Sunday 27 April 2014

Also This Week

Hello Lovelies,
I hope your weekend is going well. I'm just popping by today to share a few photos from the last seven days that I have not already shared. 

Last Sunday we enjoyed an Easter meal with family. I love to put fresh flowers on the table and these tulips were the least floppy bunch I've ever known.............

My nieces baked these Easter Bunny cakes.........soooooo cute .........

On Tuesday were were all back to work or school. After a day cooped up inside with no windows , I stopped the car on the way home to get a fresh air fix. The countryside is looking so beautifully green.........

The sun was in and out , with dramatic skies and rays of light...........

This young Horse Chestnut tree was looking healthy with it's new leaves.........

This field has recently been made into a windflower meadow. I only discovered it in the winter , so I'll be interested to see what appears as the year progresses.

At the moment there are not many flowers, but lots of promising signs.........

And bee activity.....hurray..........

On Thursday I took a proud picture of myself after a 45 minute run......

Gosh it was hard and I think I'm rushing things a bit as I felt pants later in the day.

In our back garden some stunning tulips are making me smile. I planted them in the autumn to mark where we buried Sparkle, our last rabbit...........

I didn't mention it at the time , but she was a dear little pet and I thought I would share this photo of her taken last summer , when she had the best time exploring the garden.............

Middle son, who's pet she was, took this lovely photo of her under the trampoline.

Yesterday I was back at the Church garden, this time with Mr BM . 
It's just so pretty at the moment I hope you don't mind a few more photos............

After our wander we popped to the park with the boys and one niece, how lovely it is to have light evenings to enjoy a game of basket ball and some Frisbee throwing.........

 I'm totally rubbish at basket ball and got hit in the face with the ball a couple of times...... at least I tried.

Ahhhh sewing, this is more my thing!

  Jane , I hope you don't mind me copying you and buying this pattern. Obviously it's a big step up the difficulty ladder from my last two garments HERE and HERE.

Who knows if I'll be able to complete it . The styling on the pattern is once again not the greatest but one look at THESE google  images and I knew I wanted to give it a try.
Most people seem to make this view...........

I LOVE THIS version and THIS version

 I'll be raiding my stash again to practice this dress.....I wearable muslin , I think it's called. 
Wish me luck.

Thank you so much for all your comments lately lovelies, I know I've said it before but I really do appreciate them.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely pictures! You are very lucky with the great weather! Here in Germany we had typical April waether with lots of rain and thunderstorms...
    Take care, Anne

  2. Lovely photos as usual. I just wanted to thank you for the brilliant peg bag tutorial - I spent 2 days (yes, count them!) making one this week. A fact which speaks volumes about my sewing skills, not your excellent instructions; I am so thrilled with the result. Good luck with the new dress. x

  3. Gorgeous bright colourful photos, inspiring.
    Also love the pattern you're about to use, my fav style of dress
    Karen x

  4. I really like the pictures of the church yard and seeing the seasons change there. I hope you will continue to show pictures of it. The little bunny is so cute!

  5. Such pretty spring photos! And that pattern is soooo lovely, I can't wait to see how you get on with it! Chrissie x

  6. Hi Jacquie, thanks for the lovely post, always enjoyable to read through. I envy your run, I want to get into running but am terrified (and have back complaint so Dr has said not too) I have made this Simplicity dress, the one shown in green. I made it for my 40th birthday (nearly 4 years old yikes!) in an aubergine colour silk dupion. After reading your post I got it out of my wardrobe and was mortified to discover it covered in loads of weird white marks. I have no idea what they are? Another dress made in black silk dupion is the same. I do hope the dry-cleaners can get the marks out! Oh dear! I look forward to seeing yours when it's finished. Enjoy your week, Sam xx

  7. Such beautiful photos, what church gardens are amazing.

  8. Lovely photos and thanks for sharing. Your table flowers were truly majestic and love the wee cake, x

  9. Those are some fantastic pictures! Sparkle looks like such a cutie, I think it's no mistake that she's still giving you joy through those marvelous tulips... ; )

  10. Lovely photos, Sparkle looks like she was a very cute pet indeed. Good going with the 45 mins run, I started the Couch25K programme last week - yesterday felt a bit better, but of course the running bit gets longer next week so Im keeping my fingers crossed that I can break through that barrier!


  11. What a beautiful vase of flowers, love the yellow and red combo. Good luck with the new pattern. I'm working on a capelet for the youngest prom coming up soon, need to do a test run first, as it's an altered pattern for a small child.Happy sewing!

