Wednesday 10 December 2014

This Morning

Hello Lovelies,
all night long I listened to the wind howling, thankfully we have so far escaped the worst of the weather bomb ( who thinks up these terms! ) that has hit parts of the U.K.
 This morning was blustery but sunny and I had errands to run. I walked to the post office to collect a parcel ( on-line pressie shopping.... it's that time of year ) and then took a winding way home.

Past these cute old cottages that always catch my eye..........

 as a young adult I always wanted to buy a tiny, traditional cottage like this. Somewhere small and cosy that I could play around decorating. 

It was a chilly 3 degrees Celsius and I was glad of my hat to keep my head cosy. I made it back in pre-blog days. But it has featured here before ....see a better photo in THIS post...........

 The link to the free pattern I used back then doesn't seem to work any more. But I found it again HERE 

You wouldn't want to see my face today.....I've still got the lurgy and I'm certainly not looking my best, but thankfully I don't feel too horrid.

I love the view across rooftops to the countryside beyond here...........

Back home I enjoyed a hot drink and a flick through some crochet books I borrowed from the library............

This book caught my eye......

There are quiet a few small projects at the start of the book that fit in with the title.
Then there are lots of more complicated patterns.

How I love the colours used for this child's ripple cardigan............

Isn't it adorable.

There are also lovely, if complicated looking garments for adults.............

Certainly not quick projects. Though I suppose they would grow quicker than a knitted garment?

I LOVE the styling of this photo......but I'm not sure I would ever attempt making this..........

The other book is probably more my style........Granny I love them :0)...........

I LOVE these slippers made from traditional squares and chunky yarn..........

and this colourful bag made from more solid squares..........

And who could resist this pretty blanket. The alternating plain and coloured squares are a great idea I think...........

I do love to leaf through a library book for inspiration. Of course today we are totally spoilt with all the amazing patterns and creations shared freely on the internet.

 HERE is a gorgeous blanket.

And THIS amazing jacket is something I would LOVE to have a go at one day.

Are you feeling inspired lovelies?
Jacquie x


  1. I want a bag like the one in that magazine so badly, if only I had more time...
    Anyway, let me tell you, I really really love your hat! I wear that kind of hats in Winter too, and yours in red is rad!! : )
    Wish you a lovely evening!

  2. I enjoyed your scenic photos.. I have never been there and it's a dream of mine to visit, so I appreciate your sharing it with me. You are so clever to check out crochet books! I buy them and look through them once and on the shelf they go. LOVED the granny bag! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I lovthe bag too ! I like checking out crochet or kniting books .. more than on the net sometimes. I have many vintage magazines that I read sometimes to find my inspiration.... thanks for sharing with us yours .... Have a nice evening !

  4. Hope you get over the last bit of your bug soon. I was given the granny square book a while ago - it's lovely. I really enjoy just looking through it and absorbing the colour. x

  5. What fun to "window shop" with you Jacquie! Thanks for sharing the inspiration. I am currently trying to quickly crochet a bag to hold art supplies for a ten-year-old. xx

  6. Those cottages are very sweet and I love the alternating blanket - maybe another one for the 'to do' list! I want to thank you as I recently made a crocheted owl for my daughter following your tutorial; it was really quick and easy to follow. I hope you feel better very soon. x

  7. Yes, there are some really nice projects there. I need to start a little something in crochet I think. A yarn voucher may be winging it's way towards me for Christmas, we shall see... I know what you mean about the little cottages, they are often absolutely gorgeous inside. CJ xx

  8. What a lovely post full of yarny goodness, it's nice to start planning makes in preparation for the new year, hope you are better soon.
    Clare xx

  9. i heared the weather bomb comment on itv news and thought thats a funny thing to call it... sounds like childs slang. i love your festive pics and walks... lovely festive tree xxxx

  10. That 3rd photo of yours is beautiful!, the gorgeous light and colors are so lovely. Move always fantasizes about owning a cozy cottage as well...:). Nothing better then finding some gems at the library to look at and sift through with a hot drink in hand. Thanks for sharing your day!

  11. I like those books you got - I love looking at crochet patterns! The weather bomb hasn't hit us too badly (yet) either. Had a bit of a snow shower earlier but nothing much.

  12. Definitely inspiring! Love the hat, I'd have to put a brim on it though. A blast from the past for me when I spied those slippers, one of the first hooky wearable items I made as a kid. lol That ripple cardigan would look lovely (for big girls) in white and off white or shades of grey, and that last blanket in so light and airy looking, pretty! I love libraries and the worlds of imagination they open up. Feel better! x Whatever the weather: Polar vortex, nor'easter, pineapple express or weather bomb. ;D

  13. My travel slippers are just like those - so easy to fold up into my case and lightweight too!


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