. I'm with you- I love bunting & it looks great in your garden. I love the card you made.x

  12. What a beautiful card!!!! They certainly will not get anything nearly the same!!!! Have a great week!!!!

  13. Such a pretty card - it has a retro look - smashing!

  14. What a lovely card, one to be saved and cherished. I would have gladly taken the bunting...fought for it, even. :)

  15. What a lovely post, Jacquie - thanks for sharing it all. xx

  16. What a beautiful card!! One to be cherished. As for your lilies it maybe Lilly Beetles!! They are bright orange, you have to pick them off and squash them, according to a gardening magazine. It could definitely be those little blighters, they have eaten all my lilies, so could be a bit peckish and heading your way!!!!! I would have loved the bunting!!

  17. Really lovely card and photographs! Your blog inspired me to start my own - it's a bit scary when you first start out isn't it?! Hopefully i have the confidence to keep going. I am reading your blog from your first post - a little bit each night where it allows me time to disappear into a very cheery world for a while so thank you!


  18. What a beautiful card, they will no doubt love to have such a personal thing. You've visited some lovely places again, I adore that bench in the green shady corner. I'd love to sit there for a while. And I'd be thrilled if someone let me take some bunting home, it's just what my garden needs. And some of those roses, they're exquisite. I've been noticing quite a few lovely rambling roses this year, they look so good, entwined with other things. Hope you have a good week Jacquie, CJ xx

  19. A gorgeous yellow lily! And I love your garden - the bunting looks so cheery.

  20. What a lovely lily! Mine have been blooming for awhile, I'll miss them when they stop, such a cheery flower. The bunting looks great in the garden, (I'd have taken you up on that offer.) lol I LOVE the card, such a special keepsake I'm sure they'll treasure it, congrats to them! I've been woodburning one of my drawings (transferred to wood) today, sunflowers, just need to add some color. Enjoy your week!

  21. I love your engagement card. He's a winner - proposing in Paris! Wow.

  22. I think the happy couple will frame your card. I love your blog!

  23. I adore the card! I bet they will cherish it for a very, very long time!!

    Oh, Paris... I certaintly need to go back! Last time we were there, we made sure to eat our way through the city! So much great food and not expensive at all if one avoids the touristy places!

    Take care

  24. Such a wonderful card, love the kitties too.

  25. Wow your card is really really lovely, they will appreciate it I'm sure :)
    FWIW I would have gladly taken the bunting!! lol

  26. Lovely pictures and I really love your card!!!


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