Tuesday, 29 July 2014

♥ Summertime Moments ♥ At Home

Hello Lovelies,
I'm enjoying my week off work with my boys immensely. 
The weather has been great and the computer has been turned off for most of the day. 
I can't resist photographing the happy things that I love to record and share with you lovelies, so here is  simple post of  happy home-time moments.

Flowers from the garden on the bathroom windowsill..........

Seeing a mention for my sail-away decoration in Simply Crochet magazine :0)

baking on a cooler evening when I could bare to turn the oven on.........

Yummy carrot cake, THIS simple recipe...........

Barbecuing and eating in the garden. Eldest cooks the meat and I make the salads etc.. He's always been  such a helpful boy and I love it now his help really is helpful..............

Quiet time just for me.........

A shady spot and a cup of tea, time to sort out my yarn bag and put all my tiny scraps in this little bag I made as a teenager......I still love it..............

Also time for adding a few more tiny squares to my latest project.............

It's nearly finished now.......I cant wait to share.

Jacquie x


  1. looks lovely, love the colours of your crochet. and I love your bunting in the garden :)

  2. Oh it does look blissful in your garden, especially the glimpse of it from upstairs. So green and shady - wonderful. I'd like to sit there with you for a while and do some stitches and have a natter. I'm trying to teach my eldest a bit of cooking as well, it's nice when he can prepare a meal if I'm out with the others. Well done on your crochet mention, I love the little sail boat. It would look lovely on a mobile as well I think. CJ xx

  3. 'baking on a cooler evening when I could bare to turn the oven on...' A typo, I know, but it cracked me up! We should all bake naked in this weather :D

  4. Wow, teeny teeny squares!!!! A lot of ends to sew in there, but a nice project for the summer. I saw your sail away in the magazine and smiled when I saw it, I knew immediately it was yours even before I read the write up! xx

  5. Lovely, special moments. Love your "sail away".x

  6. I have a tiny bag of scraps too though I didn't make the bag. It's great when you get help that is really helpful!

  7. Wow Jacquie - well done on the magazine article! Glad you're enjoying some family time x Jane

  8. Congrats on the magazine! L-o-v-e carrot cake, yours looks divine. I too like to crochet outside, I'm usually found on the porch in the swing with mine. A lovely childhood treasure and a great way to keep up with all those tiny scraps of yarn. Such a sweet memory making time spent making a meal, it is so nice when they reach the age that they ARE a help.lol Enjoy!

  9. I would like to sit in the garden just like that. I think I'll try to do it soon.

  10. Love your sail-away decoration! Congrats! The barbecue and quiet shady spot looks fantastic! I can't wait to see what you will do with the tiny squares! :)

  11. Lovely photos. My boys (men) love to do the BBQ when they come to visit. Must be a man thing, x

  12. I always enjoy you blog. I almost feel as if I know you. Your projects are always so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  13. So glad others are given the opportunity to admire your sailboat...and as a Saylor, I think I should make one...another project for my want to make list :) Hope you and yours enjoy many more happy days together. I am enjoying having most of my adult children together in may house this week...a rare treat! xx

  14. I have always adored your little sail boats on the side bar of your block, so I am not surprised that they got a mention!!!! Your carrot cake looks really yummy!!! I also love eating outside and it looks as though you had a lot of fun!!!! Have a happy week and enjoy your summer!!!!
    AMarie xxx


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