Monday 14 April 2014

Easter Holidays :: part 2

Hello Lovelies,
This past week we have been  spending some time in the garden, it's great when the boys help.
Here middle son is pruning the Buddlia..........

I've had some seed potatoes chitting for a few weeks ...........

And now they are planted, two each, in these containers............

They do take more watering than those planted directly in the ground, but they are so easy to harvest....just tip up the pot and they are all there........when we try and dig them up several always seem to get the fork stuck through them.

Actually I'm not growing many vegetables this year and my little square veg. patch is having a change of I cut flower patch. Thank you for your helpful suggestions for this corner of my garden. 

I love this time of year when there is so much to look forward much potential beauty to enjoy in a tiny handful of seeds. And the seeds themselves are so we have Cornflower........

Aren't they funny little tufty things....and so different to these huge Nasturtium seeds..........

Then there's Stock........

and Cosmos...........

And tiny black Nigella Seeds.............

I like their other name "Love in a Mist"....very sweet............

But if you allow your teenage son to write the label you may end up with something more comical..........

it says "Nigella Lawson !" ....I like the smiley faces and the saucepan 

The weather has been so nice that after all that hard work I stayed outside for a well earned break. Some Banana loaf and magazines lent to me by Mum. This is Aprils edition of "Country Homes and Interiors"....

I love the inside of this cottage on the Northumberland coast..........

With all it's seaside touches...........

I think this boot room is wonderful with it's colourful coats, wellies and crocs..........

And that colouful plastic basket caught my eye

It made me go and fetch this basket of mine to show you lovelies again. I say again as it first appeared HERE back in 2010. I take it with me every workday, to carry my lunch and other essentials..........

After all this time it still looks great and people often comment on how cheerful it is.

While I was doing my reading I enjoyed listening to this little fellow............

I even made a short video of him or her singing......Not much happens but I thought you might like to listen too........

Spring Birdsong from Bunny Mummy on Vimeo.

Indoors ( in attempt to reduce his screen time ) I've been doing some baking with youngest.........

I still have one child who needs to stand on a step to bake.

And Mum has been round, sharing her latest painting.............

Long Bridge Haworth.

Then Yesterday we went on a family cycle ride somewhere new and so beautiful. Youngests fairy cakes were very welcome to refuel half way through...........

And I took LOTS of pictures. I'll share our day very soon.
Thank you for you kind comments on my previous post....I'm so happy you feel the same way about documenting family times before they are a distant memory.
Jacquie x


  1. Well done on the gardening, can't wait to see the results. Our garden too needs some loving, I'm hoping the nigella, poppies and cornflowers we had last year have self-seeded and I'm a tad worried about weeding them out. Tricky business but worth it!

  2. When you have finished your garden will you send your boys down to me....? I will feed and water them! They are doing a grand job.
    Julie xxxx

  3. So much loveliness! Your garden will be beautiful with all of those plants growing away and doing their thing! I can't wait to see them later in the year. Your Mum's painting is beautiful, she really is so talented isn't she, how lovely that she lets you share with us. I know what you mean about that boot room, I would love a place like that to drop off coats and shoes and bags when you come in from being out and about, what a luxury that would be! Hope that you have a good week. xx

  4. What a good and productive week that has been.

  5. I love your bag it's so bright and cheerful, what is it made from?
    Your garden will look beautiful with all those fab flowers later in the year and as for your mums painting ..... brilliant she's one talented lady
    Jackie x

  6. I am a bit jealous of the good weather you seem to have in Great Britain! Over here in Germany it is cold and rainy. ... Beautiful pictures though - thanks for sharing your spring with us!

    What are you baking with your youngest?

    Take care,

  7. It's great to be out doors, not much computer time managed a post to day. Just wanted to let you know I have been reading Susan Branch's book, it's soooo good. I now need to go see Hill Top farm for my self.
    Amanda x

  8. Lovely, my kind of holiday! Just finished planting potatoes here, (before the rain hits, phew).Love the basket. I miss the 'stool stage', my girls are as tall as I am now, but I still love it when they help with the baking. Your mums painting is beautiful! Happy holidays! I'm off now to find my flower seeds. :)

  9. Lovely post.. Your cutting flowers are sure to be just gorgeous.

  10. I LOVE your bird video. :)

  11. Your Mum's painting is amazing. Love it. Can't wait to see what sprouts up from the Nigella Lawson plot.....perhaps some cakes or cheeky little puddings??? Great that your boys help out. Mine were always really happy to do so, in fact #2 is staying for a few days to help get our garden in order, x

  12. Glad you've been able to make the most of the fab weather at the start of the holidays. Your Mum's painting is lovely - such talent! Enjoy the results of all the baking, as well as the rest of the break. Hugs, Chris x

  13. Lovely Jacquie what a fantastic post, so full of colour, life and movement. It is wonderful to see your garden coming along and it will fabulous once everything sprouts later in the year. Love your bag, it reminds me of a summer holiday. Your Mum is so talented and it is easy to see where you get your creative genes from Jacquie. Have a wonderful week. Big hugs and loves

  14. Oh, mmm, cake and magazines in the garden in the sun. Bliss. I've had some help in the garden and with potato planting too. And I'm also planting some similar things to hopefully attract bees this year.

  15. Lovely times in the garden and I do so look forward to seeing the new growth ☺

  16. The cut flower border sound so exciting, we have love in the mist growing by the Summerhouse the good thing is it reseeded each year, I have wayard sweetpea seedling to sort and also, the wildflower border needs some re seeding. Have a lovely week
    Clare x

  17. The sun makes a difference to gardening, doesn't it? We've been lucky this week.... hope it continues until October! (With just enough Camelot rain to tide the garden over)

  18. What busy bees, it all looks fab, hope your seeds start spouting soon
    Thea xx


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