  12. Hi Jacqui, I just wanted to say I love your blog, and you have inspired me to take a worn out favourite pair of pyjama bottoms, and sew a new pair! I read and reread your blog post about your pyjamas, unpicked my pair, ignored the side seam so cut 2 legs, and am thrilled to have a new pair! I have 2 teenage boys, and am struggling to do the trips we used to do....I so understand when you say how much harder it is to get them to go places! So thank you, you are an inspiration to another crafting, part time working mother of boys!

  13. Oh Jacquie I do love reading your posts :-)

  14. What a lovely post Jacqui, and such a sweet little rabbit. I'm loving the green in the countryside at the moment. The green of late spring and early summer is my favourite, it's so fresh and intense and such a treat after winter. Your photos are beautiful as always, inside and out. Well done on a 45 minute run. I always think I must start running, you are inspiring me! I hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  15. Love your photos. All that greenery and splashes of colour! I took a peek at the google search for that dress and there are it looks so great and different depending on the colour choice and print. Cant wait to see yours all finished. Good luck.
    Birgitta xx

  16. I am so happy to see more pics of the church gardens Jacquie, thank you so much, I'd love to spend time there! That is a lovely pic of little Sparkle bunny - it's always sad to say goodbye to pets! Your tulips are gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely new dress and wish you the very best with the making! Forty-five minutes makes for a long run - don't overdo yourself will you!
    Love, Joy xo

  17. Such a nice post with beautiful photos to show how pretty it is in your part of the world. I wanted to let you know I referenced your blog and linked to your tutorial on how to make a crochet and fleece cushion cover on my blog post today. Your crochet creations look amazing and you're also very talented with sewing. Good luck with the dress. I'm sure it will look great when you're done.

  18. Loving the last dress in paisleys! best summer pattern ever :)
    You live in a beautiful palce, Iloved the Church garden snaps!

  19. Hello from Australia. Love all your beautiful photos and all your dressmaking. I really look forward to reading your blog posts - they are a delight. Judy.

  20. Such a lovely post! Your picture of the daffodils and tulips together is beautiful. Such a gorgeous burst of colour. I am loving the colour outside at the moment. The grass is a deep yet vibrant green, such a pretty backdrop for all the spring flowers.

    Good luck with your sewing. It's my goal to make friends with my sewing machine this year. I have been saying that for the last 10 years though!!!!! I'm a VERY basic sewer!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa x

  21. Gosh your pictures are lovely - good luck with sewing your dress it looks a lovely pattern, can't wait to see the finished project.

  22. Hi there, just catching up on all that you have been up to. Love your peg bag from a few posts back and of course it is always lovely to see all that you have spotted on your local walks. Hope that the sewing project goes really well! xx

  23. Gee Jacqui, your photos of the gardens and flowers are so beautiful! I never tire of seeing the stunning colours and displays during the Springtime in the UK. We are moving through Autumn in SAfrica, also quite lovely in a russet and gorgeous yellows and lime greens kind of way. I love the tulips in your garden, a most fitting memorial to your son's beloved bunny!
    Have a wonderful creative week :) Pat @

  24. belated condolences on Sparkles. :(
    Love the dress pattern. I always take my measurements again whenever I make a new dress. I also include my underarm measurement and check that against the pattern itself, as well as making a copy of the bodice to my measurements in calico. It saves a lot of grief. I discovered that my underarm measurement is a size smaller than my bust. Very important so it isn't baggy or too tight across the decolletage.
    Your walks are amazing and I love the bunny cup cake. That is so cute. :)

  25. beautiful photos and lovely in my part of the world....we have rain,hail and thunderstorms,but the nature need all the rain. oh and the pattern are so cute!!!
    have a nice week,

  26. Lovely photos as usual, what a dear little rabbit he seemed, I'm sorry to hear of his passing. I do hope you are able to give a home to another little hopper soon :)

  27. Gorgeous photos. The open green area outside my house (we call it "our field") has wildflower meadow along one side. Last summer, it's first year, it was AMAZING. Til recently it's looked like a bunch of dead weeds but in the last week or do there are signs of life, lots of orange in particular. Can't wait to see what else appears :) Jillxx

  28. Gorgeous photos. The open green area outside my house (we call it "our field") has wildflower meadow along one side. Last summer, it's first year, it was AMAZING. Til recently it's looked like a bunch of dead weeds but in the last week or do there are signs of life, lots of orange in particular. Can't wait to see what else appears :) Jillxx

  29. pretty nice blog, following :)


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