Sunday 7 December 2014

Scenes from Saturday

Hello Lovelies,
yesterday we were treated to such gorgeous winter weather. On Friday night youngest asked me to wake him early so we could walk together before it got light.
It was just a little stroll, shortly after 7am. We loved being outside in the chilly  December dawn.......

and walking along quiet, frosty streets as the sun rose...........

Then it was home for breakfast.
By 9am the beautiful morning was calling to me again and I went outside alone to enjoy the pretty scenes..........

there were some rather impressive ice crystals in the fence....................

and the allotments looked like any digging would be impossible..............

I was happy to crunch along to icy grass and carefully climb the slippery stile............

It had sweet paw prints on one side and gorgeous icy leaves in the other.............

The horses were being fed hay............

and as I watched them eat I heard a strange rumbling from above .........A hot air balloon glided gracefully overhead....silent apart from the short blasts on the burner to gain altitude............

I climbed another frosty stile..........

And watched the balloon sail over the sheep field..........

The ( presumably pregnant ) ewes didn't even notice it.....they were too busy watching me..........

The balloon was disappearing into the distance by the time I reached sunrise corner.........

What a perfect ( if cold) morning to go for a balloon ride..............

Back home I was glad to warm up with a hot drink. I was looking forward to opening a parcel that arrived earlier in the week.


I was very impressed with the speedy service by Wool Warehouse and I loved the pretty bag that my yummy yarn arrived in.

I do like to buy local, but our local yarn  shop doesn't stock Stylecraft ( I have tried dropping hints) and Wool Wharehouse is so reasonable. Even with the delivery charge it's the most affordable way for me to buy this lovely yarn...........

I need these colours to complete my blanket. But before I break them open I enjoyed admiring the colours together...........randomly placed...........

and grouped .......... I loved both........

from L to R.....Camel, Meadow, Bluebell, Cloud Blue, Raspberry and Pale Rose.

I was taking these photos on the landing as it was well lit. And turning around I had to smile at Eldest's Granny stripe blanket on his bed..........these cold nights crochet blankets are so useful and this project from 2010 is much loved..........

The day remained sunny and so many things caught my eye. Dirty windows This years Amaryllis growing.........

Pretty Christmas cards I'm gradually writing........I couldn't resist these cute Robins..........

Rainbows on the walls and ceiling from my rainbow maker.........

And the Birthday banner and cards displayed for youngest's 12th Birthday earlier this week.........

Yesterday evening we had a family gathering to celebrate his special day and I made THIS easy, healthy casserole............

it was super tasty and very popular.

there was more traditional party fare too, and of course his Nanna made a yummy sponge cake, which we placed 12 candles in..........

Happy Birthday to you dear youngest.

Today we need  to take down the birthday things and put up the Christmas Tree. Better get on with it.
Jacquie x

P.S. I am NOT getting any commission for saying nice things about Wool Warehouse.....I'm just happy to recommend their great service to you lovelies.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love your blog, your photos and your crochet projects. Greetings from Serbia! :)

  2. The photos from your walk are beautiful, especially the one with the wintry trees, frosty grass and balloon. It sounds like a lovely Saturday!

  3. I loved my last Stylecraft (Attic24 Cosy Blanket) parcel from Wool Warehouse. This time my 15 balls came in a lovely bag. Really handy for keeping the yarn and project together.
    I checked out the healthy casserole, it looks yummy.

  4. What a lovely frosty morning!
    Happy belated birthday to your son! : )

  5. Happy birthday to youngest - looks like you and he had a lovely early morning frosty walk together. The yarn colours are scrumptious, they do look good placed together :)
    Cathy x

  6. A truly beautiful winter walk, wonderful that you could share it with a loved one. Love the yarn, the colours are a real delight.

  7. A delightful post - I thank you.

  8. Happy Birthday to you're youngest, looks like a lovely frosty morning how I would have loved to be in that balloon. Loving the pretty bags the yarn comes in from woolwarehouse
    Clare xx

  9. Your blog is wonderful, congratulations for birthday, i like your pictures,greetings from Warsaw

  10. Lovely photos from your frosty walk yesterday an belated birthday wishes to your youngest. Your yarn colours look scrummy I've just started to crochet a throw to go on the sofa in style craft special which luckily I can get from my local yarn shop.
    Jackie x

  11. Always great to catch up on your news and bouts of outdoor freshness. We spent the day on Sunday at the cabin, lit the log burner, went for a walk and enjoyed the sunshine. Jo x

  12. How wonderful to share the early morning with your child outdoors. I love that ice-y fence, and how cool to look up and spy a hot air balloon over head! (I've been up in one of those, just wonderful!) Years ago I was out doing yard work when I heard an odd sound from above and looked up to see a blimp flying/floating by. Not your everyday siting! lol Beautiful cards, I need to send mine off soon. Have a great day! x

  13. I like the Stylecraft d.k. too. First time I've used it. I'm doing Lucy's coastal blanket. Almost done. If I want some more I'll have to order it from Wool Warehouse too cos my wool shop doesn't stock it either. Isn't it reasonably priced.. Love the photo of the ice crystals on the fence.

  14. I just loved going along with you on your early morning walks.. seeing that hot air balloon over your head must have been QUITE the surprise and a fabulous gift of serendipity!
    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to your son!

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    Teresa :-)

  15. It certainly was a chilly morning but lovely to see everything looking crispy and fresh. How lucky to see the hot air balloon. I bet the inhabitants had a VERY early start! A belated happy birthday to your son and I hope the Christmas decorating was productive today :-) x

  16. Happy birthday to your youngest, I hope he had a lovely day. I love your photo of the allotments, and I bet it was chilly in that balloon. The blanket is looking lovely, just right for these chilly evenings. I've heard good things about that wool, it certainly looks very snuggly. CJ xx

  17. Your photos are lovely...again. You are very talented. The wool is very pretty and sounds like a great way to purchase it. Happy Birthday a little late to the young one.

  18. What lovely walks and what magical frosty photos. I love the furry fence and the kitty-printed stile.

    How sweet that youngest wanted to go out with you so early! Happy birthday to him. :)

  19. Lovely frosty photos. How lovely your youngest wanted to wake up early and go for a walk. :)
    I love Wool Warehouse too - such lovely staff as well. When visiting my sister, I popped in to the base in Leamington Spa. Wishing you a happy week. x

  20. What a fabulous walk - winter light is so lovely. Such a lot of goodness in this post. Birthday wishes to your boy xx


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