Monday 7 April 2014

Simple Sunday

Hello Lovelies,
Sunday continued in the same simple way as Saturday.
The boys requested Dropped Scones for breakfast and I was happy to oblige.
I'm getting better at making these little batter scones, also know as scotch pancakes............

I kept them warm in the oven as I made them .

The recipe I used was from my old Be-Ro baking book..........

I doubled this amount for the five of us, and just used a large frying pan as I don't have a griddle.

Later that morning we all headed out to the country park. It was another grey day but the lake still looked beautiful..............

And anything is better than that horrible air pollution we had a few days ago

While the boys went off with their Dad to play cricket I had a run around the quiet paths.......

Suddenly everything is looking very green.

I'm currently enduring enjoying regular 30 minute runs. It's not easy at the moment and I'm constantly trying to distract myself .......oh, look the Daffodils are fading but there's lots of blossom......

Oh, look lots of Magpies, what do eight Magpies mean?

Phew, nearly done now, past the concrete ladybird :0)

And back to my boys who are still enjoying their game of cricket. I sit and listen to their happy banter. Their Dad is great with them and they are having so much fun. I'm just happy I'm not required as I'm useless at ball sports.........

It's a while since we have visited the park and there is always something new to see. I loved this wooden cycle "sculpture".......

especially the bike at the back with it's two baskets 

Oh look, you can sit on the middle one, shall I, yes nobody is looking.......

Ooooch, what a very uncomfortable saddle........

The cricketers are still busy ........

So I wander off to sit on something more comfortable........

There are loads of pretty Cowslips around the lake........

And as I sit quietly a Coot pecks the ground..........

Have you ever seen their feet....very strange.......

I wander back to the cricketers, to the only member of the family who's feet are still smaller than mine........

They are still busy so I decide to take a look at the tree trail.......

I notice the ash leaves are opening up.......

Then youngest does a good job of sneaking up behind me....... they have finally finished playing and we head off for some refreshment..........

It may have been a grey day, but it certainly wasn't cold and the first ice-cream van purchase this year tasted very yummy...........

I hope your weekend went well lovelies.
The boys are on school holidays for the next two weeks, but I have one more week at work before I can enjoy a week off  with them. I always feel fortunate they have grandmothers and extended family who live locally and who are happy to help out at times like this.
Jacquie x


  1. A lovely enjoyable day out for you all. I wish I could just reach into that last picture and taste that yummy ice cream Liz x

  2. lovely breakfast and sounds like a great day was had by all

  3. Looks like it was a great way to start the school holidays for your boys. x

  4. Well, you deserved an ice cream after all that running ;)


  5. Dropped scones! Made me chuckle, I hope you didn't! x

  6. One for sorrow,
    Two for joy,
    Three for a girl
    And four for a boy.
    Five for silver,
    Six for gold,
    Seven for a secret never to be told.
    Eight's a wish
    And Nine's a kiss.
    Ten for an evening ending in bliss!

    Love from Mum

    1. Ha, thank you for clearing that up :0)
      Jacquie x

  7. We have those pancakes alternately at weekends with crepes on teh other week end. Bloke makes crepes, I make drop scones, that is how it is in our house. Great photos and yes isn't it getting green, did you check out my matching flower photos?! Jo x

  8. I'd neither seen nor heard of a coot before this post, so thank you for teaching me something new. :)

  9. I'm not to good at drop scones but I do like to eat them, what a lovely park great place to run or walk.

  10. What a beautiful day at the park. And I'm very impressed with your running! I do wish I could manage some.

  11. Good old Bero book. I make those scones too.

  12. How funny to read your blog post this evening .... we had pancakes for breakfast too.... they are sooooo yummu , I can't make them fast enough for my brood!
    Well done with your run, really good for the soul isn't it :)

  13. Love the magpies and coot - though we have them both here I never seem to see any. Keep enjoying (ahem) those runs! :) It's beautifully green there.

  14. I laughed at the picture of that recipe...a baking girdle? Is that what they call it in Europe? Lovely pictures! I know what you mean about distracting yourself while running, some days it's just hard to get into it. Haha. What a wonderful Sunday.

  15. We were at the very same Country Park on Friday and Sunday. It's such a great place for all ages, so much to explore. I remember going as a child and I'm so glad my children love it as much as I do. We always enjoy the ladybird trail! xx

  16. I never heard of dropped scones before but boy, they look yummy! Thanks for the recipe, I think I will make some of these this weekend!

    Take care,

  17. Our eldest boy used to call those birds heckle chickens when he was very young! I love the picture of the wooden bike - I think that I would have had to have a sit on it too

  18. Pancakes taste best on a Sunday morning, don't they?! Yum. And what a lovely area for you to run around - the wooden sculptures, the bench, the gate, all so pretty! I love how you start and finish your post with tasty treats, sneaking a run in the middle... Chrissie x

  19. i came across your blog because of my interest in crochet, but i love it on many other levels as well. i love bunnies!......and i love the beautiful UK scenery. i live in the US, but will be visiting the UK next month. what area of the UK do you live in, and where is this lovely park!?

  20. I think your drop scones are what they call pikelets in NZ. I use to make them regularly when my children were young and especially when their friends visited. When I moved back to the U.K. I didn't make them so often... gosh, the last time must have been over 10 years ago! I think I'll have to make a batch for the grandchildren when they next visit :-) Aw... thank you for reminding me :-)
    Tracey xx

  21. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday
    Clare x

  22. Lovely pictures and what a lovely family day out, x

  23. Thanks for beautiful pictures and nice story, bye, ania

  24. Beautiful place...almost I'can hear silence.!!! thanks by shared


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