Saturday 13 December 2014

Thursday's Walk

Hello lovelies,
on Thursday, after a two week gap, I managed to go out walking with the group I joined back in November. 
Once again the sun shone, but unlike our last walk, this one was icy cold. 
Never mind, I had wrapped up in lots of layers and walking warms you up after a while.

This route was mostly flat and open. We came  across many  pretty cottages..........

and walked by some impressively neat allotments.........

did you spot the frog prince :0)

then along this tree lined lane..........

where there were Donkeys and Alpaca ( I think)...........

The landscape was often many mellow shades of brown.........

and rather beautiful in the winter sunshine, I thought.

Here we were walking across an open field and the wind was biting, making your eyes and nose run, but it was certainly fresh and I loved that sky.........

Again it was so nice to just follow everybody else and not worry about which route to take........

and it was great to arrive at this lane, where the wind was not so strong..........

We headed through a small village.........

and I smiled at the unusual grassy drive to the squat little church............

Then it was across more fields, chatting as we walked.........

It's all to easy to keep your eyes down, watching your footing, and nearly miss the pretty spots you pass.....

This walk was eight miles long. As usual we stopped for coffee ( when the walk leader gave out delicious home made brownies) and later we stopped again for a picnic lunch.

But we still seemed to get back to the start quickly. I guess we were walking fast to warm up, and the stops were short as it was too cold to sit around for long......better to keep going.....there's always something new to discover around the next corner.

I loved this Wendy house..............

And this view..........

In this photo it's only 1.30 pm, but the low sun makes it look much later I think.

It was my third group walk and another great time with this lovely group. I'm so happy we were able to get out in the countryside on a sunny day.

Jacquie x


  1. I love your walks Jacquie and the blueness of the sky, so I am glad you look up from the muddy pathways. Can I ask which camera you use as I am looking for a more practical one for Christmas? Enjoy the weekend - looks like today is going to be sunny :-) x

  2. What a beautiful walk, I do so love the countryside in winter. I especially like the allotments and the little orchard with the old plough(?). I'm really hoping we get to do a walk today as it's supposed be sunny all day long. I just have to persuade everyone else, wish me luck. CJ xx

  3. It sounds and looks wonderful! I can't imagine walking 8 miles but the beautiful vistas, the interesting villages, trails, food,nand chatter would surely help.its lively to follow along.

  4. I'm with Holly! How long does it take,with stops and all?

  5. Hi Ladies, thanks for your comments. To answer your queries.
    My camera is a Canon's a compact but has a 20X zoom, which I love.
    This walk took about 4 hours including stops. It was really flat, so not hard.
    Jacquie x

  6. Another lovely hike! I so wish I had a group like that here, we have so many trails to explore in the mountains, those I dare not do alone. Maybe I could start one myself hmmm... food for thought. Cute frog prince, I love the colors of grasses in winter. We have broom sage in fields here and when left to grow tall it glows a brownish orange in the winter sun. (In my nature album on Flickr title amber waves, if you care to see.) Have a great weekend! x

  7. Always love your walks Jacqui. Love Jo x

  8. I must say, that your pictures are truly amazing! I always have a smile on when I come to your blog. I often check in throughout the week and I am always uplifted by your thoughts and crafts/crochet and pictures, its like I am there too. Thank you for sharing....
    Kelli from Oregon

  9. Great to read you had a good time! : ) I love love love the landscape, I know I always tell you this, but it's so, so I repeat myself...
    Wish you a happy weekend! xx

  10. Love love love all the photo's... made me a little ''homesick'' even though I have been in Aussie all my life hahaha xxx

  11. I love looking at your walking photos...they make me feel calmer, lol. What a great idea to have a "walk group". I'll have to see if there are any in my area as well. 8 miles is a great workout!

  12. Jacquie, I love the places that you show us on your walks. This one was particularly interesting to me, over in New York City, as I can see how the winter daylight is so different there and here...or is it here and there?


  13. Beautiful wintry photos, and what lovely weather again! The skies are so blue, and when the sun shines it's noticeable that there's still a lot of green around too. Glad that you're enjoying your lovely winter walks :)
    Cathy x

  14. What wonderful pictures from your walk, looks like lots of fun, and the weather was beautiful.xx


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