Thursday 3 July 2014

The Last of the Marigolds

Hello Lovelies,
Last year I grew some Marigolds from seed.

They have flowered continuously  in my front garden, for a whole twelve months.... I can hardly believe it.
They certainly brought some much appreciated cheer to the dark winter days. You can see them HERE in December.

Yesterday they were still flowering, and I picked this posy..........

 The final posy.

Though there were still some blooms the plants had got very straggly and covered in mildew..........

 I really didn't want to pull them up but the time had come. I snipped off the remaining flowers and photographed them in all their wonderful shades of yellow and orange............

Then popped them in the  little thrifted blue glass that lives on my kitchen windowsill..........

They have been added to so many posies of various garden it's time they have the staring roll.............

Such hardy, simple, happy flowers............

 How I love them.............

 I resolved to plant some more very soon.

Thank you for brightening my doorstop and windowsill sweet Marigolds
Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful. Think I'll seek out some Marigold seeds and plant them too, and get out the orange felt and make some in the meantime!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Did you save some seeds? So you can put them in the soil after some time and they will grow again. Love those flowers!

  3. Nice post! I love flowers as well!
    I see the mushroom of crochet next to the window and I felt in love! Can you, please, make some pictures to it for show it better??

    Thanks a lot! and hugs from Spain!

  4. I love marigolds too so bright and cheerful. :)

  5. Beautiful colours and they look so lovely in the blue vase.

  6. I love marigolds, especially the English variety, such a cheerful flower!

  7. These marigolds are self seeding and will come back next year. We have had them growing for at least 10 years. I also let some of the seed heads mature and collect the seeds in Sept/Oct and just sprinkle them down on the ground. No need to cover them with soil..... they come back and bloom just lovely. I love where you blue vase 'lives'... made me giggle.
    Thanks for all the posts lately. I love them all, I just done always write a comment.

  8. Love these flowers and their beautiful colours, thanks for sharing! : )

  9. Your marigolds have been gorgeous Jacquie, and still are - perched there on your window sill in the little blue glass - it's where they live now of course, looking lovely! Wishing you many colourful marigold seasons, xoJoy

  10. Your Flowers are so very beautiful...I love them...they are very colorful, bright and very cherry looking....

  11. They're beautiful! So nice of them to bloom all year for you. I've never had any do that, I have some blooming now, but they'll just last till frost. Yours looks gorgeous in the blue vase. Your little toadstool reminds me, I have one in the never ending wip pile lol, I need t dig it out and finish it ;o

  12. Those marigolds are truly beautiful and so cheerful, x

  13. Beautiful! Especially with the blue glass, a classic combination of blue and orange! xx

  14. Lovely, they could very well have self seeded already giving you another batch for next year. They are such cheerful looking flowers.

  15. Your marigolds are beautiful! It's nice to see these flowers.
    La combinaison de jaune et d'oragne est vraiment très belle.
    Lucie x

  16. Marigolds are just the most cheerful and giving little flowers, I love them too! Here in South Africa, they also grow constantly through all our seasons :)

  17. A 12 month bloom is such good value. When it is time to cut back, bringing the late flowers indoors is such a lovely way to enjoy them so they don't go to waste.


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